What We Ate | July 7-13

Blueberry pancakes with cottage cheese - basically anything with cottage cheese
So the boys are obsessed with cottage cheese. Will eat as much as you put down in front of them, even if that means a whole (large) container. Luckily it's so good for them, so I add it to most stuff at breakfast and sometimes even at dinner if they're not eating what's offered too well (we try to mix the other stuff in). The only downside. Curds are everywhere. Especially at dinnertime when the battle to keep the bib on seems to be the toughest. There was actually a trail of cottage cheese curds from their highchairs to the bathroom and into the tub last night... Oh well.

Summer Grilled Mexican Street Corn Quinoa salad with Tofu
Mon: Bean soup (recipe was based on this one, but basically just used up all the sausage, Texas caviar and other leftovers from the 4th of July), roasted carrots
Tue: Roasted garlic chicken (recipe, Dave and I had the salad), carrots, corn risotto in poblano pepper (recipe, SO good, a summer favorite, added pancetta)
Wed: Leftover corn risotto, cottage cheese, carrots
Thu: Summer Grilled Mexican Street Corn Quinoa salad with tofu (apparently they just picked out the tofu; recipe, I added grilled tofu), broccolini, carrots
Fri: repeat of Thu
Sat: Leftover corn salad, leftover risotto, chicken apple sausage, carrots, cottage cheese
Sun: Grilled halibut with Harvest Grain mix (TJs) and carrots - usually they love 'fish night' but weren't too into it. Did eat the leftovers tonight instead.

Corn Risotto in Poblano Peppers
New fruits/dessert:
Not necessarily new, but a while back I bought a bunch of mini apples and pears for them to eat (raw), they liked them for like one day, so they've just been sitting in the fridge. Jessica cooked them all up together with some cinnamon and they're a hit!
Carrot juice - I get this at Crossroads, literally I watch them put carrots through a juicer. The boys love it, especially since they never drink anything else besides water and milk.
Peaches and Greek yogurt - first time I gave this combo, I'm not sure if they thought the Greek yogurt was cottage cheese, or what, but they loved it. I'll add Greek yogurt to all their fruit at dessert now!

New breakfast:
Whole wheat toast with cottage cheese
Whole grain waffle and cottage cheese

New lunch:
Perogis - for some reason I always though perogi was a type of sandwich. Oh well, Dave suggested getting this for them for lunch at Off the Grid, both ate it, but George kept asking for more
Fried chicken - they really only had a taste of ours at Off the Grid, but they liked it (not surprised!)
Crab and clam cake - ate it all up
Oyster - turned their heads away immediately, the smell turned them off before we even got too close
A new take on our typical banana-almond butter-cinnamon on whole wheat bread - adding Crunchy Flax with Chia cereal for a crunch
Chicken sandwich from RoliRoti - didn't like the slaw but loved the chicken and bread

New snacks:
Sliced organic turkey - only G seems to like
Whole wheat pita bread with cream cheese
Freeze-dried raspberries
Whole wheat flatbread with salami and cheese
Whole wheat flatbread and hummus
Teething biscuit - my mom brought a box of these over and William's molar just cut through so I offered these. They love them, but they get messssssy.

Started adding silken tofu in place of yogurt (but will switch it up), using nectarines and peaches and lots of berries. Also throwing in chia seeds.

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  1. That photo of the corn peppers does not do them justice. Those things were tasty!