14- & 15-Month Favorites

A lot of our favorites are still our favorites so this time it was harder to thing of a list of new things that we're really liking. We also haven't had any big milestones since last time so a lot of what we were using several months ago is still popular now.

Here are a few things that I definitely recommend at this age:

1.  Sugarbooger silverware set with case - The boys are enjoying eating with silverware so when we eat at restaurants, being able to give them some that's their own size is entertaining for them, and at least some what practical. They're slower eaters with silverware but makes our meal last longer too. Best of all, it comes with a small case, and even better, I can fit 2 sets in one case. I always keep it in our lunch bag.
2. Insulated tote/lunch bag - I took the longest time deciding on what bag to get to carry their lunch and snacks. For a while, I'd just put the food in the side pockets, but as they got bigger, they were eating more, and they were walking over to the stroller and pulling out the food. This is the perfect bag for right now. It fits everything we need -- I always keep wipes, hand sanitizer, dried fruit, their silverware and bibs, and then add their lunch and snacks. That way if we go to a restaurant, I just grab that bag instead of the full diaper bag.
3.  Foogo insulated thermos - Okay, so this still isn't perfect, but I do think it's the best option out there. These cute thermoses are insulated so they keep milk cold, plus they're not plastic which is always good. Jessica washes them at night and then fills them up for the next morning (they hold 10oz). The boys drink them at different points during the day and then get milk in a bottle at night. At first, they were spilling everywhere -- they're not spill-proof. But now that the guys are drinking milk better and I only offer the thermos at several points in the day, there's a lot less leakage. And it's so nice that I don't have to empty, clean and refill milk cups throughout the day as the milk gets warm. Once they learn how to open and close them (George can do this), then the spill-factor really drops.
4. Pull and push toys - not much to say here, they both love these things and basically any kind. Push carts, the popper, push toys, pull toys. Definitely a hit with all kids this age. Everyone brings some to the Presidio moms group and all the kids go crazy for them.
5.  BabyBackseat Smartphone Holder - There are certain times when we're in the car and we need to try to keep the boys awake so we can put them down for a nap on the way home. Occasionally, one is freaking out and this also comes in handy then. I often sit in the backseat, when Dave is with us, to keep them occupied and after holding the phone up playing a show for even 5 minutes, my arm gets tired. This thing is great. Just start the show and slip your phone into the pocket which straps around the seat so it's great for babies that are still rear-facing. It's probably once a week, usually when we're on the way home from church and we've already pushed it time-wise, that we use it and so far, the boys don't want it or ask for it otherwise.
6.  Market String Bag - perfect for sand toys and great to add other toys to when we take the Maclaren stroller in the car. I used to just toss the toys in the baskets below the stroller, but then I'd have to take them all out to put the stroller in the car. Now I can just transfer in the bag.
7.  MommyHook - I had seen plenty of moms with this hook but as my stroller is so sturdy and long (and generally weighed down by about 50 lbs of babies, I never thought I needed it. Well, now I've turned both seat so they're facing outwards and it's a lot harder to reach the stroller basket, not to mention that now we have toys and books taking up a lot of space. Now I can hang their lunch bag, the sand toy bag and I've even hung a heavy bag of groceries off of it. So great for $5!
8.  Costco sand toys set - My mom picked this up for the boys and though we don't take all the toys to the park, we use about 5 of them on a regular basis. They love the shovel, or George does, and likes to hold it even when we're not at a park with sand.

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