10 years together. Yesterday, Dave and I celebrated the 10th anniversary of our first date. It really is crazy how time flies. It was so fun to think back to our first date, just several blocks from our current home, at the Giants stadium. It was the first time to the park for me and I had a great time. But that's because of the company more than anything else. I was just 22 years old and had graduated college about 2 months earlier.

A page from our first scrapbook

Terrible quality, but the night BEFORE our first date
Dave and I have celebrated our 'dating anniversary' every year, often just with a special dinner at home, but 10 years was a big milestone. It's fun to think that that's how long we've really known each other. And for me, that date changed everything. I had never had that much fun with someone and there was definitely no guy before him that I wanted to spend so much time with, who I really liked being around so much. I think Dave was enthusiastic as well, but I think it took him a bit longer to realize that this was meant to be forever. I think I knew on that first date :)

Anyway, we've done so much in the last 10 years, had so many great adventures. We celebrated with dinner out at Frances (which we've been to years ago but Dave couldn't place it and kept telling people that we were going to 'Francais', a French restaurant in North Beach (instead of Frances, a modern California restaurant in the Castro...). The food was just as good as (I) remembered and a perfect way to celebrate the occasion.

Taken in Cambria at my sister's wedding, May 2014

Here's to many more great meals, and of course, years, together!

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