What We Ate | August 11-17

Penne with steak and arugula

A pretty good week for eating. William in particular seemed to be going to town, eating more than usual. He does seem to be taller so I'll be interested to see how much he's grown at his next appointment. George wasn't as into food this week but did okay. The oatmeal berry breakfast bake was a hit and so easy to make one casserole that everyone can eat on for several days. It's easy to add the good stuff like chia seeds.

Grilled rockfish with orzo, corn and cherry tomatoes

Mon: Penne with steak and arugula (recipe)
Tue: Curried sweet potato lentil burger (recipe, actually really good!), naan, broccoli, leftover penne
Wed: Sweet potato lentil burger with whole wheat pasta shells, broccolini
Thu: Tuscan Summer Minestrone with pesto (recipe; added turkey sausage and used jarred basil pesto), edamamae, naan
Fri: Sweet potato lentil burger, quinoa, lima beans
Sat: Grilled rockfish with orzo, cherry tomatoes, corn and basil (based on this recipe)
Sun: Same dinner as last night, with peas

Curried sweet potato lentil burger

 Sweet potato burger on naan with Greek yogurt and arugula

Tuscan Summer Minestrone

New Fruits/dessert
Blackberry custard (from our favorite Farmer's market booth)

New breakfast:
Scrambled eggs with spinach and cottage cheese - the new norm
Oatmeal berry bake (recipe; used raspberries and blueberries, added chia seeds); topped with Greek yogurt, loved this
Whole wheat bagel with butter or almond butter (for snack too; like the butter/almond butter more than the bagel)

Oatmeal berry bake

New lunch:
Quesadilla filled with sweet potato patty, broccoli and cheese
Little Skillet fried chicken, cheese grits, mac and cheese, jalepeno corn bread (didn't like the cornbread)

Yogurt dots
New snacks:
Pinto beans
Multi-seed crackers with cottage cheese
Barbara's Shredded Spoonfuls
Yogurt dots (based on this recipe; used Greek yogurt, chia seeds and honey)
Lima beans

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