What We Ate | July 28-August 3

Giving our brother a taste

I'm still cooking with corn a lot while it's in season and I made one of our favorites, corn farrotto. This is soooo good. It's basically a creamy risotto-type of dish, but made with farro. It's a pain to make as it requires 3 separate pans, but it's not too time-consuming and totally worth it. I think I'd double the recipe next time as it's still a lot of work and while the boys ate off it it for several days, it didn't leave much leftover for Dave and I.

Ropa Viaja is another great dish to make - a big piece of flank steak with peppers, onions and black beans. It has to cook a while, but you can just leave it in the oven or on the stovetop on a low temp. The boys enjoyed it too and we all ate on it for several days -- over rice the first night, then in tacos. Possibly a bit heavy for a summer dish, but it's been cooling off (and more reminiscent of a typical summer in SF) lately so it tasted great.

Mon: Beef, cheese, peppers, onions and rice (Ropa Viaja leftovers, recipe)
Tue: Beef leftovers with black beans, grilled polenta with cheese and peas
Wed: Corn Farrotto, recipe (SO delicious!)
Thu:  Corn Farrotto, corn salad and cannellini beans
Fri: Corn Farrotto, corn salad, pork, broccolini
Sat: Miso-glazed black cod with lo-mein noodles, peas and a little turkey burger and avocado (Dinner out at Umami burger with the cousins
Sun: Fish and noodle leftovers, broccolini and broccoli patties (they still don't really eat broccoli, but I'm trying! recipe)

Corn Farrotto

broccoli patties
Ropa Vieja

New Fruits/dessert
Pain au chocolat - I couldn't resist introducing them to this!

Dutch baby
New breakfast:
Egg and cheese quesadilla
Dutch baby with yogurt

New lunch:
Garden scramble at brunch
Whole wheat mini slider sandwiches with prosciutto, cheese and cannellini bean puree
Whole wheat mini slider sandwiches with black bean hummus (recipe), turkey and cheese

New snacks:
Green beans
(They get a veg like this every day at lunch, but seeing they work well as a snack too if they're hungry enough!)
TJs Peanut Butter Pretzels (small serving as these are filling for little tummies)
Carrot juice - trying to figure out if this is actually healthy or not, so maybe it should fall under 'dessert'. Regardless, they're obsessed.
Dried berries
Cannelini beans - beans have been such a popular snack with them and cannellini beans were no exception

Still having a smoothie-a-day and the only new thing I added this time was frozen mango puree. I was out of most other fruit so had to use a freezer stash. You can buy it at Whole Foods in these sleeves. I slightly defrosted it, but apparently you can throw it right in the mix. So perfect for smoothies.

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