What We Ate | September 22-28

Chicken Tortilla Soup
I didn't plan on blogging from Hawaii, but with the 3-hour time difference, sleeping in until 6am (9am SF time) seems like a dream, yet it's still dark outside. Nothing like checking something off the list while listening to the waves roll in :)

Broccoli with Beef

Mini Italian Meatball Mac and Cheese Stuffed Peppers

Leftover mac and cheese baked in mini muffin tin to freeze for later

Mon: Chicken tortilla soup (recipe) with a corn tortilla
Tue: Broccoli and Beef with Noodles (recipe), roasted carrots
Wed: Chicken tortilla soup, mac and cheese (leftover from this recipe), carrot pancake (recipe)
Thu: Broccoli and Beef with Noodles, mac and cheese, zucchini, corn and chickpea fritters (recipe)
Fri: Mac and cheese, chickpea fritter, chicken apple sausage, roasted carrots
Sat: Leftover pasta with salmon from Fish
Sun: Leftovers hodgepodge: pasta with salmon, mac and cheese, roasted carrots, pea and carrots, leftover meat sauce

Zucchini, corn and chickpea fritter

New breakfast:
Cheddar and chive scone from a coffee run with Daddy

New fruit/dessert:
Granola honey bar from coffee shop
Greek yogurt with pears, pomegranate seed and a drizzle of honey
Salted Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookies (recipe)

New lunch:
Tuna melt from Crossroads (liked okay but didn't love)
Jalepeno Mac and Cheese from American Grilled Cheese (didn't mind the jalepeno at all!)
Pasta with salmon from Fish

New snacks:
Freeze-dried bananas (William is obsessed!)
Apple, they're both loving snacking on small apples, but William especially
Nectarine - I had a bag of produce on the floor that I hadn't put away yet. One afternoon when William got up from his nap, he went and helped himself to a nectarine and just went to town. Fruit Man!
Peanut Butter Pretzels (Trader Joes; not sure if they've had these before or not)
Crispy snap peas - this is the same bag we opened a month ago when they didn't like them. Now that I put them in their snack traps, they eat them!

17 Months Old

The boys had a great month but the day they turned 17 months, there was a clear switch into full-blown toddlerhood (tantrums, etc). More (but hopefully not much more) to come on that next month. It's been so busy, which I love but it does feel like we're running, running, running. And they're physically running too! So active and more confident in things that were still challenging last month, like walking on the wall at the park.

Our month included weekly MyGym classes, which my mom still comes to help out at. The boys love going and get along so well with the teachers, loving to volunteer for the skill of the day demonstration. Neither is a big fan of circle time at the beginning or end of class, but we continue to work on that. After class, we find a new park to check out each week. We've gone to a park in Noe Valley and Potrero, and to Dolores park with Ashley, London and Preston (complete with a visit to Tartine first).

They continue to go to music class, but we're debating whether we'll stay in this same class next session. They classes are expensive and it's a new teacher who doesn't have much experience. Jessica takes the boys and she has plenty of experience with music class and SF Music Together and it sounds like teacher Heather has a lot of room for improvement. I think the boys still like it though.

Swimming is still a top fav and both continue to make progress. William practically flails out of our arms to swim away and just last week George was able to use his legs and his arms when swimming. After swimming, we check out a new park on that side of the city and have found some good ones in the Marina, Cow Hollow and the Presidio. We even hit up the beach near Crissy Field yesterday and while William seems to be scared of the waves, George had a great time.

Another park with Dedee

Our weeks have been pretty busy: meeting up with other moms at the park, meeting friends for lunch, trying new classes (Messy Play wasn't all that great), hitting the zoo and the Academy of Sciences. We've still seen the Presidio moms quite a bit, though now we're meeting up throughout the city since the kids are needing more stimulation. A few even came to Crossroads last week and everyone loved it.

Fun with our friends

They've been doing Music in the Parks free concerts throughout the city at lunch time, so we've gone to a few of those. It's something different to do and the boys seem to enjoy it.

Lunchtime concert in the park

My dad's schedule with the cousins means that he has midday free in the city each week, so he's been coming over to see us. Usually we go to the Ferry Building park (a great one for me to have an extra set of hands!) and then have lunch from the food stands at the farmers market. They love seeing him and have even started calling him Papa (no one else does).

We went to San Luis Obispo this month which boosted our confidence in taking the boys away for the weekend. They also get at least one Saturday morning a month alone with Dad when I have my Junior League stuff. They had a fun adventure a few weeks ago and even came home with flowers for mom :) We've been to church a few times and have been trying out new brunch spots afterwards. Overall, this whole one-nap thing is working out well for the schedule. It's tough on me to get out the door, but since I have Dave's help most mornings, if I use my time to get ready to go, we don't have a problem. If we're out by 9 or 9:30, it gives us a solid 3 hours to do something which is really nice.

Highlights from the Month:

Aug. 24 - first earthquake (not necessarily a highlight...), 6.0, they didn't wake up
Sep. 1 - W gave me an actual kiss
Sep. 3 - G first canine cutting through
Sep. 6 - First carousel ride
Sep. 9 - First trip to Tartine bakery
Sep. 19 - G swam with arms and legs at swimming
Sep. 21 G gave me an actual kiss

First drawings

New this Month:

Les Deux can...
Survive without a nighttime bottle
Drink milk out of a glass with limited spillage
Eat meals off of real plates and bowls
Say about 15-20 words
Help mom with so many things!
Can ride a scooter, using one foot to push along (W is really good too!)
Give kisses (and not just blowing kisses now!)

William can...
Go down double bump slide by himself
Walk the thin rocky beam at MyGym by himself (only kid in class to do so, all the moms clapped:)

George can...
Correctly identify all the colors
Do the shape sorter totally by himself, matching on the first try, flipping over to find the right slot
Walk forward when on a ride-on toy (he could only push backwards up until this point)

I just looked over my past month of What We Ate posts and it seems like their eating has been a bit up and down. Some days they eat a lot at every meal, or one meal, and other days they don't eat much at all (I'd say this is rare), or aren't hungry at a certain meal (more common). William is always hungry first thing in the morning and lately seems to be eating the most at breakfast. Though I write this as George sat for 40 minutes eating this morning, requesting more at least three times.

While some meals/days they're picky, I've clarified with Jessica that even if they're not eating much at dinner, I don't want them offered other food. I'm confident they're getting enough throughout the day and week that if they don't feel like eating much of what's offered that night, that's fine. They're always given yogurt or cottage cheese at the end, even if they didn't eat their dinner, so I know they're getting something. Though I can't remember a night when one of them really hasn't eaten anything, even on the nights they don't eat much, thankfully that doesn't translate to them waking up earlier, hungry.

As far as what they're eating, and what they like, nothing new here.
Favorites: eggs, cottage cheese, string cheese (W likes this again), fish, sausage, fruit, yogurt, tofu, and of course any of the rarely-offered packaged snacks
Dislike: avocado, broccoli, cauliflower (though I didn't do a great job this month of continuing to offer these)

They've learned how to dip and though at first they were just licking the dip off of the food (what we actually wanted them to eat), now they've gotten the hang of taking a bite and eating the dip and the cracker, etc. They both LOVED Ranch, W didn't like ketchup but G did, both like salsa and queso. Both do well with hummus and yogurt.

The most important eating-related update of the month is that we're done.with.bottles!! I can't believe it. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be (though I know it is for many). It started at the beginning of the month when I decided that we would offer 3 ounces (cold) milk in a bottle and if they wanted more, we offered 3 ounces in their milk cup. The first night they were a little confused, but they went with it and drank a little from their cups. The second night they were not happy. I think soon after, Jessica just stopped offering the milk cups and they were just getting 3 oz. in a bottle. They weren't necessarily happy about this but they quickly adjusted (in a matter of maybe 5 days).

A couples days into the small bottle deal, George drank only an ounce one night, and completely refused the next. The following night, we didn't offer him a bottle at all (W still got one), no problem. The next night, he saw W's and whined for a minute, but again was over it. So at that point, we decided G was done with the bottle. It was a very easy transition (compared to the paci...), but I didn't expect G to have a hard time with it. W was the one who you could barely get a diaper on because he was signing 'milk' so aggressively.

So you can imagine our surprise, when the next night we just didn't offer W a bottle, and instead spent about 20 minutes reading books before putting him in bed; W was fine. That was September 3 and we haven't looked back. I got rid of the bottles and neither has asked for them.

Since they gave up the nighttime bottle, we've started offering milk with dinner (giving it about halfway into the meal so they don't just fill up on milk). We did this with their milk cups, but just last week, I purchased these glasses, a recommendation from Ashley for their size, the texture that's great for little hands to grip, and their durability (apparently can withstand being dropped, but we haven't found out yet). They're doing SO great with this and couldn't be more proud of themselves.

Their milk consumption habits have changed as well. Now they drink their full 10-oz milk cup by the time we leave in the morning (it's offered right when they wake up and again while they eat breakfast). Because of this, we've stopped offering it throughout the day, including lunch. I'll usually give it to them right before nap and they'll take a few sips, and then maybe when they wake up from nap but they don't seem to need it consistently at either of these times. So then they get milk in a cup at dinner and probably have 6oz, which balances out to what they were drinking before, if not more.

They're getting to be so grown up and are so proud of themselves. They use a fork and spoon much better than last month (and pretty well in general) and now they've started wiping their face after they're done eating if they have a napkin handy. This is pretty new but I think I'll start giving them one with meals. A good habit to have!

One last fun change food-wise of the last month is that they're having so much fun feeding each other and sharing food. Sometimes they'll put food from their tray on their brother's if it's something they don't want, but usually it's sharing a snack, a bite of what they're having, or a sip of their drink. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't always go off so nicely. They do have a game where they look like they're going to give you a bite and then quickly put it in their own mouth, laughing of course.

Finally, finally we seem to have settled into a nice routine. I kept hearing from other moms that it took a month or so for the benefits of one nap to kick in and within the last few weeks, we've finally gotten there.

Big wins:
  • Sleeping in until 6:40, 6:45, sometimes even 7am! (it's cutting into Dave's time with them in the morning though)
  • William averages 2.5 or so hours for his nap, G 2, maybe slightly longer
  • Figured out that it works a lot better to put W down first, let him fall asleep without G keeping him up, and putting G down 30-45 minutes later (he definitely needs less sleep and isn't tired yet, thus will just complain in the crib for that time)
  • Some 1-on-1 time with each of them since W goes to bed first, but he also wakes up first
Still working on...
  • W continues to wake up during nap, almost every day after 1.5-2 hours, screaming like he's had a horrible dream. Luckily, most of the time he'll fall back asleep so I usually go in, give him some pats, but then leave the room. Nothing seems to soothe him and clearly he's not ready to wake up (the few times I've brought him out, it's been a disastrous hour of waking up). He'll cry for 1-5 minutes, and then just stop. He's laying down the whole time, mostly with his eyes closed.
  • G hates going to bed (or to nap). The minute I lay him down on his sleep sack he starts flailing saying 'No! No!', sometimes even shaking his finger at me. Most of the time he calms down quickly but doesn't fall right asleep like W.
  • There have been a handful of times when G has not taken a nap at all. He's put to bed with his usual protesting, settles down to read, but I still hear him up an hour later, chatting, standing up, etc. Occasionally it's worse and he's whining on and off, and then about half of the time he ends up falling asleep after an hour or so, other times I finally have to get him up.
  • Both (but more so G) have had a hard time with us leaving the room after saying good night. They sign 'down' or say 'up', point to books and do their 'again' sign. It varies on the night how long it takes them to actually calm down and fall asleep, though usually it's not more than 30 minutes.
As you can tell, even though I feel like there is a 'usual' in terms of sleep, every day is different. Last week, there were 3 days in a row when we had to wake G up at 4:30. Other days he naps an hour and a half, waking up when W does, or worse, doesn't nap at all. W is more consistent, but he is still waking up most days and it's always a toss up if he'll be able to go back to sleep or if I'll have to deal with a grump that needs more sleep.

6:45 up
7:15 or so breakfast
out of the house for an activity by 9am (they're climbing the walls otherwise!)
9am snack
either home by noon for lunch, or eat lunch out and home by 12:45
1pm W down for a nap (usually goes right to sleep and wakes around 3:30 or so)
1:30-1:45 G down for a nap (protests, usually asleep within 15 minutes, up by 3:45/4)
3:30/4 snack
6pm dinner
bath, stories
7pm in bed
Usually asleep by 7:30ish

Though neither is super-clingy with a lovey, William does like to snuggle up with his little blanket, either curling up with it, or resting his head on it. We keep debating if George actually likes his bear (which is really a monkey) or not, and though he does throw it out of the crib when he's mad, we do find him cuddled up with it, or more often using it as a pillow. My mom got William a stuffed dog named Sam (our old dog's name) and he seems to like him okay so far.

As I mentioned, things have changed in the week that they've been 17 months, but for the sake of this post, I'm going to focus on the full previous month up until that point. At home they play together often and while there's plenty of toy-snatching, distraction works well, especially with William. George usually isn't interested in a toy until William is using it.

William has turned into quite the climber and loves to stand on the couch despite my broken-record commands that the couch is for sitting on. I'm hoping he learned his lesson when he was climbing on the arm rest the other day and took a nasty fall into the side table which is wedged between the 2 couches. He got a huge bump and bruise over his left eye, but it went down quickly and luckily didn't get broken open.

Surprisingly, a lot of the toys we've had for a while (the toy garage, the truck that carries cars, the popper and vacuum and the shape sorters) all continue to be top toys.

We got a farm a few weeks ago that they really like. I've been saving a variety of empty plastic bottles and tubs, anything with a top, as George loves to open and close things.


We got them a toy cell phone and they are so cute chatting away with it held up to their ear or back of their head. I still don't know how they figured this out since Dave and I are never on the phone around them (it's nearly impossible to be!). We also got them a leapfrog laptop for the car trip to SLO and after the fighting over it that ensued, we quickly purchased another one. George still always wants the one William has though.

They're back into books this month and get several new books every time my mom comes over (I've had to ask her to stop bringing them, we're running out of room!). We must read 30 books a day, but their current favorite, Jessica's recommendation, is Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. We read this at least before nap and bedtime, if not other times as well. I've definitely memorized at least half of it so far. It's actually a really cute book. The best was one night as we finished the book, we looked out to say good night to the construction site they can see from their cribs, and they were just closing up for the day, shutting the gate. Perfect timing (and yes, they're working crazy hours, finishing at 7pm!)

Walking by construction sites is always a hit and now George whines and points to return every time we start to walk away. We really couldn't be in a better spot with all this construction going on.

It was a great month at the park near our house as I'm completely comfortable giving them space on their own. They can walk on the wall, play in the sand, go on the merry-go-round and they're fine. I'm always keeping an eye on them, more so that they're not snatching toys from other kids, etc., but it's weird, I now actually go on my phone at the park sometimes as it seems weird to just be sitting there watching them every second. Another favorite spot in the neighborhood is reaching in and splashing around in the waist-height fountain at Crossroads.

George loves to be in the sand and will sit there for 20 minutes, sometimes even longer, pouring and emptying sand. He's become more social this month, usually sitting and playing with other kids. We still bring a lot of toys to the park and usually come home with most of them. The boys are just now getting to the point where they're not so into sharing.

At the other parks, they're so quick climbing up the play structures and slide right down the slide without hesitation. I no longer go up with them unless it's a really big structure, but I'm still enforcing the 'stay away from the open edge' thing. George gets it and shakes his finger as he slowly gets a little bit closer to the edge, but I know he wouldn't go off. William, I'm not so sure. He holds on the sides, hangs his body out and laughs. And about gives me a heart attack each time. George still really enjoys the swings.

Really, their favorite thing of the moment is to help mom. George more so than William, but William is interested as well. They throw away their diapers, clean up their spills or dropped food (but are zero help in putting away their toys and books), take their diaper trash bag out to the trash chute, I've even had George take the recycling bin out (he LOVES it!). It's so cute to see and I'll take the help while I can get it. It always amazes me the little details George picks up on, like when he was using a dustpan to sweep up a mess, while keeping his foot on the pedal to open the trash can.

Taking out the recycling
Pushing the stroller

Taking out the diapers
'vacuuming' our spill
cleaning up our mess
Biting update: At the end of last month, biting was usually a once-daily occurrence, but we were able to see the signs, and as long as we were right there, we could stop it. Then it really subsided for maybe 10 days or a week, but as we headed to 17 months, it's started again, with a daily bite. William also bit himself once when he was frustrated and I had moved him away from George. He bit himself on his hand and it seemed like he understood that biting hurts. We read the book 'Teeth Are Not for Biting' many more times and he kept pointing to where he bit his hand so I thought we were making progress. Unfortunately he continues to bite George. I think it goes hand in hand with all the 'Miiiiinnnne' and toy-snatching between the two of them. I try to be firm, remove him from the situation, but almost always George has instigated it by taking something away from William.

TALK: So much progress this month. Last month they were saying maybe 5 words and even some of those I had generously put on their word list even though they weren't super clear and not consistent. While I don't think this was the month when they really 'took off' as far as talking, they did start saying more words, both consistently and more clearly.

Here's a list, though it's getting tougher to keep track of everything they're saying: Mama, Dada, Dedee, Papa, no, yes (though I never seem to hear this...), mine, I, cheese, key, hi, bye, hot, duck, bubu (bubbles), up, open, more, milk, help, uh-oh, wow, woah, pop-pop (for the popper), baby, toe, nose, choo choo, no thanks and all done (repeating more than saying on their own for the last two).

I've introduced a few more signs to them this month and they do so well with them. What's great is that they're now using the sign and the word for the few words they know (like 'more'). New ones that have been a hit are 'open' (G uses this constantly to get me to open things for him - the door, a toy, a container of food, etc., he can say open too though it sounds a lot like 'up'), 'again' (they always want to read books again and again), 'cheese' (only G does this one, but he does it often) and 'please'. George is learning 'help' but doesn't have it quite yet. I keep doing 'thank you' but they haven't gotten that yet. I think they do 'please' more because they actually get something when they use it. The best was one night William was having a tough time going down, which is so rare. Finally I went in there and took him out of the bed and sat in the rocker. He kept pointing to a book on the shelf and rubbing his chest for 'please'. This was totally new; how could I turn him down??

It really is so nice to help them communicate with us. William woke up around 10:30 last night, which is so rare. I went in to check on him and he was sitting up and as I looked in, he started doing his sign for milk. He was too sleepy to say 'milk' but was still able to tell me what he wanted. I brought him his milk cup and he drank about 6 oz!

STATS: Full update next month. I was at DayOne which has a scale so about 2 weeks ago I was able to check in on their weight.
Weight: W 23lbs 11oz, G 28lbs 6oz.
Clothes: W 12-18mos (out of all except a few of the seriously over-sized 6-12 mos pieces), G 18-24mos, 2T pjs
Diapers: W size 3, G size 4
Shoes: W size 6, G size 7
Teeth: Both are getting a canine (top left for G, top right for W), which makes 13

MOM: Looking back on the past few months, even when I thought I was busy, this past month was on another level. I've added several new groups to my plate so now my commitments include:
  • Facilitating the New and Expectant Parent group twice a month (and running the mentor program)
  • Junior League in general (attending meetings, trainings and volunteering)
  • Running the SFCAPC committee for JLSF (monthly meetings, twice-a-month volunteering, a ton of emails and coordinating, planning meetings, etc.)
  • JLSF - Community Programs committee (for the co-chairs of the 5 community programs; monthly meetings and reports, other side projects that fall on the chairs)
  • Parenting Book club (totally for fun, meeting every 6 weeks)
  • Toddler Twins Support Group (also for fun, attend meeting every other month)
  • Joined the GGMG membership committee (responsible for approving applications and answering emails that come in each Sunday; I have 72-hours to complete all from previous Sunday; monthly meetings, additional volunteering)
  • Starting an official GGMG playgroup for SOMA (get funding from GGMG but requires weekly playdate, monthly moms night out and quarterly holiday event; marketing events; reporting back to GGMG on attendance. I've recruited 4 other moms to help with this.)
The last two I added within the last month and between all the above, I'm finding that I have commitments 3-4 nights a week, each week, when factoring in date night. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are always free. It's funny, people ask if I work and I say no, but I think I must be logging at least 20 hours a week with all of this, outside of the purely social events.

I'm enjoying being a part of everything, but I'm also finding that almost all of my spare time is sucked up by responding to emails, approving applications, taking care of stuff for JLSF, or actually attending events. I asked Dave if it bothers him that I'm always multitasking while we watch our evening show(s). Unfortunately it's hard to just sit there and watch a show when I have other stuff to do that's easily done while watching TV. I'm hoping things settle down slightly, as I haven't been able to do as much reading as I've liked. I'm still finding that I need a break to zone out while they're napping (and usually am not up for reading at this time), so my most productive times are either first thing in the morning when Dave is with the boys, or at the end of the night, sometimes plugging away until 11pm. I'd like to change this, but we'll see how things pan out. I'm SO looking forward to Hawaii, as I think I will be able to unplug from a lot, plus it was a great week to go as I'm not missing any events or meetings next week.

For all the busyness, I can never complain when I'm also able to see friends. I had several night of drinks out with friends, lunches, and a great dinner at home with Megan and Ashley. Otherwise, our days have been pretty routine and luckily since many of my meetings or events don't start until 6:30, or 7:30, I'm still able to get a workout in many days while Jessica is here.

Our book club read Buddhism for Mother of Young Children: Becoming a Mindful Parent. Honestly, I just couldn't get into it. I made it maybe a third of the way through, but luckily we spent about 2 minutes (literally) talking about the book before moving on to other stuff. It's really turned out to be such a great group of women. We get along well and talk so easily that 2+ hours flies by. We're getting all our kids together for a Halloween playdate at the end of October which should be fun. I think we'll start doing every-other-month book club and do a playdate in the off months.

Mission accomplished! After multiple phone calls and as many months, I got a lock installed at the park so the gate doesn't just swing open (and so George can't run out)
Date night highlight: Nopa. Another tough-to-get reservation that I made far in advance, and also a place we've been to before. We ate brunch there the same week we dined for dinner as I happened to score a prime 11:45 time. Great food across the board; while I don't need to go there often, it's nice to go somewhere where the food is consistently good. Dave went for the pork chop (again) and I went for the duck leg, sort of a confit (which was substituted in place of the duck breast), one of my favorite foods. The flatbread pizza, this time with sausage, was a great way to start the meal. Oh and I splattered some oil from the pizza on my favorite Anthro jacket (that has already been replaced once due to a similar disaster), but thankfully this time the dry cleaner was able to get it out! (In part because I didn't attempt to do it myself). Oh, and did I mention the fries?? So good.


The feast!
Looking forward to:
...my birthday (finally posting this ON my birthday, which was a great day!), and a trip to Hawaii to celebrate (for mom and dad!) and 5 days of grandma-time (W&G)
... a weekend in St. Helena.
... all the Halloween festivities throughout the month
... fall recipes (bring on the pumpkin!)

To my boys... 

Wow, what a month! The biggest change in just the last few weeks has been the amount of interaction between the two of you. Love, love, love! This is what I've been waiting for and I'm hoping it's only just the beginning. The unprompted hugs, holding hands, looking out for each other and the conversations (both indistinguishable chatter but complete eye contact and also the 'no's and 'Mine!').  Your love for each other (and for us) really came out this month but your differences in other areas were further revealed. You love to be together (and often don't know what to do if you're apart for too long; i.e. one is still napping in the other room), but are also both so independent and barely cross paths for 2 hours at the park. While we're not always with you, you two are always together and clearly there's a bond we can't even begin to understand. We'll have to start thinking about doing things with each of you separately but I can't even imagine doing that right now and leaving the other out. I love hearing your little voices and am so proud of you for using your signs and trying to say new words. One of my favorite times of day is when you (unprompted) blow me kisses as Jessica backs the stroller out of the door. I love you both so much!


espresso anyone?

...You love to stand on couches, chairs, anything you can quickly scamper up (even though you know you're not supposed to).
...You get such a kick out of shaking your head quickly, spinning your long hair around.
...You love falling into the pillows on the big bed in your room.
...You had some separation anxiety at the beginning of the month, getting super-clingy every time Jessica came, but you seem to have worked through it.
...You had an absolute blast at the splash pad, pure joy; it was so much fun to see.
...I still can't believe how easily you gave up your bottle; so proud!
...You really mastered eating with silverware this month.
...You're so quick and nimble, tough for me sometimes but I hope it translates to athleticism (won't be from my genes!).
...You're never as happy as you are when you're in the pool, you absolutely love the water.
...You love watching Baby Einstein.
...Your obsession with fruit hasn't changed. Though you still aren't a huge fan of smoothies, you gobble down most other fruit quicker than we can put it down.
...You continue to be an absolute flirt, smiling at anyone who looks your way, sitting with teachers at MyGym or music class, as well as your favorite nannies at the park. You're obsessed with our cleaning lady as well and love to watch everything she's doing
...You get so sad every morning when Daddy has to leave.


... You loves things clean and in order. Every morning when you come out of your room, the bathroom door is open just a crack (we usually turn the bathroom light on when we come to check on you). You pull this door shut every morning. You push drawers closed that are open (even for just a second while I get something out). You show distress when things are broken or out of place and love to help clean up spills (though you're still not great at it). One day you sneezed and I watched you walk over to the wipes, get one out and wipe your face. Another time, there was some water on the slide at the park, you went and got a wipe out and proceeded to wipe down the slide. Jessica has also witnessed you attempt to 'clean' the park with wipes. I've started giving you a napkin with meals and love to wipe your face. When I change your diaper, you grab an extra wipe out and 'wipe' whatever you can (your belly, leg, etc.)
...You're enjoying swimming even more and I'm so proud of how you're using your arms and legs now
...You do not like when I come in to get you in the morning, saying, 'no, no!', 'Dada' and throwing yourself in the corner of the crib. Sorry!
...You discovered bacon this month and are such a fan (obviously!)
...I'm so impressed with how you've grown this month and love to 'play' with other kids, especially sitting with other kids playing in the sand. One day I even asked you if you wanted to eat lunch (you always do) and you firmly said 'no'. You were having so much fun playing with an older girl and her dad.
...You're rather bossy and tell other kids (complete with finger shaking in their face) 'no!' at the park when they're doing something they shouldn't or take your toy.
...You continue to attempt 'the trade' to get the toy you want at the park. Dad said that you went through almost all the toys in the stroller before finally the older kid handed over what you were waiting for.
...You prioritize your words and definitely learned the word for your favorite food, 'cheese', first (food-related word)
...There have been a handful of days when you haven't taken a nap at all. For all of our sakes, please nap.
...You get serious anxiety if William is heading into the bathroom for bath time before you. You have to get the spot closest to the water spout or you're seriously stressed out.
...Your attention to detail is impressive. You know every step of the process for so many of our daily habits. Your new obsession is the keys, you want to help lock and open the door, hold the fob up to the box in the elevator, help open the car door, etc. You pay attention to how I do things and before I know it, you can do it too. You actually started the washer today without me knowing! You also love to carry the tube of sunscreen (nothing new there) but now you pretend to put it on, holding it to your skin.
...You love putting cups on your feet like shoes when you're in the tub
...You hold the gate open for people coming into or leaving the park. You're great about opening the front door for people who are leaving our house (though luckily you're not strong enough to actually pull it open). Such a gentleman!
...Jessica told me that you guys witnessed a homeless man going poop on the sidewalk and as you guys walked by in the stroller, you shook your finger and said, 'no, no, no!' Classic George :)