A Great Weekend

Dave left for New York today and we were so sad to see him go. We've gotten so much time with him lately that we'll see how the boys do over the next few days. But for now, we'll just focus on the great weekend we had.

Dave worked from the city on Thursday and Friday which meant he got more time with the boys in the morning and evening. Then Saturday we hit up the last unlimited class for MyGym before meeting one of my friends from book club and her twins. We had been to the park before, but this time the weather was great so we had a beautiful view of the city. We ended up at our favorite Mexican spot, La Taqueria, which was sort of a disaster, but what better place to have a slight breakdown than a kid-friendly, casual, noisy Mexican joint? George had a cold and he was cranky and didn't want to eat anything. William just seemed to follow along. We made it home and got decent naps from both of them before I took them to the park that afternoon. Dave and I started a new season of Killers. So good.

Playdate fun
Sunday was a big adventure. I was set on going to the Livermore outlets to catch the Labor Day sales, but didn't want to leave Dave with the boys all morning, so we decided to all go. Well, sort of. I dropped Dave and the boys off at a park in Dublin where my mom joined them, then shopped for a bit, then came back to get them before heading to Pleasanton for lunch with Annie. Initially, the idea was to go to the splash pad at the park, but with the drought, they're only turning on the fountains from 1-5pm IF it's 90 degrees or higher. It looked like they were going to turn it on, but we weren't sure, plus we were already pushing it since they should nap at 1. Well, we went for it and luckily the fountains turned on right as we pulled in at 1pm. The boys had a blast. Well, William specifically, out of the 20+ kids running around was by far having the most fun. Running from fountain to fountain, screeching and laughing, so excited. George on the other hand, liked to sit by a single fountain, trying to get water in his cup or bucket, then pouring it out, over and over.

We made it home by 2:30, keeping them up in the car. William fell asleep just fine, but George was chatting and chatting. I finally got him up, so he took NO NAP. The whole day, not a wink... William didn't sleep long either, but Dave took them to the park that night and somehow we made it through dinner and bath. George officially gave up the bottle that night. Completely refused it and we haven't looked back.

Monday capped off the great weekend with the best weather we've had at our pool. It's usually windy and cold, no matter how nice it seems outside, but we finally hit the jackpot. My brother and his family, plus one of my 'mom friends' and her family came over. We swam, then had a simple bbq but everything worked out great, the boys were manageable and seemed to have fun too. I guess we were having to much fun to take a single photo :)

It was a jam-packed weekend, but so much fun!

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