What We Ate | September 8-14

Our first Tartine! (they liked it more than they appear to)
William and George's eating is so up and down lately, though I still feel like overall they're eating pretty well and definitely getting enough. It really does depend on the meal though, sometimes they fill up, and sometimes they don't eat much at all. I'm being patient though, and continue to offer foods that they pick at or haven't liked in the pass and slowly we're making progress here and there.

As I wrote about here, they did pretty well over the weekend with some of the basics like tofu and cottage cheese.

Babies got leftover salmon, we had Salmon Fajita Salad (recipe)

Mon: Salmon, grilled polenta with cheese, black beans
Tue: Quinoa-crusted chicken (adapted from this recipe, this was good, but not amazing, really, we're just not big chicken people), zoodles, black beans
Wed: Quinoa-crusted chicken, Corn, cheddar and scallion strata (recipe, didn't love this), green beans, black beans, cottage cheese
Thu: Quinoa-crusted chicken, chickpeas, carrots, edamamae, leftover empanada
Fri: Grilled tofu, peas and carrots, pizza
Sat: Grilled tofu, chicken fingers, black beans, peas and carrots
Sun: Black bean burger (featured here), cauliflower patty, green beans, chicken sausage

Quinoa-crusted chicken with zoodles and grape tomatoes

New fruit/dessert:
Morning bun from Tartine
Strawberry-lemon buttermilk ice cream
Odwalla smoothie
Buttermilk biscuits (recipe. SO good; had to use up the leftover buttermilk ;)

Buttermilk biscuits

New breakfast:
Cold cereal - Brenda's Shredded Spoonfuls or Morning Os with milk, a dollop of Greek yogurt and fruit
Soft-egg scramble from brunch at Nopa

New lunch:
Ham and cheese croissant from Tartine
Chicken fingers (not too impressed, but George does like ketchup!)

New snacks:
Chips and queso at Tacolicious, they both love to dip!
Kale Krunch - W wasn't so sure at first, but G seemed to like it and now they'll both eat it

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