They did it again! What a game. Dave and I went to a playoffs game with Megan last week and luckily it was a win, but nothing could prepare us for game 5 with a 3-1 Giants lead in the series. This was it. And Morgan had gotten amazing seats at mere face value.

We were on pins and needles by the time they tied up the score and it was the top of the 9th with the bases loaded. Two outs, but this could go very bad very quickly. Phew, we narrowed escaped a run and it was our turn. Two runners on and then the home run. I definitely had goose bumps and couldn't stop jumping up and down. What a win!!!

Dave and I have been able to be a part of the post season, attending the World Series in '10 (they won!) and a playoff game in '12 (they lost that one...).

Oct. '10 World Series

Oct. '12 NDLS
It's hard to believe the Giants, who don't seem to be all that great in the regular season, are able to turn it into Orange October again this year. I know the Royals will have the majority of the support being the underdogs, but we're hoping the Giants can pull it off yet again.

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