16- & 17-Month Favorites

Looking back at some of the past favorites, they're still using a lot of the same toys and other items. As is going to happen, we've picked up some more stuff along the way and a few have been specific hits.

1.Snack catcher - I was so against getting these initially because I was adamant that I didn't want them snacking all day long and focusing more on meals. Unfortunately, my boys are hungry and seem to be able to eat constantly. I'm still doing my best to avoid this, but the big selling point on these cups is that it makes it easier for them to eat when in the Maclaren stroller, which doesn't have trays for food. Now I can stick their sandwich (cut up), snacks, etc. in the cup. They love it. In fact, if I hand them food, they stick it in their cup and then immediately pull it out to eat. For the first week or so, they were eating things they didn't usually like, just because of the novelty of the snack cup. Win!
2. Leapfrog laptop - Dave bought one of these before we did our roadtrip to SLO. Well, getting it was a good idea, getting only one was a bad idea. Lots of fighting. We bought a second one. This is great for when they're confined to the car seat. We'll definitely bring it on the plane with us.
3. Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site - Jessica suggested we get this book, what a hit. They're starting to get over it a bit now, but I've memorized a good part of it by reading it several times before nap and bedtime. It's really well done.
4. Foogo Stainless Steel Thermos - So I actually had this one in our last favorites and usually wouldn't repeat but I should've waited for this post. Now that they're only drinking milk at several points during the day, instead of constantly throughout the day, these cups work great. They keep the milk cold, so if I lose track of one and find it later in the day under the couch, the milk is still good. Both boys are good at opening and closing it now so we have far fewer spills as well. Still don't think it's perfect, but I think it's a really good option.
5. Shape sorters - I bought this set a while ago on Zulily and now I think we have a total of 5 shape sorters between ones we've gotten as gifts, etc. Both like these, but George especially has to play with at least two of them each morning. He knows his colors from using these, can match all of them up and can spend what seems like forever sitting there putting the shapes in.
6. Water and sand wheel - I saw one of these at the park and knew it would be a hit with the boys. I buy most stuff on Amazon, but wasn't going to pay $11 for it so I told my mom to be on the lookout. $2 on clearance at Target, score! George is obsessed with pouring sand and loves to sit and scoop sand through this. It seems to be a hit with other kids as well.
7. Wonder vacuum - Both boys love our vacuum and finally I broke down and got one for them. This is a great one as it makes a noise naturally by attaching several pieces of plastic that brush against the floor -- nothing obnoxious but realistic enough that it's fun for them.
8. Coat rack - clearly this thing gets a lot of use. The boys are getting more into wearing hats other than their sunhats with the strap. Dave usually wears a hat when we go out. Add that to the likely 10 jackets the boys have, plus the few that Dave and I regularly wear that we don't put in our coat closet and this thing is overflowing. But it's been such a great place to keep everything right when we walk in the door.

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