So I guess it's kinda ironic that after just getting back from an amazing vacation in Hawaii that the following weekend in St. Helena is the best.weekend.ever. But it was. Everything from start to finish was so much fun and the house was just perfect for our needs.

A few months ago, when I decided that we should start to try to take a few more trips with the boys, I came across a listing in the classifieds on GGMG for a house in St. Helena that was for rent just over this one weekend, Oct. 10-12. I emailed for photos and more info and it sounded like the perfect fit and could easily house two families. We're so lucky Chip and Julie were up for making the drive all the way from SLO with their little ones.

-Swim lessons
-Cow Hollow playground

-Lunch at tacolicious
cheese dipped in salsa!

-1-hour nap in the car for the boys, arrive to St. Helena around 3pm
-Check out all the toys and bikes in the garage (fought over the pink trike and the wagon), play in the sandbox, check out all house

-George picks and eats about 20 cherry tomatoes off the vines (yet he never wants to eat these when I offer them to him at home)

-William loved the apple right off the tree
-All 8 of us went for a walk to the park -- 2 kids in a wagon, 1 on a pink trike and one on a two-wheeler with training wheels --then on to Pizzeria Tra Vigne to pick up dinner, brought it back and dined al fresco

-Capped the night with drinks outside for the adults

-a breakfast feast for the boys
-off to Crane park bright and early

-Swimming and lunch at Meadowood

Chicken fingers and fruit salad!
Mom's pretty cocktail and lobster BLT, yum!

-Naps for the kids and Dave; wine tasting on main street for Chip, Julie and I
-Mom comes to help with the kids, we all head to V. Sattui for wine and cheese

-Dinner for the kids at home, settle everyone in with Dedee
-Dinner out for the adults with Stacey and her boyfriend at Cook. Amazing Italian food!
-Drinks and dancing (and song-requesting) at Ana's
-Night caps at home in the backyard around 1am

-breakfast, packing and cleaning up. Dedee took all the kids on one more ride in the wagon
-Drive to Santa Rosa to see Aunt Hannelore and her dog Clyde
-Drive home, try to find lunch, end up at In 'n Out (the boys' first time!)
-Finally home! Naps all around (well, not for George, but at least he sat in his crib for bit)

It was another boost of confidence to be able to get away with the boys, and not just manage, but actually have a blast. It made such a difference that the house was so stocked with everything for kids that we could just grab whatever we needed. They had so much fun having a backyard and I think we'll somehow have to find the room to get a wagon...

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