What We Ate | Oct 6-12

Warm Gnocchi and Heirloom Tomato Salad (boys just had the gnocchi)
Yay, it's fall! There has been plenty of pumpkin in the mix so far, in fact, I think it's made it into just about every meal at some point during the week. Trader Joe's has a great selection of pumpkin-flavored foods right now. I think I'll have to do a separate post about all my favorites, but you'll see some featured below. I've been bookmarking so many pumpkin and fall-themed recipes, I don't think I'll have enough time to get through them all before winter comes, but I'm certainly going to try. Good news is the boys seem to be just as big of a fan of it as I am.

Halibut Pumpkin Curry

Leftover halibut pumpkin curry with carrot chips

Mon: Leftover halibut pumpkin curry*
Tue: Leftover halibut pumpkin curry, leftover fried chicken and corn muffin
Wed: Fried gnocchi and sausage (mom and dad has it served with warm heirloom tomatoes over arugula, recipe), cauliflower patty
Thu: Leftover fried gnocchi and porchetta
Fri: Grilled tofu, peas, and pasta and pizza from Tra Vigne
Sat: Grilled tofu, peas, leftover porchetta, leftover chicken finger, ravioli
Sun: Cauliflower fried rice (based on this recipe; added leftover salami, peas and 3 scrambled eggs), soy-ginger cod (Frozen TJs - always have this on hand, so good!)

Pizza and pasta in St. Helena

*Halibut Pumpkin curry: no recipe really, made with onions and bell peppers, curry paste and coconut milk, then added the seasoned halibut filets. Served over rice.

Pumpkin Pear Quinoa Oatmeal Bake
New breakfast:
Pumpkin pear quinoa oatmeal bake (adapted from this recipe, added 1/3c pumpkin puree, 1/4c flaxseed meal, several Tbsp chia seeds and reduced milk by 1/4c)
Pumpkin O's from Trader Joes
Fried eggs - like them just as much as scrambled

New lunch:
Quesadilla with pumpkin puree, sliced turkey, cheese and spinach

Chewy Apple Rings
 New fruit/dessert:
Chewy apple rings (recipe)
Apple cinnamon custurd
Pumpkin ice cream

Carrot Chips
New snacks:
Carrot chips (adapted from this recipe, added a little cumin; these were a pain to make, definitely use full size carrots next time. But they were so good, so definitely worth it! G loved them, W didn't eat them).
Cherry tomatoes fresh from the vine in St. Helena
Pumpkin energy bites (recipe); G woke up early from nap and loved to help/and didn't want to take off his sleep sack!

New smoothie:
Jessica made a batch of smoothies using up what was in the fridge before we left for the weekend -- included pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, spinach, silken tofu, peas, cannellini beans, carrot juice, strawberries and probably more I'm forgetting. The boys loved them! Even Simone ate some.

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