A Great Day After a Not-So-Great Week

It's been a tough week. I can't put my finger on exactly what the problem is, but as is often the case with kids, it could be any of a number of things including:
  • Teething - they're getting canines in now
  • Sickness - they're finally getting over a 2-week cold
  • Flu shot/vaccines last Thu
  • General growing pains
  • Toddlerhood - that should cover just about everything else
Whatever it is, it started about a week ago, especially last Thursday after we took them to the dentist and the doctor. Actually, George had been a pill from first thing that morning, whining and actually crying for an hour before Dave got me up to help deal with everyone. We figured it was an off day, Friday wasn't much better and the weekend left Dave and I exhausted. Here's a taste of what was going on:
  • Whining, crying for long periods of time.
  • Even more 'miiiiinne', especially from George. He seemed to be more determined than ever and has to have that William has right now.
  • Super clingy. When Dad's around, they only want him, when he's gone and Jessica or my mom is here, they only want me.
  • Short naps or long naps, waking up practically inconsolable to the point where we just have to put them in the stroller and leave the house with them screaming. They're fine once we get them outside. 

  • Two nights where they ate next to nothing for dinner (but have been drinking more milk than normal and other meals have been good)
  • Very tough dining experience for brunch on Saturday. Both were awful and I actually had to take W outside for the first time. Luckily our food came miraculously fast.
I'm surprised my mom came back to help on Friday after our tough day Thursday and even Monday night it seemed like Jessica was ready to throw in the towel (of course she was still her cheery self, but we could tell it was taking a toll on her as well). I'm not even sure the above begins to describe it; they've just been incredibly difficult. Sure, there are randomly tough days here or there, but this is the most memorable period since the early days where they seem to be off and I just keep praying that this isn't the new normal.

Which is why I'm finishing my day writing this post. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but today was a great day. They seemed to be back to their normal selves.
  • Had a nice morning with Dad, ate a decent breakfast (despite waking up at 5am and getting up with Dad at 5:30)
  • Still in a good mood by the time I got up, they ended up sitting in their high chairs and eating a second breakfast by 7:15
  • Were SO good this morning, especially considering how early they woke up. We didn't leave the house until 9:45am and I had some stuff I had to deal with on the computer so they weren't getting my full attention. They were typical toddlers, but were generally good and at times were even sitting down and playing nicely. With the second breakfast and just about every toy we own needing to be cleaned up before we left, I was overwhelmed, but not nearly as pushed to my limits as I have been the last few days when their attitudes are so awful.
  • Fun time at art class, they were sweet to Teacher Eva, both sitting in her lab for storytime, and had fun playing with the pinto beans, the toilet paper roll tunnels and the pom poms.

  • Not sure what gave me the confidence to attempt a trip to the mall today, but we did it, and they were great, and then we went to lunch at Olive Garden. I used to love that place, why, I'm not sure. The food is terrible. Much worse than I remember. But for the past few Wednesdays after art class, I've been taking them out for lunch, continuing to hopefully teach them how to behave in restaurants, and midweek, around 11 or 11:30 seems like a good time to attempt this. Taking both of them out to eat alone can be daunting, but they've been really good and today was no exception. We were at the restaurant for 45 minutes today, and not until I was packing up and getting them back in the stroller were they starting to be loud and getting to be unruly. I'd call that a huge success.  

We ate some snacks, played with the stickers that OG gave with the kids menu and then ate our mac and cheese, which was a big hit (I tasted it and it was probably the worst mac and cheese I'd ever had and probably no nutritional value, but that's beside the point).

  • We got home right at 1pm and had some people here to give us an estimate on something for our place. It was a bit chaotic to be getting home, try to get W down for a nap, etc., but both were in great moods. It took W a while to fall asleep, but he was so good, just reading.
  • George was a madman when we got home, but in a good way. Such positive boy energy. I got lots of tight hugs as we played and he had the pure joy belly giggles. He's even taken to pulling the blanket I wistfully call 'the family blanket' (picturing us one day all sitting under it watching a movie -- that will never happen, Dave is never cold enough to need a blanket, and having the boys sit still with us on the couch isn't happening either) so he can read book while snuggled in. Love it. 

  • Good naps, waking up at 4:15
  • I was at a meeting, but I got a text from J saying they LOVED my dinner, White Bean Soup with Mini Lamb Meatballs
  • I was home by 7:30 and they were already soundly sleeping

So nothing terribly out of the ordinary and the above probably doesn't sound amazing to most but after the past days we've had, this was so noticeably great. Let's hope for many more of these days!

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