October was a crazy month with so many fun events. While the boys still don't really understand what Halloween is all about, we enjoyed going to different parties and even did a little trick-or-treating. After much discussion, we finally settled on the boys and Dave being lions. The 'roar' is the boys' best animal sound so we thought we'd take advantage of that. I was a lion tamer; well, I had to  modify the 'sexy lion mistress' costume. All in all, the costumes got a lot more use than I ever imagined they would. The boys did okay with the hats; they seemed to keep them on more in the beginning, but as the month went on and Halloween finally arrived, they barely kept them on at all, which left them in a hideous caramel-colored bodysuit. I think they could have been mistaken for figure skaters.

Overall, it was such a fun month. We attended the San Francisco Parents of Multiples Halloween party first. I actually end up knowing a lot of people there since I meet so many of the new moms at the New and Expectant Parents meetings I lead.

Then my friend from book club had a Halloween party on a Saturday morning which was fun because we got to meet all of each others kids.

The boys got plenty of use out of their costumes when we wore them to a park playdate and to music class.

The trip to the pumpkin patch was definitely my favorite Halloween-related festivity. Though they weren't overly into the pumpkins (but liked them well enough), the absolutely loved riding the ponies (we had to go twice) and taking the little train (also two rides). We also did a hay ride, they got to sit on a tractor, and they got to feed the goats. It was such a fun day and we ordered a wagon just in time.




It's been a crazy month with the Giants in the playoffs and eventually winning the World Series. So many of my evening have been consumed with watching the stressful games. But luckily they were able to pull it out again and won the World Series so the big parade was on Halloween. And after months and months without rain, it finally rained, and quite a bit. We had swim lesssons and it took us almost an hour to wrap around the city the other way, since the Embarcadero was closed. The way home it looked like it was open, so we made it all the way to the Ferry Building before coming to a dead stop, and then had to turn around and backtrack on Broadway, all the way to Gough, before taking the freeway back. Ugh. Luckily the boys were so good. It was trickling rain, but not raining hard enough to discourage me from taking them to Chestnut St. in the Marina for daytime trick-or-treating. They do a parade and then the stores hand out candy from 10am-noon. The boys actually seemed to 'get it' and reached in to pick out candies and put them in their pumpkin. Don't don't really understand all that stuff is food which is currently working to our advantage.


We were going to a do family storytime at the library with a parade and little trick-or-treating, but the boys were still sleeping so we missed that. Then I debated taking them over to Potrero Hill to hit a few houses, but in the end, decided against it. While not really raining, the weather wasn't great and after sitting in so much traffic all day long, I didn't want to get stuck in more traffic just heading the 2 miles over to Potrero Hill. The parade had brought over a million people to the city and all those people had to get home somehow... so we decided to 'carve' pumpkins instead, which was really just letting them play with cut open pumpkins. William was down; G wasn't so sure.

It was really such a great month and so much fun to see them starting to understand what Halloween is all about. I can't wait for coming years as they start to get more and more excited for costumes, pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating.

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