What We Ate | Nov. 17-23

The boys continue to eat like crazy, though of course they don't like everything that's offered. Not too much variety this week as Dave was out of town so I made a big Quinoa Lasagna. It was really good, and the boys liked it, but note-to-self: split it into two large portions and freeze half. Seriously, I must've eaten this for like six meals last week, my mom and dad had some and both took some home for dinner, Jessica had some, and the boys... and there was still some left when Dave got back.

The surprise of the week food-wise was that William now eats arugula salads. I made Dave, my mom and myself the salad I make every night -- arugula (spinach for Dave), red onions, pumpkin seeds, tomato, crumbled feta (blue cheese for Dave) with olive oil and salt and pepper. William wanted some so of course we said fine and he had some of my mom's. And he wouldn't give the bowl back and ate most of the salad. We figured it was a one-time thing; I've offered him salad before and he hasn't liked it. Well, he did it again last night. Hmm.


 For George, it would have to be the garnish lemon that he ate, skin and all...  

Spicy Chickpea and Bulgur Soup with Saus

Thai Curry Noodles with Shrimp

Italian Quinoa Lasagna
Mon: Leftover halibut, Israeli couscous, peas
Tue: Spicy Chickpea and Bulgur Soup, recipe (added spicy chicken sausage, zucchini). This was SO good and the boys ate it too. Will definitely make again.
Wed: Italian Quinoa Lasagna, recipe (skipped the truffle oil)
Thu: Quinoa Lasagna
Fri:  Quinoa Lasagna
Sat: Thai Curry Noodles with Shrimp, recipe (added 1/2c pumpkin puree, bell peppers and green beans)
Sun: Baked Farro and Butternut Squash (and bacon) from Barefoot Contessa's new cookbook, Arugula salad. This was so good, very creamy, almost tasted like mac and cheese. The boys weren't too into it though. Mixing it with cottage cheese helped a bit.

horrible photo, but the Farro was so tasty!

New fruit/dessert:
Cinnamon Bun with frosting
Applesauce disks (freeze applesauce into little dots on parchment paper -- they loved them!)

New breakfast:
Brown Butter Pumpkin Muffins, recipe (I didn't do the glaze or the streusel)

New lunch:
Leftover Spaetzle Mac and Cheese

Sunday brunch, a feast after church

New snacks:
Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Protein Balls, recipe (added peanut butter, honey, chia seeds and raisins instead of dates)
Peeled snacks apple clusters - loved these

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