What We Ate | November 10-16

Butternut Squash Gnocchi with Pancetta and Sage Butter
It has been another crazy week for food. These boys do not stop eating. It's totally going against my ideal French approach of 3 square meals and a snack (okay, they get a morning and afternoon snack, but close enough). The problem is, it's not like they're just nibbling at their meals and then hungry shortly after. They're eating a full breakfast and lunch, and then a second breakfast and lunch, plus snacks. Dinner is their lightest meal, but Saturday night, was a big exception.

Dave took them to the park, so I had time to make dinner while they were gone and we sat down and ate together (they have boosters now so they sit right at the table with us). This worked surprisingly well. They still weren't a fan of my butternut squash gnocchi (which were really good!), but when I dished out the fresh halibut and Israeli couscous, they were all over it. They asked for 'more, more, more'. Literally we must have dished out 5 separate servings. Okay, so they're very small servings. Sorry, I'm not about to waste expensive halibut on someone who's going to pick at it, so we give only a few flaked pieces at a time. They were all about it.

Here's their complete intake from Saturday:
7am breakfast: 3 Eggs (split), slice of dutch baby, banana (split), Greek yogurt with berries
8am: Granola and dried cranberries in their snack cup, whole grain waffle with peanut butter and pumpkin butter (split)
10am: Had some of the (delicious) breakfast sandwich Dave and I shared -- fried chicken, biscuit, eggs, melon
12:30: Chicken and cheese quesadilla (split 3/4 of a whole - 2 full tortillas - quesadilla), pumpkin seeds, grapes, blueberries, 1 veggie pouch each, crispy green beans, G ate 4 ounces of chicken, gummy snacks
4:30: smoothie (G only) leftover pumpkin seeds and corn from their snack cups
6pm: TONS of halibut, Israeli couscous, broccoli and gnocchi - which they probably didn't touch, smoothie, tofu

Family dinner
They're having filling meals and healthy snacks so that should keep them full, but I serious want to go get them weighed because they must've gained a pound in the past week! Probably not, but seriously, they must be growing. It's so hard for me to come up with enough different food ideas but the good news is, they're eating *most* stuff that's offered. That was the second night I was offering the gnocchi and broccoli and W still wouldn't even try it.

Mon: Mini cheesy meatloaves, mac and cheese leftovers, carrot balls carrot balls
Tue: Slow-cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup (adapted from this recipe, added bell pepper, just made on the stove/no slow cooker)
Wed: Leftover soup with polenta rounds and cheese 
Thu: Leftover soup, tofu
Fri:  Butternut squash gnocchi (based on this recipe, added pancetta) - only G tried, W wouldn't touch, broccoli, chicken
Sat: TONS of halibut, Israeli couscous, broccoli, gnocchi - second attempt, tofu, smoothie 
Sun: Tofu, halibut, Israeli couscous, peas - ate well, but not as well as last night, didn't do family dinner

Despite having the chicken soup for multiple nights, I forgot to take a photo! It turned out really good though and was a great way to use up various chicken I had in the freezer.

New fruit/dessert:
Gummy snacks - can't remember the brand, but I got a sample of "healthy" gummy snacks and of course the boys, W in particular, loved them

New breakfast:
Banana almond muffins, recipe
New lunch:
Whole wheat pita with turkey and cheese
Whole wheat pita with banana and almond/peanut butter
White wine mac and cheese from American Grilled Cheese
Ramen noodles - can't remember if they've had these before

Lunch with a view
New snacks:
Frozen grapes - omg, they LOVE these! They literally must've eaten 50 of them before I told them no more, despite them asking. Great way to prolong the life of organic grapes that seem to go bad so quickly.
Deep River Rosemary Olive Oil chips - my fav
Carrot balls (Trader Joe's frozen) - they only eat these when they're the only thing left...

New smoothie:
George is doing well with smoothies, W is totally over them, he may resort to it in the car on the way home from somewhere but that's about it. I've started using a lot more frozen fruit - cherries, pineapple, berries, mango puree, peaches - and still adding all the other basics like avocado, silken tofu, kiwis, yogurt, wheatgerm, chia seeds, spinach, etc.

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