What We Ate | Nov. 23-30 + Thanksgiving

The boys' eating is still good but seems to have tapered off slightly and they're not eating second breakfast and lunches so frequently. George has always been a bigger meat eater, but the past week, William has eaten next to no meat. No Thanksgiving turkey, no lunch meat turkey, no pastrami, possibly a little bacon in his egg-bacon-cheese sandwich and maybe, maybe a little turkey meatball. George has eaten his and William's share. William's sweet tooth has definitely shined through though, gobbling down fruit and any dessert he can get his hands on. Oh, and W continues to eat salad whenever offered...

Watching the Thanksgiving parade
While it's been a bit chaotic for me trying to manage everything with the move and the new house, Thanksgiving was such a great time with all of the family. All three of my siblings and families, and our family, stayed at my parent's house on Thanksgiving night and though it's a lot of work to bring everything for them, get set up, get acclimated to the new space, etc., it was totally worth it. Having all that time with the cousins was so great for William and George and I think everyone got to know them a lot better than if we had just come for a few hours for dinner.

Dave was on kid-duty while I played head chef in the kitchen. We had quite the spread with plenty of appetizers to start the day and then a complete Thanksgiving feast. William didn't touch dinner. Well, I take that back, he ate his butter roll from Danville bakery, a holiday tradition at the Geilhufe house. George ate pretty well, thanks to my older sister who kept playing the 'mine!' game with him, which in turn would lead him to say, 'no, mine!' and eat the food himself :) George didn't want dessert, was having too much fun playing, but William ate more than his share.

We had 17 people stay at my parent's house that night, pretty crazy! But it was so much fun. The kids jumped in the leaves, rode scooters in the front yard (and 2-year-old twin girls happened to be visiting across the street), managed to get 5 of them in the bath together after dinner, and the older cousins were so sweet with the younger ones. My sisters and I escaped for some Black Friday shopping at the outlets (won't be doing that again!).

It worked out perfectly that we were able to see Jenn when she was in town. We met at the newly-renovated Heather Farms Park which was awesome! There were so many families there that it was a little hard to have a conversation and try to keep up with at least one of the boys, but seeing Jenn is always great regardless. Then we headed to fuddruckers for lunch -- George loved the hot dog, his first, and no surprise there! William stuck to the fries and grilled cheese and both loved dipping into the melted cheese sauce.

Dominic and Joseph with G&W
Saturday we headed to the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building, and to the park. I figured it would probably be the last time that we'd be able to walk there. Our favorite salmon sandwich stand wasn't there unfortunately, but I'm grateful that the break in the rain was long enough for us to get out for a few hours. We even managed to make it to the Carousel-lighting at the Creativity Museum that evening. The boys did not enjoy waiting in line for the carousel but had a blast riding and it was a festive way to spend the evening.

On Sunday, it was raining again, but my older sister and her family came over to hang out. Oftentimes having that many people in our small space, especially 5 crazy kids running around, can be pure chaos, but it worked really well this time. I think the boys had all bonded over Thanksgiving and had a great time playing together again. William even learned to say Kyle's name!

Our new Bob the Builder trucks, Brady's old ones!

It really was such a great weekend and I'm so grateful that my boys have all these cousins, some who they don't see often, but they're now at the age where they can actually hang with the older kids a bit and are more fun in general.

Thanksgiving menu (at least what I prepared):
Sausage Queso Dip with a Soft Pretzel Wreath

5 Layer Baked Hummus Dip
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle

I'll also led the charge on the mashed potatoes and Cider-Brined and Glazed Turkey.  Everything else was brought potluck-style.

I tried to do as much prep as I could in advance, including trying to get a few things done on Wednesday morning. Things were going pretty well just letting the boys play with my pots and pans and some fake lemons.

Then I decided, okay, why not let them dump a little flour into a bowl?

That quickly turned into this:

Which led to William riding his scooter right through the mess.

G was loving it:

Well, for a while.

Here's how W ended up:

Thankfully the cleaners were coming so we vacuumed up what we could, shook out their clothes and moved on. I'm so looking forward to having a bigger kitchen in our new place and I just purchased a learning tower so both can be up next to me helping me cook. We'll see how that goes!

As for the weekly food update, here are the dinners:

Mon: Leftover baked farro and butternut squash with cottage cheese
Tue: One Pot Andouille Sausage Pasta, recipe (added bell peppers)
Wed: Leftover sausage pasta
Thu: Thanksgiving - G ate a lot of turkey and the dinner roll mostly. Wouldn't even try the sweet potatoes with marshmallows
Fri:  Trader Joe's Wild Soy and Ginger Cod with Pumpkin Orzo (just cook orzo according to package, stir in a little pumpkin puree and s&p) -- boys loved this and ate a ton, in fact, there wasn't much left for Dave and I
Sat: Leftover orzo with chicken sausage, sweet potato falafel and other freezer finds :)
Sun: Hodgepodge of leftover pasta, pork chili and turkey meatballs

New lunches:
Hot dog from fuddruckers - I actually got it for myself, W wouldn't try it, G loved it
Hummus dip with pita chips (as listed above in Thanksgiving recipes)

New fruit/dessert:
Chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds (can't remember if they've had these before)
Pumpkin milkshake (mom's guilty pleasure and I know I can't get them for much longer)
Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle (recipe listed above)

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