18-21 month favorites

Well I guess I got a bit behind here now that this favorites list is covering four months and while I think this is an age range where toy-wise they're playing with a lot of the same stuff, we've seen a range of books be favorites and then quickly forgotten over this period, and toys that were fought over for a week straight and now barely picked up. Some of these have been on the list, but it's nice to see the longevity of the toy. Others are more of a general category, but that's because various toys have been hits.

1.Ride-on Diggers - We actually only bought one of these since we had a smaller megablocks digger. Well, that was a huge fight. It turned out that we were sent the wrong one (the bulldozer) and so they sent the digger too, and we ended up keeping both and selling the Megablocks. These are a bit bigger so better for this age. We keep them outside so they can scoop up leaves etc.
2 & 3.  Melissa and Doug & Plan toys trucks and service station - Dave's family gave the boys a bunch of different Melissa and Doug transportation vehicles, people and play set. They were a hit in Florida and the boys use them every day at home too.
4.  Books - I think books will always on the list, but over the past few months, these are the ones that have been in the top reads (which usually meant 3-4 weeks straight of reading this book before nap and bedtime): Potty Book, P is for Potty, Bob the Builder, Pooh's Honey Bee Counting Book, Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, My First 10 Paintings, San Francisco Baby.
5.  Picture Words flash cards - When Dave said he was going to get flash cards, I didn't like the idea. It seemed like forced learning. Well, they LOVE these things. They dump out the whole box and love when we pick up a card and they shout out the word and picture. It's funny when they know random words like 'yield' or 'school crossing'.
6.  Sunglasses - Winter, especially much of January, was actually really cold, which meant the boys were bundled up with beanies and not baseball caps. It was still really sunny though, so luckily the boys were into wearing their sunglasses too. I'm loving how much they go along with (and actually like) the whole accessories thing.
7.  Aiden + Anais security blankets - Annie gave the boys a pack of these when they were born and I didn't get them out until around the time we took their pacis away. Really only W took to them and now has to have '2 buddies'. We just got a back-up set. I like them because they're light and small, but not too small where they're getting lost.
8.  Bob the Builder trucks - For a solid few weeks, the boys were obsessed with these trucks. We're so luckily that my older sister's youngest boy was super into Bob the Builder so they had quite the collection. They brought them to Thanksgiving and the boys went crazy. Only problem is, many versions of 'Scoop' (stupidly) don't come with a scoop that actually moves. But one did... which meant a huge fight which led Dave to spend way to much purchasing a second one. But that did do the trick. While they still play with this stuff, it's not the obsession is was back around Thanksgiving.
9.  Bubbles - Whether at the park or inside, who doesn't like bubbles? Huge hit with both of them.
10.  Little Tikes Cozy Coupe - Right when we moved into our place, someone listed their like-new cozy coupe on GGMG for $15. I snatched it up and brought it home, knowing I didn't have any intention of buying two of them but also being prepared for fighting. Luckily Crusoe gave the boys his Little Tikes firetruck but George has claimed the 'red car'. Pretty much only he gets to be in or near it. William got stuck with the truck.
11.  LeapFrog Laptop - Dave got these just before our roadtrip to SLO back in September and they were a huge hit. Now they're getting more out of them. Sometimes when I have to be on my computer in front of the boys, they say 'top, top' to get their laptops down and come sit next to me on the couch with theirs. They're both picking up letter sounds from it.
12.  Push Toys - These are just starting to be a little less popular, but they were the biggest hit for so long. The vacuum, the push frog, the popper, the broom. For months and months these things were run into the ground.
13.  Shape Sorters -Another one that's been on the list for months. George has always been obsessed with shape sorters and while we've gotten rid of several, we kept two and they still play with them, though not quite as much as they once did.

And the grand finale which gets it's own photo (just maybe because I somehow forgot it until now...)
I love that this was purchased on Google Shopping Express so it got delivered to our door within hours, for the same price I could've driven to Target to get it for (where it would've inevitably been out of stock) AND cheaper than on Amazon. We use this all the time. In fact, I take it with me in place of the Maclaren many days now. It gives them more freedom and while it's bulky in the back, it does fit. We got the little bag that snaps on the back and keep it stocked with diapers, wipes, boogie wipes and hand sanitizer. That way it's always ready to go and if we take it anywhere else, I just need to bring our lunch and any extras like sunglasses or sunscreen. So easy. It's perfect for the zoo, the beach, etc., though it is a little tough to pull down hills.


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