22 Months Old

This month went by fast and it doesn't seem like we have much to show for it. We had more time to get used to our neighborhood, check out the parks and I'm starting to explore new classes for during the week. The boys were also sick a lot, so we missed a class of MyGym, then swim lessons were canceled. Some days we ended up just staying home (!!) which is now feasible because we have several different play areas and the backyard. That just never would've been a possibility at the Brannan.

Even though we're heading into the next month now, it seems like all the fun of potty training has also taken up much of the month. Combine that with apparent teething, fevers and sleep being all over the place and it's sort of been a tough month. Oh and I didn't even mention the overall clinginess, whining and tantrums. I need a break just thinking about it all again. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of great moments too. Watching how much they're learning each day, all the new words their saying, all that they're capable of physically, it so much fun. I think it's clear that change is tough on all kids, but as ours have always been on a pretty strict schedule and used to routine, any change like potty training definitely takes its toll.

I can't recall any big adventures this month, as mentioned, due to all the sickness, we usually just headed to the park for an hour or so to get some fresh air.  It feels like I didn't take nearly as many photos this month as previously. We did see a lot of my dad as he's been helping so much with the house, but now that he's completed most of his 'chores', he's gotten to spend more time with the boys which is so nice.

Fun game 'hitting' Papa

Papa hid our feet!

Highlight from the Month:
Feb 14-16 - 3-day potty training weekend (not sure I'd call that a highlight, but at least worth mentioning...)

New this month:
Les Deux can...
Identify more and more letters as well as name the letters they find
Say/identify more and more people and names. Jessica is 'je-ka' but even with just one class with new swim teacher Amy, they quickly said her name
Climb through the rope tunnel at Lafayette Park
Can do the zipper if I get it all set up and ready to pull
Carry their bowls or plates to and from the sink
Climb the jungle gym steps at Alta Plaza
Take off their shirt (almost) - gets stuck on their head, but they're making progress
Pull down their pants (getting them back up is a big tougher)

George can...
Count to five pretty consistently
Pull the vacuum out of the closet, plug it in (central vacuum) and vacuum
Jump, well, he's been able to before this month, but he can jump much better now
Climb much better now too, going to the tops of big slides, etc.
Put on his socks. Well, not really. But he really likes me putting his thumbs in and helping him pull them on 'himself'
Sing a song! ('Tick-tock, tick-tock, I'm a little cuckoo clock')
Swipe through photos on the phone (we rarely let them hold our phones so this is surprising -- I'm sure others do this much earlier!)
Blow out his own nose (okay, he can't really, but he likes to try ;) 

William can...
Climb to the top of the semi-circle ladder thing at the park
(Sometimes) do the lily pad steps at Clay St. Playground

EAT: Looking back at last month's post, there aren't a lot of changes in the past month. Their eating is fine, definitely not eating a ridiculous amount like they do some weeks/months, it's tapered out and especially with being sick, possibly even declined.

Breakfast is the first stop of the day, no longer any playtime beforehand. Oatmeal (aka: 'oak-a-bye') was such a huge hit this month, especially for W (sometimes eating 2+ pouches!), but not surprisingly, seems to possibly be on the decline. William has also taken to eating just about every type of meat offered. Such a change from previous months.

They still love berries -- hope that never changes as they're so easy. Bananas may finally be taking a break too, or at least an every-other-day type of thing. We have not made any progress on veggies. I take that back, perhaps a little bit of progress was made on their first fondue-night when I asked if their trees (broccoli) had snow (cheese) on them. They haven't been as into nuts.

I guess what has been new this month, or at least in the last two weeks was JUICE. And lots of it. I never wanted to get into juice for obvious sugary reasons, but I knew part of potty training was giving them lots of opportunities to go, which meant drinking lots of liquids. I got a fresh apple juice, a white grape juice, a cold-pressed juice and a blueberry POM. Carrot juice is also back in the mix too. What's been a pain is that when they've been waking up at night when sick, I give them water and they start asking for juice. I think once we're done with the bottle we have, we're gonna have to pull the plug on that.

We haven't been eating out at all, a lot to do with the potty training and spending more time at home, but I feel like we need to get back in the game soon so they don't forget how to behave at restaurants (though not sure they ever really knew??). In general though, they have been acting out a lot more even at home (and we've been doing family dinners most nights). A lot more pushing food and spilling it, dropping it off the table, pushing the placemat around, etc. In all honestly, they really don't do that well with dinner at all.

One thing that's just come up is that it looks like William may have an allergy to fish. His face got all red about a month ago after eating salmon jerky and I just thought it was that specific kind as it was the first time he'd had the Trader Joe's kind. Then he had salmon and it also wasn't good, but a few nights ago he has Paiche and it was the worst we've seen. Luckily it went away in about an hour with Benadryl but I'll have to talk to the doctor about it. It's strange as he's had fish 1-2 times a week since he was maybe 10 months old and never had a problem.

First Fondue Dinner!

6:15-6:45ish up (occasionally until 7am)
7:00 breakfast (right when they wake up)
out of the house for an activity by 9/9:30am
9am snack (sometimes finishing their breakfast but no longer 'second breakfast' like before)
Home by noon for lunch (lots of quesadillas)
1:00 or so W down for a nap (reads for 5 mins if that, averaging 3 hours)
1:30-2ish G down for a nap (sleeping on average 2-2.5 hours)
4pm snack
6pm dinner
bath, stories
7-7:20pm in bed
Usually asleep by 8

SLEEP: I can't believe we started their 22nd month by them sleeping past 7am for multiple days straight. Yet again it's been a month of ups and downs. We've had late morning scattered here and there, but also plenty of 6am sharp or 6:15 or so if we're (meaning Dave) lucky. We've discovered that it's W who wakes up first and then continues to repeat 'Hi. Hi! HI!' and laughing until (we presume) George finally wakes up. Usually he's in a good mood and we hear them laughing and talking for a bit until Dave goes in. This is where it gets ugly. They both want to be taken out of bed first and changed. So I hear a chorus of 'My diaper! OUT! My diaper!' Dave switches each day but whoever doesn't go first throws a fit. I usually have my ear plugs in by this point and if I'm lucky, am able to fall asleep for another thirty minutes.

Naps have been generally good (who can remember anymore??). But there have been random days when W wouldn't go down so that delayed G going down and then he gets a second wind. Or recently G has wanted to go to bed at the same time of W, but of course he doesn't really want to. So he keeps W up (the two days I tried), I eventually had to go get G out, but by that point W didn't want to stay in bed and it was a disaster. I should know by now, stick to the routine. W goes down first, falls asleep, G goes down.

G hasn't been quite as clingy this month, but there were days here or there where he'd fall asleep on me while holding him. He even curled up with Dedee one Friday. At least she still had access to her kindle!

Nights have been sort of all over the board. There have been random nights where G has had trouble going down. And of course the awful night while potty training. But between potty training and both of them being sick over the past week, there have been quite a few wake ups. Mostly they've been uneventful. Go in and give a pat, give some water or medicine, maybe rock for a few minutes. Other nights have involved bringing one into our bed (which so rarely works). W ended up sleeping on Dave (literally on his chest) until 8am last weekend and napped on me the same way for 3 hours earlier that day. Since I don't take naps, it was still the most break I've gotten in a while. Literally couldn't move, but could reach my laptop and headphones to catch up on multiple episodes of Orange is the New Black. And a few nights ago, after G woke up warm, I gave him medicine but he didn't go back to sleep. Brought him into our bed, where he tossed and turned and said he wanted to get down. I put him down and he curled up on the rug next to my bed. I double-checked that the baby gate over the stairs was locked but otherwise thought, fine, sleep on the floor. Though not expecting it to be successful. I woke up startled several times, checking to see if he was still there and he was, all the way until he woke up at 7am :)

After getting through the tough sleep adjustment after the move, I'm now ready to be through this potty training/sick adjustment. I'm sure they are too.

A few other notes related to sleep:
  • We lowered the cribs to the bottom rung (which probably should've been done a while ago but finally got to it)
  • We got them little toddler pillows. They seemed to be sleeping on their stuffed animals so gave them a try. It definitely took them a few days or maybe a week to take to them, but now seem to like them.
Looked like he was ready for a pillow

PLAY: With each month the boys play more and more independently, but this month even when they're enjoying playing together, I often hear, 'Mommy play? Mommy play?' It's so nice to be more set up upstairs now and be able to eat breakfast at the table while watching them play or clean up breakfast with them in then next room. Many times they play well together, actually playing with the same toy, but other times they're very specific about only one of them being able to use the toy. The other one will just keep saying 'all done, all done' to indicate that the other person should be done with his turn.

New this month is that they're doing a lot more pretend play and actually playing with pieces to different toys. My mom brought over a train duplo set which they absolutely love. They build tall towers, connect the trains and build on each train car and are very specific about where each of the little people sit. We also got a play kitchen a few weeks ago and while they don't love it as much as that duplo train, it still seems to be a hit. George loves to fake wash his hands, put his milk cup in the microwave and make pretend meals. They're also making all kinds of sounds to accompany their play.

We also have a Thomas the Train set which they love and got a big castle with knights that has gotten a lot of use. They're definitely into sets. We've been trying to rotate toys more and just got out the farm with animals again and they love playing with it.  Trucks are still popular, though they seem to like playing with the sets of toys we have more than individual trucks. Truck books are still top of the list.

They continue to become more and more independent at the park as well. I no longer worry about them on the edge of high play structures, though I do need to watch out if there are older kids around who can go down fire poles, etc, as they sometimes want to follow them and try it too. They can climb up tall ladders (sometimes too tall for my comfort) and go down high slides with little hesitation. At this point, one doesn't seem to be more daring than the other. I was so impressed when we went to a new park at the beginning of the month and they both climbed through this rope tunnel thing. They figured it out pretty quickly and though G got hung up a bit when he lost a shoe through the bottom and was unsure how to continue, he eventually made it through. We went back with Dave this past weekend and they did it again. There were much bigger kids who were scared to try, though perhaps that fear will come when they're a bit older.

Playing in the Presidio
In a way it seemed like reading was on the decline, mostly saved for nap- and bedtime, but with them not feeling well the past few weeks, there were multiple times when they would curl up on my lap and we'd read stories for at least half an hour. A musical Frosty the Snowman book has been a recent favorite. They also love Tons of Trucks, Press, the potty books mentioned in the Potty Favorites post. They continue to be able to to point out more and more things on the pages when I ask, but they also point to things and say the correct word without prompting in many cases. Whereas G has always loved numbers, he's more often than not actually getting the order right and can count to five. William isn't quite there but is probably where G was last month with saying one and two and then the rest being a jumble. I've also been impressed that I can tell G to bring me 'Good Night Moon' for example and I say, 'it's a skinny orange book' and he's been able to find it on the shelf and bring it to me.

This month has been a huge improvement in the clean-up department. George has always been interested in cleaning and would help put toys away the past few months, but W would just stand there with zero interest. Within the last week, W has been enthusiastic about helping to put the toys away.

We haven't spent as much time outside in our backyard this month as they've really been engrossed in their new toys and the useable living room upstairs now. They still like to go out there and rotate toys about every five seconds when we are outside. They also love doing bubbles.

Biting update: I think we had one bad day this month were there were 3 or 4 bites. Besides that, I can't even remember any bites. There have been a few times where W has clearly been aggravated and starts to go at G, but usually if I start suggesting words for him to tell G, and sometimes I'll need to intercept, but in general he's been able to use his words a lot more.

TALK: Well, it's finally happened. I've been saying for months that once W started talking, he wouldn't stop. George speaks when he has something to say and usually says it twice max. William talks constantly, the majority understandable words, but still some chatter too. And he repeats. Constantly. I don't necessarily mean repeating what I say (though they both do plenty of that and that's definitely new this month), but repeating the same phrase over and over and over... seriously like 20 times. I can't believe I'm only a few weeks into this, I'm not sure how I'll tolerate it if it's to continue this way for years to come.

Their vocabulary has continued to grow this month and while I often play translator for them to my dad, I feel like everything is getting clearer and clearer (probably through Mom's ears only). There are certain letters they both have trouble with, for example they say 'pobby' for 'potty'. They seem to say just about everything. Any new word we teach them, they both quickly repeat and then will use again the next time we read that book, pass that store, etc. With the recent sicknesses we've dealt with, it's been so nice for them to communicate a bit better. G was able to say 'ear hurt' and when William had the allergic reaction and it spread to the front and back of his neck, he said, 'neck hurt'. There have been a few instances when I really have no idea what they're saying. They repeat the same word or phrase over and over again and I try to decipher it with no luck. It's frustrating for both of us.

They're saying plenty more 3-word phrases and going into four words as well. William does better with the first person whereas G still starts many sentences with 'Georgie...' They add 'no' to the start of lots of sentences to make it negative; for example, G will say, 'no Wawee come' if he doesn't want W to come.

Some areas of their speech I'm absolutely thrilled with: they finally say 'Yes'! They've been able to say yes for a while now, but it was very rare for me to actually hear it. This month I encouraged it more and encouraged an actual answer by saying 'yes or no?' after asking a question without a clear response. This has worked so well. Now I'll get a clear head nod and a 'yes' (yesh). They also start sentences with yes, like 'yes Georgie milk' when he does want it (often used after he's previously said no).

They're also SO good about saying please. Sure, we need to remind them sometimes, but most of the time it comes out naturally when they're asking for something, even when they're asking each other or other kids. G often includes the sign language of rubbing his chest for emphasis ;) Where G still struggles is understanding that just because you say please doesn't mean you automatically get it. This is confusing for him when he's at the park and asks another kid for something with 'please'.  William will reply back to him, 'no please' when he doesn't want to hand over something despite G's polite request. They're starting to pick up 'thanks' a bit more, but we still have to prompt most of the time for this and they are still more often using their sign.

POTTY: We're only a little bit further into this process than when documented in this post. It's definitely an ongoing process and W's tough last weekend didn't make it any easier. Though we're now tracking days into the 23rd month, I'll say that things are definitely improving for W. He seemed to be getting resistant to any suggestion of using the potty (despite us being pretty good about not hounding him about it). Eventually he would just sit down and go after G went and we'd celebrate and that would be that. But despite drinking plenty (not a ton, but enough), over the weekend he went one time between his overnight diaper coming off and his nap diaper going on, then had a dry diaper after nap, and then once between nap and bedtime. When he went, it would be on and off the potty several times in a couple-minute period and still wouldn't be a ton (or what I would expect from not having gone much all day). But he didn't seem to be holding it and the dry diapers at nap were confusing as well. When he wasn't feeling well, I asked him if he wanted to put a diaper on and it was a strong 'NO!'.

What seemed to work best with W was not talking about it at all. Not asking him directly if he had to go, making him sit on the potty (even if we were heading out somewhere). Purely leaving it up to him. The only thing that coaxed him was when we'd make it totally fun. Have his Sammy dog sit on the potty and go, then the lego guy. That would get G to sit down and go immediately and then W would nonchalantly come up next and go. I asked the doctor if I should be worried about how infrequently he's going and at this point she doesn't seem concerned. He hasn't pooped in the potty for probably a week, which is too bad as he started out having no problems with #2 either. He doesn't seem to be holding it for right when we put a diaper on, it's been every other night around 10pm or so that we go in and have to change him. So the past few days have improved. We've continued not to pressure him at all and leave it up to him about when he needs to go. He's doing it willingly, volunteering to go first, etc. Still not going nearly as much as G (both in amount and frequency), but that's what so hard about twins, it's impossible not to compare. I guess W got my bladder and G got Dave's ;)

As for G, on the one hand I have to admit how surprised I am that he took to it so quickly and so successfully. On the other hand, I wouldn't have expected anything less from him. He's determined, competitive, motivated and in general wants to please. It's hilarious that literally after every time he goes (even if just a few drops), he throws his arms up in the air and says, 'haRAY Georgie!' I'm sure we're far from being out of the woods with accidents, but have had a really good week. G will go when I ask him to before we leave the house and run to the potty whenever he needs to go. Outings are still hit or miss. There have been episodes where he'll start saying 'potty! potty!' but have already started going. He seems to have stopped and finishes in the potty but he still needs to master the feeling of having to go and waiting until he's actually in the bathroom. He's done really well with #2 as well. Both he and W were 3-4x/day on average, and G had some days where he goes on the potty 3 separate times. It seems to have slowed down though, sometimes skipping a day all together, sometimes once or twice. Nothing to worry about, I'm proud of him that he was able to figure it out so quickly. I guess what's surprised me most is that he seemed to lack of the physical understanding of the muscles to contract the bladder, etc. We could viably see W doing it when he had to go and didn't think G was there. He picked it up pretty much in a day though.

As far as rewards, we've been doing two stickers for #2 in the potty and every time we get home and they have dry pants (no accident), they get to pick one chocolate-covered pomegranate seed. This seems to be working well as usually I'm the one offering versus them reminding me. I probably will stop doing this soon but as we've had the ups and downs with W, I want to continue acknowledging the wins.

Overall, even in less than two weeks of potty training, there have been a lot of ups and downs. The combination of being sick and potty training was hard on everyone and led to some doubts about them (W) being ready. I wanted to trust my gut, especially since he was refusing diapers when offered. I think he's headed in the right direction so I hope his progress continues. I'd have to say that the potty training itself hasn't been the hard part so far, it's been everything else that goes with it. The irritability, them being sick, not sleeping as well, etc. I think you have to be prepared for the whole thing and not just think that if you can clean up messes, you're prepared.

George's hair continues to darken up, though is still a dirty blonde. It's grown like crazy this last month though and I just had to get them another haircut this week. It turns out to be every five weeks, but usually it looks like G could make it a few more weeks without one. This time they both definitely need one.

I didn't measure them this month but W is definitely growing. I just went through his clothes last week and got rid of most of the 12-18 pants, the shirts still fit. I moved the 18-24 pants to W and got out a bunch of 2T for G, some of which are still pretty big, but he can manage with for now. W has moved into G's 2T pjs and G is now in 3T (the brand runs small). W is growing out of his favorite gray fedora and I'll probably have to sneak it out of the house when he's not looking. G's hat has somehow stayed in the picture despite it being so misshapen.

MOM: It's been a great month of continuing to settle it. It's so nice to have the kitchen complete and the new dining room set up. The living room should *hopefully* be put together with the new couch within the week. The place is about 500 square feet bigger than the Brannan apartment and it already feels like so much more work to maintain. I think some of that is because we've been eating more lunches and snacks at home while potty training which leads to endless messes and constant clean up. Still, I've really enjoyed the additional space in the kitchen and how open it feels. I've been cooking a lot and have been cooking with the boys as well. They love the learning tower we got when it was on sale on Black Friday. It really is perfect for twins and I think we'll get years of use out of it.

Since joining the JCC a few weeks ago, I've been putting my membership to good use, going five days a week. I swim twice a week, do a personal trainer once a week (temporarily, part of an intro deal we purchased), and have tried mat pilates and bootcamp classes. I didn't like the one yoga class I tried but will try a different teacher. I'm also going to start pilates reformer after I just did my assessment. Luckily the classes are very reasonably priced.

Like last month, the volunteering is pretty low-key now, though still takes time for emails and meetings. Pretty soon it will be time to decide what I want to do with Junior League next year. I nominated several from my committee to chair next year so I guess I'll first see how that moves forward. It's still been busy, but I've been binge-watching Orange is the New Black at naptime and in the evenings while doing other stuff. Still spending too much time on the computer.

We finally got the girls together for a dinner out last week. I can't even remember the last time we all went to dinner. I think I just sort of got over planning them and trying to coordinate with everyone, but Ashley was back and we needed to celebrate her birthday, Morgan's and Mariela's pregnancy. It was such a fun night and definitely makes me want to do it more often.

A struggle of the past month has been the boys' continuing preference for Dave. It definitely gets on my nerves and on many days hurts my feelings more deeply when all I hear is 'more Daddy' or that only Daddy can get them both out of their carseats, put their bibs on, etc. I try not to let it bother me -- I'm so happy they're as close to him as they are -- but it's hard when I'm not able to soothe in the middle of the night because even in the dark, they only want Daddy. I know it's hard for Dave as there's not much to be done about it. I'm sure many moms have felt this way -- they're around almost all the time, but it's the other parent that is outwardly more wanted. When it's just the three of us during the week, everything is one way and Daddy is rarely mentioned, but when Daddy is around (or when they know he should be, like at dinnertime), mom quickly slips to number two on the list. They certainly are Daddy's boys, I just hope I find a way to manage the situation as it's made the past few weekends very tough.

Parenting book club: We read How to Talk So You're Kids Will Listen and Listen So Your Kids Will Talk. It was a good read though more could be applied as they get older. I'm sure I'll read it again in a few years as it was very practical.

Date night: When Dave and I first went to Chapeau! years ago, it seemed like such a trek to 'the other side of town', the side I knew little about. Now we're technically within walking distance to Clement Street so Chapeau! seemed like that perfect spot to spend our Valentine's dinner date (on the Thursday before of course). It's a great French restaurant and super affordable for the multiple courses. I'm sure we'll go there plenty more times in the future.

Looking forward to: Vegas! Two of Dave's favorite boxers are fighting next weekend so we're heading to Sin City for the two nights. Megan and Chip and Julie are coming so it should be a lot of fun. My mom and dad are stepping up to the plate and will handle the boys for 48 hours. Also, it's time to start planning the boys' SECOND birthday party. Still deciding between construction/trucks or trains.

To my boys...

I'm happy to report that George isn't quite as bossy as has he was last month. We still hear 'No Wawee' but it's definitely eased up a bit. Both of you are still very clingy to Daddy and he'll always be your number one pick. Though your little game of saying 'Two bees (boys), one Daddy' is fun for you guys some of the time, there are many times that either of you just want him (or me on rare occasions) to yourself. G, for example, will say 'No Wawee Mama' to try to get me to himself. It's tough to be a twin. On the one hand you always have a friend (if you realize it), but it's rare that you get one-on-one time and you've never been an only child where you really got Mom or Dad all to yourself. This is something we want to work on, taking you guys out individually so that you get time with just Dad or just Mom actually doing something out of the house (and not just a few minutes before the other wakes up).

Lots of fun memories from the month:
  • You loved drawing on Mom's chalkboard after I did your 21-month chalkboard. I got you an easel at IKEA but will probably save it for a few months
  • You love watching videos of yourselves on my phone, or scrolling through photos
  • I was in the other room for less than a minute when I walk into the guest bedroom to see that you've both gotten into the open Aquaphor jar and slathered it ALL over each other, some on the bed, etc. What a mess. I was pretty upset and stressed and after a lot of cleaning, all but one shirt was salvageable.
  • You've been to the JCC childcare center several times now and really like. You run right in and don't look back. Unfortunately you're not super comfortable with the teachers yet and therefore have had accidents instead of telling them you need to go potty.
  • You've been really into wearing your backpacks around lately and G even says 'school' when he wears it
  • You are so interested in older kids and whenever there's a preschool at the park in the morning, you always love to follow them around. One day you sat with a little girl and had snack for a good 15 minutes. Then when it was time for them to leave and they were all buddied up, G grabbed my hand and dragged me up the hill behind the class. The teacher laughed and told me what school she was from.
  • Quesadillas have been a hit lately for lunch, though W also often asks for a sandwich
  •  Both of you are such good helpers. Initially it was G who loved to clean, but within the last week or so, W has really gotten into it too.
  • You love watching Papa do his work. G especially was a good helper getting the play kitchen put together.
  • You guys are talking to each other more and more at bedtime. The cutest was on Sunday night after potty training (yes, THAT Sunday) -- back and forth I just heard over and over, 'bye bye diapers!'
  • I can't get over how much you guys like wearing hats, and now sunglasses and scarves too. Sometimes I offer, but it's rare for you to leave the house without turning around and remember a hat, if you haven't already asked for one.
  • You love playing in closets and don't mind being in the dark. You especially like the guestroom closet as it has sliding doors and currently your little table and chairs are it it. So one of you will sit on the chair in the closet and proceed to open and close the door saying, 'Hi Georgie! (close door) Bye Georgie!'. These are definitely the moments that are so much fun and can't wait to see you guys playing more and more together in coming months.
George. As mentioned above, it's been a relief that you've eased up a bit on the bossiness. You definitely like things a certain way though and are becoming a 2-year-old that gets all bent-out-of-shape when something isn't just right. I've been so impressed with how you've taken to potty training though. I was really on the fence as to whether or not you were ready, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to start and somewhat expected you to jump on board when you saw your brother doing it. I had no idea you would be the one that would run with it. You're so proud of yourself when you go, such a pleaser. You're still learning and have plenty of accidents, but I'm confident it was a good time to start with you so you're lucky you have a twin that pushed you into it.

Other G-notes:
  • You can actually say sorry -- I taught you when you were kicking me while I was changing your diaper. Now I'll prompt you, 'what do you say when you hurt Mama?' 'Sorry Mama'.
  • You're also very good at saying 'I love you' (when prompted). I love that!
  • You're very good at zippers and I'll often find your sleepsack half off after naptime
  • You say 'Double-Wawee' when pronouncing the letter W. You've associated W with William for so long ;) (M for Mommy, D for Daddy, J for Je-ka)
  • You play so well by yourself right before naptime that I usually just let you be. You talk to yourself and move your trains, guys, etc.
  • You're such a rule-follower (not necessarily that you follow the rules all the time but that you know what the rules are and want everyone else to be aware). You'll stand by the door, or by the oven and say, 'Mama touch. Daddy touch. Je-ka touch'. As we taught you that we can touch, open, etc., but you can't.
  • When we read 'Wheels on the Bus' and we get to the 'babies on the bus go wah wah wah', you make this sad face and crying sound. You're actually really good at understanding when someone is sad and do a great imitation (not mocking, more sympathetically).
  • You're so good with the details. Jessica showed you one time that she puts your socks in this mesh bag attached to the laundry bag. It only took that one time for you to always remember to put your socks in there.
Mini shopping carts at the store by our house!

William. I have to admit that there are times you get on my nerves. A lot of time actually. Whether or not we acknowledge what you've said, you'll repeat the same phrase 20 times in a row. You're also VERY clingy right now and will say 'Up' about a million times until we eventually give in. Your tantrums are becoming more frequent, with you throwing yourself on the floor, or sometimes crawling when you're upset. But don't worry, there's so much I love about you too. Lots of fun W memories worth noting:
  • You still love saying 'Hi!' and will say it over and over (of course)
  • Sometimes you have a hard time with 'two boys' too. You were sad one day after I was holding both you and G and said that I could hold two. You said, 'No two'.
  • A few weeks ago you I told you, 'Mommy and Daddy are going to Las Vegas'. You stared at me annoyed and nonchalantly shook your head and with attitude said, 'No.'
  • You love giraffes, but probably like foxes even more. You watch fox videos on utube with Daddy.
  • You fell asleep in Daddy's arms and must've been dreaming when he put you down in your crib as you kept saying 'oakabuy, oakabuy' (aka: oatmeal) :)
  • You want to be held constantly. Luckily you're the light one!
  • You say, 'No please' instead of 'No thank you'. It could be after I've offered you a food you don't want, if G is getting in your way and you don't want him around or if I say it's time for nap.
  • You are so generous. At first I just thought you were easy going and would give up stuff when G was more determined to have it. I think it's deeper than that. One day you went poop in the potty so you go to choose two stickers. G was so jealous! He was throwing a fit so you gave him one of your stickers. G kept saying, 'two stickers, two stickers'. You just took off the other sticker and stuck it on his hand. So sweet! I love this about you and hope that it really is your sweet, generous side and not just that you merely don't care enough to put up a fight. I think it's the former :)
Love to you two little dudes. Can't believe TWO YEARS OLD will be here before we know it!

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