Potty Training Favorites

1. Flushable Wipes - I learned quickly that toilet paper is not good for little buns and usually doesn't get them very clean so picked up some from Walgreens and then just ordered this kids brand in a dispenser from Google Shopping Express.
2. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes - Our system is to dump and rinse pee, then dump again. And for #2, dump and then wipe with one of these. They also get cleaned out more thoroughly several times a week but these wipes are quick and easy.
3. Bjorn Potty - These seem to be a popular choice and the boys definitely like them. Yes them, we have four in total.
4. Potette potty-topper and travel potty - I was not looking forward to buying/using this. Really, there was a possibility I'd be using this with a bag in it when on the go?? I have yet to use it in that matter, but the boys actually like sitting on the big potty using it and we've had good luck using it on public toilets. This was a potty training basic that everyone seems to use.
5. Potty Books - They love this one, this one and this one. Seriously, they love them. As in want to read them multiple times a day for months on end. I think we got the first two when we bought the first potty and even then they were interested but over the past few weeks, it's been endless. They know the words and answer rhetorical questions like 'should I go in my diaper?'.
6. Daniel Tiger potty episode -  Someone recommended this episode and the boys seemed to like it. Good message for learning to use the potty: When you have to go potty, STOP… and go right away.  Flush, wash…and be on your way!
7. Stickers - As I mentioned, I debated on doing any rewards, but got some stickers. When we made it through most of the Pooh and Cars stickers, I let them come with me to pick out some new ones. George picked out African animals and William chose Mickey Mouse.

Other must-haves:
  • Juice - only recently have we started giving them a little orange juice in the morning and even that I'm trying to keep to every once in a while. We wanted to give them plenty of opportunities to have to go though so having endless juice really helped and they were in heaven.
  • Salty snacks - thus causing them to be more thirsty and drink more juice :)
  • Burp clothes - I had a big stack of these ready for pee accidents and luckily didn't have to use many, but they're really the perfect thing for soaking everything up.
  • New toys. We wanted to distract them with new stuff to keep them happy staying mostly inside all day, but wanted to stay away from TV or other things that they'd get so engrossed in that they'd forget to go (they're actually not at the age that they get so engrossed in TV anyway, but I'm sure soon enough). The play kitchen and some new train tracks made such a huge difference but I'm sure a couple small things would work well too.
  • Eventually... underwear. I purchased these (luckily in cuter prints like cars and planes) after rave reviews from other moms. They were super excited about them last month when I showed them to them, but the two times they wore them, they had accidents so I decided to go bottomless for potty training as I'm worry these feel too much like diapers. On the one hand they're nice and thick so they hold in accidents well, but as they're learning to feel when they have to go (which is sometimes by starting to have an accident), I think bottomless is the way to go at least for a few more days.

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