What We've Been Eating and the Kitchen Reveal

Dave and I both loved our place as soon as we saw it (Dave via video). It had a large, mostly open kitchen with new appliances and granite countertop, but the cabinets and hardware needed a bit of help. There was also space for an eat-in kitchen, but for us, we knew we'd do fine with a single dining table. There was a wall with a cut-out so you could see from the kitchen to the dining room. Because we had toured a home a few doors down that was on the market last summer, we knew exactly what we wanted to do with the kitchen -- basically what they had done: take down the wall and add an l-shaped countertop with bar seating. Also updating the cabinets and hardware would make it feel more our style. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the tile floors weren't exactly our style either. Overall though, an easy project right?




The main reason we decided to do the renovation so quickly is because we though we'd be closing by the end of October, yet we had our place at the Brannan until the end of Nov. We were hoping we'd be able to get a contractor started immediately and be close to finished by the time we moved in. Wishful thinking, I know, especially considering Thanksgiving week was in there. After meeting with maybe 8 or 9 contractors, we finally made a decision and are really happy with our choice. Like everyone has said, it's taken twice as long and cost twice (three times) as much, but that's partly our fault. Of course once we moved in, we found other things we wanted to update and change but (knock on wood) we've been lucky that nothing major has come up that we were forced to deal with at a high cost (mold, dry rot, etc).

Wall is out and floor is done


New cabinet peninsula and cabinet doors are in
In a way, we've felt unsettled since we moved in, since all our kitchen stuff is in boxes in the living room (which is currently set up as the dining room).  But on the other hand, it really hasn't been that bad. The workers have been so accommodating and surprisingly I've been able to keep up with the cooking pretty well. December was tough, but it was only 10 days we were living there before we left for Florida. We didn't have access to the stove or oven during that time so that made cooking really hard. Once we were back though, the appliances were all back in place so I managed to make quite a few dinner. Nothing too extravagant as again, most of my supplies were still packed up, but it was nice to be able to make some new dinners. I focused a lot on simple one-pot meals and crockpot dinners that produced lots of leftover for lunch and a second night's dinner.

(Superbowl snack)

Loaded Baked Gnocchi (terrible photo)

Despite the face, he was a fan!

I was hoping to post this last Friday when they had finished installing the microwave and wine fridge, and most of the pulls and knobs. Well, it still looked a bit incomplete and after a weekend of having to pull the cabinets open from the bottom to be able to then pull out the drawer from underneath, I was even more frustrated when they didn't get the rest on Monday. Though I did manage to unpack all of the kitchen stuff, getting rid of all these boxes in the dining room (which is really the living room).

It does drag on, even when you think you're done, there's still touch ups, other pieces to add, etc., etc. But finally we get to see those wood floors again! The finished product (still some organizing and decorating to do):

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