What's in My {Diaper} Bag

I've been meaning to write this post forever and now that they're out of diapers, I figure it really is time to write it.

I always loved Kate Spade diaper bags, or Kate Spade anything really, so when the Kate Spade Outlet opened in Livermore when I was about 4 months pregnant, my mom and I made the trek. And walked up to a long line. We debated whether we should wait or leave and finally decided to stay. After an hour or so, we made it into the store and it turned out to be totally worth it. I found a great diaper bag  -- black and white stripes (gender-neutral since I didn't know what I was having, not that I would've gotten something more gender-specific anyway) and a good size; not too big, but big enough for what I needed to carry and stay organized. It has plenty of pockets. Downfalls would be that it doesn't have a cross-body strap (makes it much easier to carry when carrying a baby) and some kind of key hook so keys don't get lost in the bottom would be nice too.

So I had found my bag, and it was such a good deal! I can't even remember now, but it was like 50% off, plus an extra 30% off. Definitely under $100. But then I found another diaper bag I liked. Sleek, simple black, this one was a cross body and narrower. I didn't see it being my every day bag, but I thought it would be great for travel. I know, this seems ridiculous to get two bags, but they were such a good deal and hey, I was doing this all at once. I'm sure many people end up getting a new diaper bag with kid number 2, I was just getting them both at the same time.
Crossbody bag for travel

Everything worked out as I'd had hoped. The striped bag has been great for daily use and has held up so well. The black one has been great for travel. It fits what I need for one kid on the plane (Dave got his own Skip Hop for air travel) and is still big enough for what we need for both of them for the rest of the trip when we use just one bag. If I had to do it over again, I'd get the same ones.

Dad's diaper bag
First of all, having twins does not mean you need a 'twin diaper bag' or even a massive diaper bag. Sure, you're carrying more stuff, and while my bag never really zipped (it's easier to access when it's unzipped anyway), it still fit everything I needed.

I remember when I was pregnant I searched 'what to put in diaper bag'. Sure, diapers, wipes, change of clothes... is that it? Things have changed a bit since the early days, and now that I don't need to pack diapers, they've changed even more, but the core contents have remained the same. I'm unpacking all pockets to reveal the contents.

Large interior pocket: Used to hold 4 diapers and the rolled up changing pad. Now it holds one diaper, not sure why I keep one in there, I guess just in case one is sick or something. It also has some gallon size ziplock bags for wet clothes.

Small interior side pockets: One holds 2 pouches. Used to also hold their bibs and baby food spoons. The other holds little diaper trash bags. I don't think I ever used these. Also 2 pairs of sunglasses for the boys.

Medium interior pockets: One contains boogie wipes (so great for snotty noses!), sunscreen, sunscreen face stick and hand sanitizer. The other one has diaper cream (just got rid of this), a laundry stick, pen and post-its, band-aids and neosporin spray, sunscreen for mom, $5 just in case, their immunization records (idea being I would remember to update them at each dr. appt, but I haven't), kleenex, copy of insurance cards for W&G and church name tags - would forget them each week otherwise.

Main bag: 2 lightweight jackets (I've found great ones at J&J and Zara)-- you never know when the temp is going to change in SF and we rarely use these, but they fold up so small so they're perfect to keep in there at all times. One spare shirt and pants for each. I have Carters basics that they never wear otherwise so I don't have to worry about switching out the cute clothes so they can still be worn. Honestly, I think in almost 2 years, there has only been one 'blow-out' that required new pants on W. I think I have a higher threshold for dirty as far as shirts go so I never use these clothes, but of course when you take them out, you'll need them. Now I have a quart-sized ziplock with a spare pair of pants and underwear, labeled for each boy (since they wear different size pants). These are pretty slim and easy to grab in case of an accident; I don't have to be digging through for the right pants. Plus I can stick the wet clothes back in the ziplock. I still keep the other spare clothes just in case there is more than one accident per kid, but I think we're beyond that. I also keep a pair of socks for me (for MyGym) and a spare for them. I see I have a sunhat in there that probably doesn't fit anymore, as well as a beanie, but honestly, they won't leave the house without a hat so I no longer need to keep spares in here. I got a small tegu block set which is perfect to take out when we're waiting at restaurants. An Aden + Anais blanket has been in our bag since the early days. At first I kept two in there, easy to throw over the carseats or put on the babies if it got chilly. Eventually I moved to keeping just one in there but actually end up using it fairly often. They're so absorbent -- can be used as a towel if they end up getting into water somewhere (Discovery Museum for example) and are great at drying up dew-drenched slides or benches at the park. Finally, a container of wipes. My wallet is usually tucked in next to the wipes.

Exterior side pockets:  Garage door opener (we roll the stroller in and out through the garage), stickers for potty (a bribe they rarely need anymore) and a reusable shopping bag.

This seems like a ton of stuff but it's actually well-organized so I'm not dumping the bag out each time to find what I need. There's the key stuff (wipes, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, boogie wipes) that I use daily -- and conveniently is what we keep packed in the wagon bag), but there's really nothing I'd get rid of at this point. I'm sure when I take anything out, it will be the time they scrape their knee or puke on themselves.

I'm trying to remember what else I kept in there when they were babies and things that come to mind:
-teething tablets
-2 burp clothes
-several scoops of formula, an empty bottle and an 8oz bottle of water in case of emergency
-small baby toys/teethers in the exterior pockets
-small container of puffs

So now that they're out of diapers and they're getting bigger meaning we don't always need to take the stroller with us, I've started using a backpack here and there. I'm not totally into it yet, it can be hard to find stuff in the bottomless pit, even in a smaller backpack, but I see how it will eventually be easier when I need to carry even less stuff. I think in the next few months as they continue to have fewer and fewer accidents, I can reduce the clothes I'm carrying and maybe even some of my extras. It's definitely nice to be hands-free though so I can definitely see this being the natural next step in bags. Now when can I go down to just a purse when I'm out with them?? Considering I carry a medium-sized purse at best, probably not for a while...

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