Lagging again... been caught up in all the party planning (so excited!!) but wanted to do a quick recap for Easter. This was really the first holiday we've celebrated with them that they really got. Because we moved in December and left for Florida before Christmas, we didn't get a tree or do stockings. They opened presents in Florida, but we didn't do the whole Santa thing. So Easter was a blast. We got out the eggs a few weeks early and they were totally into the egg hunts with O's, blueberries and raisins.

We also talked about the Easter bunny who would come to hide the eggs and they seemed really excited. When we went to Vegas at the beginning of March, my mom brought over Hop Hop and they were obsessed with it for several weeks after.

Then the weekend of Easter, we had two egg hunts to attend. One through our church at Alta Plaza and then one through the Height playgroup of GGMG at Lafayette Park only a few blocks away. The egg hunts are quick -- about a minute or two -- and usually require some prompting to keep collecting eggs before sitting down to discover each treasure enclosed. They were so excited to wear their special Easter jackets which got use two days in a row.

And they're off!

Thrilled with our finds!
Saturday night we dyed eggs. George was more into trying to figure out how to get the stickers on but William loved dunking them in over and over again.

Unfortunately they both had a terrible night of sleep and everyone was up by 5:30... I wasn't exactly excited to do an egg hunt at that hour, but oh well.

They loved walking out to their baskets which were filled with little toys from Daiso, the Japanese dollar-esque store. They have all kinds of junk that is perfect for this type of things -- mini hand mitts and rolling pins, the boys loved their watch 'just like Daddy's'. They were only sort of into the hard-boiled eggs which we don't eat much of normally, so we made Big Baby instead. Somehow we wrangled everyone to make it to 9am church and they got a short nap on the way out to Elizabeth's parents' house in Danville for Easter brunch and an egg hunt. We have a serious drought going on now in California, but oddly it rained on Easter so the kids had to run around in the light rain to find the eggs. They still had a blast :)


It was a great peek into how much fun holidays will be for many years to come.

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