2 Years Old

We made it to two and boy have they surprised me with how they've grown. Sure, I knew they'd be so 'big' and talking 'so much' but all of that is relative. And sure, if it a few more months and where they're at now will seem like nothing, but seriously, even within the last few weeks, they seem to have grown so much. They're big boys. And I'm loving it. At their 2-year doctor appointment, the doctor was surprised when I say they're both saying 5-word sentences pretty regularly. Even since that appointment just over a week ago, they're now spewing out fully understandable 8- or 9-word sentences. Sometimes I just have to laugh because it's so neat to hear all these words coming out of their mouths.

It's been a big month and obviously I have various posts to catch up on -- their actual birthday and then the big birthday bash to be exact. Once again, their birthday party turned into quite the event where every free moment between their birthday and the party 5 days later (and for a solid month beforehand) was consumed with planning. All totally worth it. They had a great time, all my ideas came together nicely, and as is my luck with weather, it teetered between a 30 and 60% chance of rain predicted for the day of the party over the week leading up to it. That grew to 90% chance 2 days before and so a day before I made the decision to move the party to Sunday instead of Saturday. In the end, the rain cleared out by 5am on Saturday so we would've been okay, but for the most part, everything worked out well for Sunday.

As like last year, there was definitely a coming down after their party and time-consuming prep. Last year it came in the form of exhaustion -- the end of breastfeeding and weaning combined with several months of party planning and other work. I remember taking naps for the week following the party (and I rarely take naps). This year I actually hadn't run myself ragged. I think I went to bed the night before the party earlier than I had for at least a month. But the boys had picked up some bug the week before the party and it finally worked it way to me by Tuesday after the party. I should never date these posts as it inevitably takes me several days to write the whole thing, but here I am Friday afternoon still in bed.

Being sick as a mom is the absolute worst. I don't know how others do it. I've been so lucky that while I didn't feel great Tuesday morning, I felt okay, and was able to take them to MyGym. I had to lead my twin mom group that afternoon which is when I really started losing steam, but was able to lay down when I got home at 2:30 and basically stayed in bed the rest of the night (thanks to the boys taking a good nap and Jessica coming at 4). Same thing Wed, I felt okay, took them to soccer and the park, but when we got home and I got them down at 1, I was in bed for the rest of the day. They slept poorly the night unfortunately and both Dave and I had to get up which is even worse when you're not feeling well. Luckily my mom was coming first thing Thursday so she basically cared for them while I could stay in bed all day Thursday. Today, Friday, I'm feeling a bit better but still have low energy and am so grateful that she could be here again. I'm also grateful that this is the week they decided to take excellent naps -- W going down quickly just after 1pm and G shortly after 1:30, both needing to be woken up at 4pm. Bedtime has also been fairly easy this week which is a nice change as well.

The backyard is done! It's such a great space and the boys are loving it too. They also loved all the action over the past month.

the day the gravel came was the best!

We continued soccer this month and just last week they had a good class. I've tried talking to them extensively beforehand about listening to coach, staying on the field and doing the activities and then if they do, we can go to the park after (the park is like 15 feet from the field...). While it worked this past week, the week prior their listening was so bad I actually followed through and we left right after, no park.

Mygym has still been fun, but swim class struggles continue. Finally I decided that the 11:45 time just wasn't worth it. I knew it wasn't a good idea, but we wanted to get in with the good teacher and while it made a difference for a few weeks, it ended up that they weren't doing any better. So I was going to pull them both out after there weren't 2 spots earlier in the day (I thought the lunchtime slot was impacting their behavior). Then I decided to take 1 spot in the 9:45 class with Ben. Though I signed G up, my mom ended up taking W and he did great. Teacher Ben said he had no problem with us switching off kids and only bringing one -- in fact, he suggested not getting them in together as he thinks they feed off each other. As always, it could just be a novelty factor, but for now we'll go for it. We'll definitely save a lot of money!

My mom was gone for almost 2 weeks helping my sister in LA and seeing her brother and his family in Chicago at the beginning of the month so we saw even more of my dad who was making up for some of my mom's days. Not to mention the amount of work my dad put into the boys' party, he was over here as much as he could over the past few weeks to finish up projects. While we saw a lot of him, much of it was him working so we're looking forward to him being back from my younger sister's house in a week as he's finally done with our house projects and party stuff and can just enjoy the boys.

I love how much we've been able to see Ashley, Preston and London. We've had several adventures this month including Hobitot in Berkeley and the Clay Street Park by our house.


Highlights from the month:
2nd birthday and party!

New this month:
Les deux can...
Sing lots of songs
Say so many new words
Say longer sentences, probably 8 or 9 words

EAT: I can't say this has been the best month for food. This week alone I think they've had leftover noodles for the last 3 dinners. Since I've been sick, I have done zero cooking and honestly, they're probably thrilled with just noodles anyway. Then last week was their birthday week so it seemed like endless sweets. I think I made 2 casseroles all last week that we ate off of (good idea by the way), but then closer to the party it was take out and pizza and delivery again.

They weren't eating my smoothies much so I'm taking a break on making those. They still like pouches and honestly, that's where they're getting the majority (oh let's be honest, ALL) of their vegetables at this point. Unless I make a dinner that they eat that has bell peppers, onions or whatever in it, they're rarely touching much else. I guess I take that back, W has been doing somewhat decently with asparagus, surprisingly.

Once I get my appetite back, I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things as far as healthy food goes. Really, their best meal continues to be breakfast. William eats at least 2, sometimes 3.5 packets of oatmeal (it is a healthy/no-sugar version), George will also have some oatmeal but is much more into eggs. Dave told me he ate 4 scrambled eggs himself yesterday... They also have fruit (mostly berries), maybe a waffle or leftover pancakes. Cold cereal (puffins, weetabix or Os) have also been popular. They generally eat a good-sized breakfast with Dave and then come back upstairs with me around 8:30 to finish/eat more before I finally clean up. Lunch has been pretty good and we've managed to cut out afternoon snacks which I guess has helped at dinner but who knows.

We haven't eaten out with them in the last few weeks with all the party prep and with me being sick, I can't remember the last family dinner we had. In general though, I'd say they're behaving pretty well at the table.

Schedule: We have adjusted their schedule a bit, specifically finally acknowledging that their bedtime is too early so we've tried to push dinner slightly later. As with anything, some days it seems like it's working, other days not.
7am - wake up, breakfast
8:30 - finish/more breakfast
10am - head out for activity
11:30 or so - lunch
1pm - W down
1:40 - G down
4pm - wake them up if they're not up already
6:15ish - dinner
7:30 - upstairs and reading books, ideally asleep by 8

SLEEP: Ah, if I could only say that the above schedule is set in stone. The good news is, that's been the schedule for the last week or so and it's been a welcome change from the previous month. As noted last month, G has been going through a terrible sleep regression. For a while there, he was waking up three times a night, sometimes crying, but mostly just needing to see us, then he'd lay back down and go to sleep -- well, he'd know if you left so you'd have to sit there for around 10 minutes. Then it got more sporadic -- some nights he'd make it through fine, others he'd wake up just once. But it still wasn't enough improvement for me.

I finally reached out to a sleep consultant for a free consultation and after briefing her on the situation, here were her takeaways:
-They're going down far too late. At this age, apparently it's ideal to have 5 hours of wake time between sleeps. Therefore if they wake at 7am, they should nap from 12-2pm and go down at 7pm
-If they're waking up at night, that means they're not getting adequate sleep during the day
-It was highly recommended to adjust their schedule
-Chair method -- for those with separation anxiety, put the chair next to their bed and for three nights you sit there when they need you, next three you move the chair by the door and sit there when needed and final three nights the chair is just outside the room, which at that point it usually isn't needed anymore
-When I said that G is not showing any signs of being tired before at least 2pm, she said that some kids don't gives cues and that it's very likely that I'm missing the window and thus he's getting a second wind which makes me think he's not tired
-Let him choose a shirt or something of mine that he can keep in his crib for when he wakes up lonely
-Last requests: Give them one last chance for a hug, drink of water, to go potty, etc., but teach them that after 'last request', they stay in bed
-Practicing separation through games like peek-a-boo

I left not feeling that I had any solid answers but was willing to try a few of her ideas. What's tough is that I know in my gut that G is not ready to nap at noon. W, maybe, and if he was my only one, I'd be much more open to him napping at noon, but he's not. She really stressed that if I tried the other ideas and things weren't getting better, than the only thing to change was the schedule.

First change was bedtime. They were sleeping until 4, 4:30 at the latest yet we expected them to go down for the night by 7:30. Now that I know it should be 5 hours, I knew we needed to adjust the bedtime. We only shifted it to 8 though but I'm more strict about their wake up time which is now 4pm.

I also tested out the shirt in the crib for George and it may have worked a bit. I think more than anything, I think he liked that he had it and W didn't. I don't think he had any further connection to it than that.

As far as naps, this is the toughest part. I didn't want to bump their naps up too much. Already it's been tough to get out of the house lately, mostly because they want to play here, so needing to get back by noon just isn't fun for me. Plus if I'm meeting anyone, it doesn't give me much time. One thing that I am making an effort on is trying to avoid the rush to bedtime. I want to get home early enough that it's a smooth transition to reading books, time for potty, etc., and that seems to have helped. It does require we leave a little early, but I've found it to be worth it. I'm also being more strict with G's naptime -- as soon as W is down, we go in to put G down, which is usually by 1:40. Many times, because he was playing so well and I'd be consumed in my own thing, I'd let him stay up, but then he wouldn't get a full nap as we'd wake him up at 4 and perhaps that was contributing to it.

So all in all, I don't know what's worked and what hasn't. Like every month, there seem to be a week or two of good naps, one of terrible and one of okay. This month has been no different.

poor sick G
week before: Neither napped all week. For some reason W didn't go down which meant that G couldn't. Nighttime - G pretty consistently up once (better than the week before where he was up as often as three times!)
Last week: mix - a couple good naps, some not good, both were sick a couple of days. Nighttime: G mostly slept all night (one tough night when sick)
This week: Down easy, solid naps every day (thank God! since I've been sick). Nighttime: Probably have the week he slept through the night, several nights woke up, one night both were up which was bad.

All I can say is that the last week or so has been good for naps and not awful for nighttime so I'm hoping we're getting on the right track.

One last thing to note, a few weeks ago, bedtime was still very tough, involving crying/whining from G mostly, but sometimes W too. I'm so glad to say that we've made huge improvement there. Perhaps pushing bedtime a bit has helped and maybe G's separation anxiety is improving a bit, but the last week has been great for bedtime. They have stories, get in bed, we say we're going to clean up and will come check on them and generally they're okay with that (G used to just stand in his crib and whine). Last week was still a bit hit or miss, or sitting in the chair in their room until they fell asleep (and I'm not saying those days are gone for good), but I feel like we're making improvement. One perk is that they're pretty consistently sleeping in until 7am.

PLAY: Trucks are still the biggest hit and to be honest, we have them coming out of our ears... yet they really do like them all at various points. Some are more for outside in the rock box, others stay in the stroller for the park and still others are just for inside. It seems that we can never have too many trucks.

Trains have also been a hit and they still seem to use them daily, but trucks are the ongoing obsession. They still play with duplos but it's probably time to take out a new set as I think they're bored of the ones we have and have moved on from just building a tower. Tools have been a hit. I bought a cheap kids workbench on Amazon to use for the party but it actually came with a bunch of tools, the drill which makes a sound, is of course a top favorite. G likes to drill his baby's tummy like Papa does (without a drill bit;).

In general, they still prefer to be home most days, not that we stay home. It's just been harder to get out of the house. Once we do, they're fine and have fun. They love taking their trucks with them but aren't spending as much time in the sand now.

The backyard was finished a few weeks ago and the boys are loving spending time out there. We have a bit of grass, a small patio and their favorite: the rock box.

Reading multiple times a day is still commonplace and current favorites are We're Going on a Bear Hunt and Little Blue Truck.

TALK: As mentioned above, they're talking SO much. In the past couple of days, G has gone into a mumble phase which isn't much fun but as with everything, there's ups and downs. In general, they're putting so many words together, speaking quickly, endless chitchat (W) but unlikely months ago, it actually forms actually words and thoughts now. So much fun to hear!

It's easy to see progress, for example, just last month, they couldn't seem to get 'birthday' so they'd sing 'Happy Georgie' or 'Happy Wawee to Wawee!' Now they both say 'happy birfday'. Another word where progress is noted: quesadilla. This was a jumbled mess before but we knew what they meant. It's still far from perfect but in context (for example when W ordered a quesadilla from the taco truck), he can totally be understood. Pronunciation in general seems to be improving.

Other talk points:
-Continue to do well with voicing frustrations with phrases we've practiced like 'I'm using it!' or 'My turn!' 
-Still a lot of repeating of phrases like, 'Geez Louise' -- luckily nothing too bad
-Tons more songs this month! So much fun to hear but they can sing many words to at least a handful of songs, probably more. It seems like every day I'm surprised by a new song that they know.
-I can't say that they're doing any better with 'please' and 'thank you'. Sometimes they say it on their own, many times I still need to prompt them
-G has still been having tantrums (of course) but hasn't seemed to have been doing the 'Ahhhhh!!!!' with a stiff-body whole routine thing lately which was frequent last month
-They still use 'no' for the negative instead of don't, for example, 'no Wawee go outside', 'no like it'
-They still have trouble with the phrase 'I carry Daddy/Mommy' which they use instead of 'Mommy/Daddy carry me'. I joke with them every time, 'I'm too heavy for you to carry me!' and sometimes correct them but they haven't made any progress.
-They refer to people more now and clearly remember more than just the main handful of people. They often talk about their cousins Tenzing and Cruose, probably because my Dad has been over so much and when he leaves, he's usually going to T&C's

Biting update: Biting (hopefully) seems to be a thing of the past.  Thankfully W's vocabulary has grown quickly so generally he's able to express himself through words. Let's be honest though, that doesn't always work. The boys have gotten into pushing and hitting a bit more in the past few weeks but somehow that's not nearly as threatening as biting. So while we're dealing with it, I'm just hoping we're past the biting phase.

POTTY: I'm thrilled to report that they're doing great in this area. In fact, it's become much less top-of-mind to take them immediately when we get somewhere/before we leave, etc. and it's always been fine.

-Both can pull down their pants and get them back up -- such a game changer!
-They're great about going when they need to go; I rarely, if ever, ask them to go when we're home. Even if it's been a while, they'll figure it out
-Last month I noted that they'd have 'mini-accidents', with the front of their underwear just the slightest bit dry -- that doesn't happen any more
-dry after nap just about every day (though of course the day I forgot to put a diaper on G, he peed through his wrap, luckily it didn't go any further but did wake him up early)
-Both, but especially G, are pretty dry overnight as well (many nights totally dry as in the diaper can be used again). It's amazing that they don't have to run to the bathroom first thing, but usually it takes them 15-30 minutes but when they go, it's insane how much it is.
-#2s are really regular
-Making progress in telling us when they need to go if we're out
-In general, much less resistance to the potty (which usually just comes when we're out somewhere anyway)
-They keep their pants on when we're home now -- now that they can pull their pants up and down and accidents are few and far between, it's been fine to keep pants on
-Both have had diarrhea unfortunately when they got this bug and still neither had an accident (it helps that their vocab is decent, both at different points said 'No feel well, poop in butt', took them to the potty and they went).
-We've pretty much moved on from the chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds and the stickers as rewards. If they ask for them, I give them, but that rarely happens now.

Room for improvement:
-G likes to pee standing up (on the little potty) and pee gets everywhere
-They obviously can't fully wipe their butts yet so aren't going to be fully self-sufficient in the bathroom for some time

Overall, we're in such a great place. It's not top of mind anymore and that's okay. For example, we were over in Berkeley a few weeks ago. I took them to the potty at 11:15, then we went to Ikea and I didn't realize until almost 3 hours later, after Ikea and while they were napping in the car, that I had forgotten to take them to the potty. Even when they woke up at close to 3pm, no accident... though G refused to go potty and then had an accident shortly later.  Accident-wise, it's hard to quantify. They're totally random when they happen now. They get through events like playing with all their cousins, or their birthday party (when getting them to go potty is difficult), just fine. I would say the most common reason they need new underwear or pants, which is also pretty rare at this point, is because they haven't pulled them down far enough and peed on them.


weight: 26lb (23 6 months ago) -- 25th percentile
height: 33.5 inches (which is the same as they got at the doctor 6 months ago, but I know they were off since we got 32 at home 6 months ago. He's definitely growing out of his pants!) -- 20th percentile
shoe size: 7
clothes: The 18-24 months fits pretty well
diapers: size 4 daytime for naps, size 5 overnites
teeth: 17
eye color: brown
hair color: light brown

weight: 31lbs (28lbs 3oz 6 months ago) -- 98th percentile
height: 36.5 inches (34.5 inches 6 months ago) -- 90th percentile
shoe size: 8 (quickly outgrowing these)
clothes: some 2T, though depending on the brand, some 2T is already getting too small
diapers: size 4 daytime for naps -- these are small but we have so many to use up!, size 6 overnites
teeth: 16
eye color: hazel
hair color: blonde -- not brown but definitely darkening up a bit

Compared to Daddy at 2 years:
weight: 28.5 lbs
height: 35 inches
Right in the middle of them!

MOM: I had so much fun celebrating their birthday and hosting their party. Easter was the first holiday they really got so I knew their birthday just a few weeks later would be a blast. We talked about it for weeks and first came Daddy's birthday and then we got to switch gears and start singing Happy Birthday to William and George. I think it's one of my favorite parts of being a mom, seeing them so excited for all the fun aspects of a holiday. I was pretty exhausted working on stuff for the party, decorating the night before their birthday, but it was all worth it.

I picked the theme and started the basic planning for the party the beginning of March but besides the invites, didn't do much planning until the end of the month. So April was really busy getting everything figured out and working with my dad on projects. Luckily Junior League has really slowed down this month and will continue to be slow as our year ends this month, likely until late summer when I start my next committee.

So while I've been busy, it's been nice to not be stretched to thin between multiple commitments. I was working out 5x a week until last week, I knew with all the last minute party stuff I needed to use my time wisely and just get stuff done. Unfortunately now it's been 2 weeks since I've worked out since I only got one workout in Monday before I got sick for the rest of the week. But that's okay. I'm looking forward to next week when hopefully I'll be all better and can focus on enjoying the normal -- working out, cooking new recipes, focusing on the family and enjoying our home, before moving on to my next projects. I've fallen into a rhythm of staying up too late -- trying to get stuff done for the house, then working on the party -- but now I don't have a good reason to be doing that so I'm really going to make an effort to spend time with Dave at night without my phone or computer out, start reading more and get to sleep by 10:30 or so. I was able to this last week and while I always managed fine on 7 hours of sleep, getting a solid night's sleep multiple days in a row feels so good. I just need to finish up Scandal on Netflix and then I really don't have any excuses ;)

Book club: At our April meeting we talked about The Happiest Toddler on the Block and I actually read most of it. Highly useful and while the repeating-and-validating the feelings during a tantrum seems to work well to calm down, it's still difficult to distract George or help him move on. But we had a fun meeting, I love getting together with those girls. And we didn't know it at the time but our friend would be in the hospital the next day and have her daughter just a few days later.

Date night highlight: Lazy Bear! We finally got to go to this unique dining experience and it was excellent. Wow, the scrapbooking days have certainly changed, I didn't even take the note-taking menu with me, nor did I take a single photo. This pop-up restaurant now has its own space but still sells tickets on certain release dates for the dinner. There are 2 seatings of maybe 100 people. It must've been 15 courses, several are served upstairs while having a drink, then the rest is down at 2 long communal tables next to the open kitchen. I didn't love the desserts but everything else was excellent.

Looking forward to:
Several visitors this month, starting with Ma next weekend! Then Chip and Julie are coming to stay for Memorial Day weekend. Now that the house is mostly done (meaning the decor could probably be tied together a bit more but nothing major), we're really looking forward to using it and having people over. Hoping for good weather so we can spend a lot of time in the backyard.

Scratching his back


To my boys... I say this every month but this month I feel it more than ever (and I'm sure I'll say again in the near future)... you're totally little humans! The amount that you talk just makes everything so much more fun. To hear your little thoughts, to get you what you need and to hear the progress through new vocabulary and pronunciation is something special. You seem like such big boys, especially since you're out of diapers too and can actually pull your pants up and down now. I love how much you two play together now and how your 'little conversations' are now actual conversations back and forth and back and forth. Sure, there's some fighting, but there has been a lot more rough playing, laughing and jumping around together and makes me so grateful for witnessing the special bond of twins.

Other fun notes from the month:
  • You loved walking through the tunnel and over to the fountain in Golden Gate Park
  • Every once in a while I have to give in and get a duplicate toy and getting a second digger for the sand was worth it
  • One morning you both asked for your sunglasses and walked over to the mirror and said 'cool cat' which is what I've called you in your glasses previously :)
  • You call girls 'girlies' and boys 'bees'
  • You love jumping in the cribs
  • You like to wear underwear over diaper at nap 
  • You're starting to 'read' books, know some words in books like Go Dog Go
  • Daddy taught you to shake hands and say, 'Nice to meet you' which you just loved 
  • You also love saying 'cheers!'
  • You love to talk about what you're going to do after nap or when you wake up in the morning right before you go to bed -- play with trains, or have oatmeal
  • You both play off each other when misbehaving -- jumping on the couch, pulling on the blinds, going on the ledge behind Mom and Dad's bed
  • There are certain phrases that I call 'twin phrases' that I can't imagine other 2 year olds would use as often as you two do: 'room for two', 'enough for everybody', 'first X, second X'

George. While your sleep has improved, it's still a bit of a challenge. Don't get me wrong, I love spending the time when it's just you and me making dinner but unfortunately I'm gonna have to get strict with the schedule to make sure you're not missing your 'window' to fall asleep and get a solid nap and still being up by 4pm. Your separation anxiety is far from gone, though it definitely has improved. There have been some days that you've had a really hard time with Daddy leaving in the morning, though generally I feel like things are still pretty balanced and you two aren't favoring Daddy too much. You seem to be easing up just the slightest bit on the whole 'Georgie X, no Wawee X thing' though you still are quite preoccupied with what he's doing.

Other G notes:
  • You're so competitive. When there's a W somewhere that William can point out, you must find a G too.
  • You're starting to negotiate as well, when I say it's time to go upstairs, you say 'two more minutes'
  • Over this last month of your sleep issues, you definitely went through a phase when you liked sleeping on the floor. Sometimes on the rug by Mommy's bed and other times you just didn't want to be held but didn't want to be in the crib so you'd just lie on the floor.
  • Your (occasional) politeness is so cute, you said 'scuz me' when trying to get by the little girl on the boat at Discovery Museum
  • You have the best memory: I said you could have stickers after a good swim class and when we got back, first thing you did was go to the drawer to get stickers. The next week you were trying to get a peanut butter cup so again, I said we could take one to swim class and have it after. Well the third week, you remembered it was Thursday which means swim lessons and you went to the drawer and asked for 'candy after swim class'...
  • You know how to use a spoon and fork but still prefer to eat with your hands making you a quite messy eater. You're also a pretty slow eater.
  • You love to help me cook, often asking 'cook dinner' after W goes to bed since many days that's what we do
  • Ma sent a bear that sings 'Zip-a-dee-do-da' and while we sing the part of the song 'there's a blue bird on my shoulder', you like to change it to 'yellow bird on shoulder'.
  • You're such a rule-enforcer: when Dedee introduced the timer, you were the first to ask for it when you wanted a turn with what W had. One day you were eating the seaweed out of the container and you pull out the little white freshener packet and say, 'no eat white'. Another time, W took out the little Tegu block set from the lunch bag to play with them and you tell him, 'No Wawee, only at restaurant' knowing that's the only time we take out the special blocks.

William. While in past months you've definitely been a chatterbox, this is the first month that I've been amazed by not only how much you talk (which is constantly) but that it's all pretty understandable with real words. All your thoughts are flowing together and no matter how many words are strung together, you can figure it all out to verbalize it. Though I'm sure I'll want some peace and quiet soon enough, for now it's such a pleasure to listen to. You really have the sweetest, most upbeat, friendliest personality.

Other W notes:
  • You are still completely obsessed with oatmeal. I just don't get it. Every night before bed you'll mention it and then it's the first thing we hear in the morning from your room. Then you actually eat multiple packets.
  • Mom's oatmeal is a bit healthier than Dad's but when I try to sneak my pack in, somehow you know, without even tasting it! I pretend to pull from Dad's box, the packets look the same, the oatmeal itself looks the same, but you just don't fall for it. The only thing that worked today was actually putting a few scoops of Dad's prepared oatmeal into the mix with mine.
  • You're one of those kids that definitely starts to fall apart when hungry or tired. The good news is, it's generally easily remedied if we can get you fed or in bed.
  • You don't like being cold, you're stressed after bathtime getting out of the tub, drying off, lotioned up and getting dress.
  • You love singing and are usually the one to initiate singing songs, you sing to your animals too.
  • We were at the park the other day and 2 little girls were riding sideways on the baby swing. You came and got me to tell me you wanted to ride on the swing and when I went to put you in, you said, 'swing sideways'. The mom was pretty impressed.
  • I love how you say George's name, 'Juge'. Some recent quotes have been, 'No cry in car, Juge' and 'Come on Juge, let's go!
  • Where George's memory is strong in remembering promises, you remember happenings and are learning to verbalize them. When Daddy asks what you did at the park or Dedee starts prompting you to recount your activities, it's so much fun to hear what your brain remembers from the day.
  • You're also great in telling me stories, like the book Good Dog Karl (crazy book by the way, where the mom leaves the baby with the dog all day). It doesn't have any words so I have you tell me the story and while each page is only a few words, I love that you can 'read' to me.
  • You still say 'double Wawee' for 'W'
  • Not making any progress on 'William' either, always saying 'Wawee'

I'm figuring out how to continue the updates. While I love to be able to look back on all the details to see any patterns in sleep or eating issues, or when they did a certain thing, there's probably a reason why they stop counting in months after hitting age 2. It's always so tough for me to cut out any of my little notes, but we'll see how things go. I'm sure I'll continue to update monthly but am going to *try* to keep it a bit more high level. We'll see...

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