April 20, 2015

As I've mentioned, Easter was the first holiday they 'got' so it was so much fun to do the Easter baskets, hide eggs, etc. That's why I was so excited for their birthday but I won't lie, I was in a bit over my head. Their birthday was the Monday before their big bash so the weekend before their birthday I was pretty busy running errands and getting things together. I did spend a few minutes on Pinterest looking around for ideas on how to make a birthday special and also talked to Ashley. I wanted to start some fun traditions.

I put together a to-do list:
  • Decorate the house with yellow balloons; I also got two huge '2' balloons
  • Streamers on the doorway to their room
  • Make a special breakfast including 'birthday cake' pancakes with sprinkles and whipped cream, and bacon
  • Birthday hats and poppers on the table
  • Wrap a few presents for upstairs right when they woke up
  • More presents wrapped downstairs
  • Make sugar cookie dough for them to be able to roll out and decorate -- when I asked what they wanted for their birthday dessert, George said 'yellow cookies' so sugar cookies with yellow sprinkles it is!
  • Get stuff for their birthday dinner
  • Make colored frosting (from white canned frosting) for bathtime 'fingerpainting'
Dave was a big help the night before their birthday, helping with the present-wrapping and decorating -- hopefully a foreshadowing of Christmases to come that don't leave all of that just to me.

Luckily they slept in until 7 on their birthday because I wanted to wake up with them too to see their reaction. We got a great video of them checking everything out. They loved it all!


I had made the batter for the pancakes the night before -- very good idea as I knew they'd be starving like they always are and I'd have to move fast. These birthday cake pancakes are ridiculously decedent especially with the drizzle, whipped cream and sprinkles. We talked to Ma on the phone and sang 'happy birthday' before digging in. Then downstairs to open some more presents and the morning started to unravel from there. Neither was in a good mood -- too much sugar maybe -- but we got everyone out the door and headed over to Peekaboo Factory, an indoor play center, to meet my mom and Tenzing and Crusoe.

The boys had a blast there. They're at such a great age for it where it's a really an adventure, but they can be completely independent. I found myself just sitting around (no complaining there!). We went across the street for lunch at Squat and Gobble but as expected, once the French fries came out on Dad's plate, they weren't eating much else. Oh well, it's their birthday!

Luckily they both slept well -- they needed it and Dave and I needed a break. It had been a tough morning and they were both pretty whiny. They woke up different kids, Jessica even commented she's was thrilled how happy they were. It was such a cold and overcast day and it never cleared up, so they played around the house for a bit and then came upstairs to make their cookies while I'll made dinner. Cookies were a hit (though they don't like waiting for them to bake, obviously).

Having fun until George's 'G' cookie broke...

Surprisingly the chili mac that I decided to make after they went crazy for it the first time I made it, wasn't a hit this time and they just picked out the noodles.

They had a blast doing the finger paints in the bath and Jessica said they made it for a long time before W decided to taste it and realized it tasted good :)

Several more happy birthdays and their big day was over... at least until their party!

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