Memorial Day Weekend

Cold temps and very little sunshine didn't stop us from having a traditional Memorial Day weekend filled with BBQs, beer and good friends. We had our first overnight visitors with kids -- Chip, Julie, Simone and Jefferson. It was fun to have a full house but definitely a little chaotic with all the energy of four kids.

The Spences arrived midday on Saturday and we had burgers and hot dogs ready so the kids could stick to their 1pm naptime.


In fact, just about everyone ended up laying down for a nap. Simone was a helpful sous chef for some of my prep for the next day's BBQ. After nap, it was off to our favorite park for a bit before pizza when we got home and the kids burned off some more steam.

Sunday we visited the Discovery Museum and did all our favorite spots -- the train room, the hula hoops, the boat and the rock pit. We also got to check out the new Curious George experiment. Then it was crab sandwiches and fish and chips at Fish.

That afternoon Elizabeth and Jon and the kids came over and we had another BBQ.

So much fun and I think Dave and I finally got things figured out for BBQing. Some hints:
  • Get a huge tray. Without one, I'd make 5 or 6 trips. Now 1-2 and I can get everything down.
  • Keep a stash of BBQ necessities downstairs - mustard, ketchup, salt and pepper, beer can stay in the mini-fridge, plus paper plates, plasticware and cups.
  • Prep as much as you can in advance. When people arrived, everything was already downstairs, food was prepped (or in the oven upstairs) and all that had to be done downstairs was the grilling.
  • Always bring an extra tray or two, it seems like they're always needed
  • Have some kind of trash system -- we haven't mastered this but I just ordered 2 options on Amazon so that we can sort trash, compost and recycling and get it to the garage cans.
  • The little table for kids worked well -- I have my dad working on a mini picnic table but for now bringing down the little white table is fine. I can't figure out if sitting them on the grass or the patio is better. Cleaning up food from that turf isn't easy but I worry about the little ones like Jefferson falling off on the patio.
  • Hire a babysitter. Because we have a few concrete steps down, parents have to keep a close eye on any crawlers or new walkers.  We moved in at the right time and the boys were pretty good out there already. We had the girl next door come as an extra set of eyes, mostly to watch the steps, but since we had kids inside on 2 floors (at times) and outside, it took some of the pressure off the parents.
We had a fun weekend and the best was seeing how much fun W&G had with Simone. They adore her. They rolled all over her (not sure how much fun she was having!), loved pulling her little suitcase around and basically just wanted to be around her. We always have so much with the Spences and it's great that the kids have so much fun together.

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  1. Such great times. Love the picture with W & G snuggling Simone. They all have the same hairline! Look forward to the next visit. It is our turn next time! Thanks for being such great hosts and friends.