Mother's Day Weekend

I feel so lucky that my mom lives so close. No, she's not right in the city, but within commuting distance, which is key. I have friends whose parents live in Sacramento or somewhere equally close but still far enough for them not to be able to come to the city for the day to help out, so the fact that my mom can come in so often to help us is the best. Not to mention that she also loves kids and is so great with them. All grandmas are different but I feel like W&G hit the grandma-jacket pot. TWO grandmas who absolutely love them and are also great with them/love spending time with them.

Linda came to visit over Mother's Day weekend and I don't think she or Dave realized it at the time, though the timing didn't bother me at all. In fact, it worked out great. Dave and I had tons of help with the boys, which translated to both of us getting nice breaks and gave me more downtime than I'm used to on a weekend. I'll definitely take that for Mother's Day!

The boys didn't miss a beat from the last visit with Ma over the holidays. We all had so much fun, both on adventures and just around the house and backyard. There were several trips to the park, including the boys showing off their scooter skills.

Despite the overcast skies and a high of 60 for the full duration of Linda's stay, we fully took advantage of the backyard and specifically the BBQ. I got out my Weber cookbook last week and Friday afternoon we decided to make ribs that night. Actually fairly easy, though it does take several hours, these turned out amazing. Homemade sauce, corn, mac and cheese from the deli section. What a feast! Even the boys enjoyed the ribs.

Saturday we headed to Discovery Museum and Ma loved it. The boys did their usual routine playing in the train room and then heading outside to the rock pit and the boat. This time William enjoyed playing in the vine maze, especially with a game of Hide and Go seek with Ma.

Then we headed to lunch at Fish, our favorite spot, for crab sandwiches, French fries and a root beer float. Never gets old!

That afternoon, everyone headed to the Clay St park to play (while I relaxed/worked on my blog) and then we grilled burgers for dinner. Once again, the food was a hit and even the boys ate their burgers (they often don't do well with burgers actually). We've been trying to keep them up a little later since they haven't been going down very easily, so we did something we never do -- go out after dinner. We figured out there's an ice cream place not far away so we headed over for a cone and had a great time. The boys even got to ride the pony :)

On Sunday, we went to church in the morning and then out to Padrecito for brunch. I had heard good things but it definitely lived up to the hype. The food was excellent. The boys did okay -- they loved their pancakes with caramel sauce -- so overall it was a success. The big hit was when a construction worker (working on Sunday??) came and opened up a digger that was parked so they could work the gears! They were in heaven.

They took good naps that afternoon so we all got some downtime and then Ma, Dave and the boys went to the other park with the scooters while I prepped dinner. My mom also came for dinner. It was burrata and tomato salad over arugula, then shrimp and asparagus risotto. The boys wouldn't even touch it and were definitely acting up with everyone there but I guess that's to be expected. We finished up with Dave's favorite dessert, eclair pie that Linda made.

The boys got plenty of quality time with Ma, lots of train tracks built, books read and snuggles.

We had a great visit with Ma and don't have to wait too long to see her, Grandpa and the cousins. The boys seem to be sleeping better which is the best Mother's Day gift I could get!

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