Berry Picking

Ashley had the best idea to go berry picking -- something I had mentioned to Dave multiple times previously that he was less than enthusiastic about. Dave is on board for just about everything, even when I know he doesn't really want to do something, he'll often go along with it if he thinks I'll really enjoy it, or now, if the boys were. But berry picking is not his thing. He did it growing up and I guess has had his fill. Not to mention that while he likes berries, it's not like the rest of us where that's really the main fruit that I eat and the boys can inhale them as well.

I went back and forth on actually going since it was raining (!!) on Wednesday and I didn't know what I'd be dealing with. Was it actually going to be raining raining or just sprinkling? Mud? Etc. etc. Finally I stopped pestering Ashley with questions and decided we'd go for it. Jessica even met us there with the boy she watches early in the day, since she's just in San Carlos and the place we went was just off of 280 in Palo Alto.

It ended up working out great that it wasn't muddy out at all despite the rain. And it was mostly just muggy with rain drops, totally not California weather. I kept taking off my jacket because it was so warm, but then I'd be getting a little wet so I'd put it back on. The boys didn't seem to mind one way or another.

As expected, William loved it, though he wasn't inhaling berries like he normally does. He was definitely tasting though. George wasn't into it at all, he was trying to walk back to the car. He didn't like that people were in his wagon. He was fine, but just not into it.

Somehow we managed to fill 3 baskets, mostly with boysenberries and ollalieberries. We trekked over to the open air jump house which was an absolute disaster considering the rain. It was so dirty but the kids loved it, I literally couldn't get William out. I told him goodbye and asked him if he wanted a blanket to sleep there and he said yes. I told him I loved him and blew him kisses and he did the same back. He never falls for the 'I'm leaving!' business.

We managed to make it back to the car with most of our berries in tact. And even made it home in good time and without the boys napping. Unfortunately they had fallen asleep on the way down in the morning and that seemed to suffice for G. William took a decent nap but was woken up by G shortly after 3pm. I was exhausted and my patience was low while trying to prep a pie that could bake before I left for the gym so they could have it after dinner.

We managed to get it all done and the pie tasted great. Wasn't much to look at as we cut into it pretty much right when it came out of the oven... that's what happens with kids. I think the filling would've set more had it sat, but oh well. Overall, a success! And a ton of fun with our friends :)

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