Current Favorites - 22-25 Months

I realize it's been a few months since I've captured their favorite toys but honestly, there hasn't been much change over this period which is kind of nice. They still play with most of the stuff on their last favorites update, but the most played with items have definitely changed. A lot had to do with their birthday. They got so many new toys and while they loved everything they got, there were some stand out winners. Certain things we had to invest in a second one of, like #4. The rock box in the yard (#2) gets a lot of action too.  They are more attached then every to their Monkey Bear (G) and Sammy Dog + 2 buddies (W) and those items are part of many other games like 'driving' the garbage truck, cooking in the kitchen, etc.

We continue to cook together a lot in the kitchen using #9 and I think that's why they're still pretty interested in their play kitchen (#1). G especially likes to cook with 'a little salt', etc. Diggers, diggers and more diggers -- inside, outside, big, small, they're all favorites. And Blippi shows -- Dave found these and W now asks for them by name. It's a goofy guy showing how a real backhoe, excavator etc., works. Trains and Duplos (train, farm, school bus, etc) have been favorites for a few months now.

We just got a tot clock (#13) and it's worked like a charm to get the boys to sleep a little later in the morning. They also have really taken to their toddler-sized pillows and unique pillow cases -- stars for G and clouds for W.

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