Family Reunion in Clovis

We did our first Clovis Family Reunion two years ago at my sister's house... the boys were barely three months old. It was hot, they still ate every few hours, I was pumping as often and sleep still wasn't regular. I don't think I helped with much of anything that weekend but still remember enjoying myself. The boys were still in the stage of sleeping well in the carseats so the drive was actually really easy.

Thankfully the 3.5-4 hour drive wasn't too bad even with two 2-year olds, but it certainly wasn't as quiet. The boys love this Music Together cd and even though the sounds (which I've heard hundreds of times) should drive me bonkers, somehow they haven't. We left after MyGym on Friday -- it was fun for Dave to see them in class as he hadn't in months and so much had changed, but it was also such a good idea to let them get all that energy out before getting in the car. We had lunch at American Grilled Cheese before hopping on the bridge. As we hoped, after turning on the cd, they both fell asleep quickly. I think they only slept an hour and a half, maybe slightly longer for William, and that's really as long as they'll sleep in the car at this point. We brought their leapfrog laptops and a bunch of books and for the most part, that was fine. The last 20 minutes started to get there, but I knew we were close. We somehow survived without a show at all.

We arrived on Friday around 3:30 and luckily missed most of the traffic that others coming from the area got stuck in. The boys immediately checked out the horses that we had been talking about for the last few weeks. They had so much fun playing in the front yard on the swing and ladder and the big hit -- something that is likely banned in SF -- playing with the hose, or more specifically, water coming out of the hose.


I did all the meal planning and shopping list planning for the weekend and my dad and Kenny were on shopping duty.

The Menu:
Friday dinner: Taco/Burrito bar with all the fixings, chicken, steak and ground turkey, a big salad
Dessert - this was a total hit and something I can't really justify making at home. Just a small square is enough but it was so good!

Breakfast: Breakfast burrito bar with the leftovers from the night before. This worked out great! We had to make like 36 eggs, scrambled and like 3 lbs of bacon for everyone. Big fruit salad too.
Lunch: Mini rolls from Costco, lunch meat, sliced cheese. Grapes, chips and dip.
Dinner: BBQ - Travis manned the grill and made a bunch of sausages, tri-tip and grilled chicken. We had corn-on-the-cob, I made a big mac and cheese, garlic bread, a big salad, potato and pasta salad. Tons of food!
Dessert: Cupcakes for Michelle's birthday and s'mores.

Brunch: Dutch baby, several breakfast casseroles - I made this and this (vegetarian). I also made these homemade 1-hour cinnamon rolls. Lots of fruit.

It was a lot of work to prep and plan but the food worked out really well. We had enough and everyone seemed to liked the options. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen, which I like to do, but also had time to swim in the pool with the boys.

It was about 102 degrees (definitely not what we're used to!) so the pool was a hit. I also picked up a slip 'n slide, a little sprinkler thing and an inflatable pool. (The latter two actually made the trip home with us so may eventually see the light of day on the one hot day we get here this summer). The best part of the trip was the kids having so much fun with all their cousins. Between watching the kids and prepping food, I really didn't get to have any long conversations with anyone, but that's kind of how it goes at this point. Dave said the same thing, especially since he was on kid-duty. With the ungated pool, we were both super paranoid so we made sure one of us was with them at all times (which was mostly Dave).

It was so much fun to have a typical (for places outside of SF) summer weekend, with the kids running around without shoes and in swimsuits. Side note: SO happy they were potty trained for this, having to switch between diapers and swimsuits all day wouldn't have been fun. Though we get to see Tenzing and Crusoe here and there, we even don't see them that much. And seeing Kyle, Justin and Brady (the BIG cousins) is so much fun for W&G. They also have their cousins Anna and Adam; all the kids seemed to get along great this year.

Had to stop at In n Out on the way home!
Overall, a big hit. Dave and I have thought about where we could do it next time. Clovis is so convenient since it's somewhat closer to my sister in LA, but it would be great to rent a bigger place, maybe in Tahoe or Carmel, where everyone could stay together. My sister's place actually is pretty big though and it's obviously nice that they live there, meaning they have all the basic pantry items for cooking, and all the other little things that you'd have to buy even for a short weekend at a rental. Definitely crazy to see what a difference 2 years makes!

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