The Best Dad Ever

I'm not one to do a public post on social media of 'the best Dad ever' like just about everyone else does (and nothing wrong with that, public recognition is great!), but luckily I have this blog as of a forum -- while technically public, probably three people will read this post, including the most important person -- Dave.

I was on top of the gift this year -- I ordered personalized salt and pepper grinders from William Sonoma for Dave to be able to keep out by the grill. I could have sworn I purchased a card a few weeks ago when I bought about 50 cards for everyone I know who has a birthday in May. Anyway, searched everywhere and no card. So I told Dave what I would've written and I'll say it again here.

Sometimes I may get sad at the boys' preference for Dave (and that has balanced out so it's not really an issue anymore). But seeing how much they adore him, and not typical Daddy adoration that comes from Dad not being around much, but pure joy when he's around, and they actually get quite a bit of time with him. They have all their typical routines -- Dad has to get them up in the morning and make them breakfast. Then they need time downstairs to watch a digger show and build a huge train track. Then it's dinner with Dad after work and then book time after bath. Mondays are always hard as they've gotten Dave 24/7 for 2 days straight. 'No Daddy work' can often be heard. In fact, the day Dave had an early meeting last week and I had to get them up because he was already gone, George told me to go to work -- he only wanted Daddy ;)

All of that is great and I'm also so thankful for all that Dave does for our family, but I think what makes Dave the best Dad ever is that he puts our family first. Always. He doesn't wake up with them every single day just so I can get an extra half hour of sleep (though that's a nice bonus for me!), he does it because for himself, he HAS to have that time with them in the morning. He wants to. He loves those boys so much and tries to cut every work trip as short as possible so he can see them one morning, take off and get back for the next bedtime possible. Sure, Dave will take them out to help me out, but it always amazes me when he tells me later how much he likes it and that he always wants to. Maybe it's because I'm with them all the time that I truly appreciate the breaks. I feel so lucky to have such a great partner and one who doesn't prioritize them/us because he should, but because he wants to. We love you so much Daddy Dave!

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