A Day at the Zoo

I always keep an eye out for SF Resident Days at the Zoo. Usually they're the first Wednesday of the month, but since we had soccer class on Wednesday, we haven't been for months. I was excited to be able to go today, the only free day of the summer. The boys like the zoo, but surprisingly, they haven't loved it as much I would expect them too so I never really considered getting a membership. Going once a month on the free day is perfect and the zoo is so big, it still doesn't feel crowded.

Penguin feeding
My dad emailed at the last minute to check our plans for the day so he was able to come with us. The boys love spending time with him and it's nice to be able to do these things with little planning since he's always in the city on Wednesdays (takes T&C to school at 9, then goes to pick them up at 2:30).

We got there right when it opened and I was amazed there wasn't a line to get in, like there often is on Resident Days. We didn't leave until almost 12:30 so we had time to do it all -- the train was broken, but we saw all the animals, played in the new art animal area, visited the petting zoo and ran around the awesome playground. I've actually avoided the playground ever since I took them probably a year or so ago. It was VERY difficult to manage both of them on my own at this huge multi-level, multi-area playground but with the extra help today as a trial, I'm confident I can handle them on my own next time.

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