Celebrating Seven Years

This year, our anniversary began by arriving to Cincinnati off of a red-eye flight from SF. Though everything went relatively well, it's a short enough flight that no one got much sleep. I wasn't expecting to celebrate our anniversary that day but figured we might get out for a dinner on our own sometime during our week-long stay, or just celebrate back home in SF. It actually hadn't even crossed my mind that Dave would plan something -- he is good at planning this kind of stuff but with the trip, celebrating just the two of us wasn't a top priority.

So I was pleasantly surprised and very excited when we were driving from the airport to Ma's house and Dave told me that we would not be staying on Lansford Drive tonight... he had booked a hotel for us to stay in and we were leaving that afternoon, just the two of us. While I have no problem leaving the boys, I was a bit nervous -- new environment, totally off schedule; I didn't want Ma to be dealing with them having a hard time going down or waking up during the night. Despite us all being tired, it was a battle to get them to nap that day, but luckily they did and seemed to be doing well.

Dave and I said goodbye around 4pm and made it downtown to the cool 21c Museum Hotel just in time to check in before having a couples massage. Ah! What a great way to start. He had booked hot stone for me, my favorite. We got ready and headed out for a drink at the rooftop bar with great views of the city and surroundings. It's so green here and you can even see that from downtown!

Then we walked a block to dinner at Jefferey Ruby's steakhouse. We went all out on a seafood tower, massive ribeye 'hatchet' for 2, fries, bacon and mac and cheese. They had just added my favorite champagne -- Billecarte-Salmon Rose -- to the wine list and it was the perfect way to celebrate.

We thought for sure we wouldn't have room for dessert but somehow polished this off...

It was a fun environment with live music and since we had a booth that faced out at the rest of the restaurant, there was also great people watching. Service was excellent and so was the food. It was so fun thinking back to seven years ago and all the wonderful memories from our wedding in France. Dave pulled up pics on his phone and though we laughed at some of the quirks of the day, it was such a special day with all of our closest friends there.

After dinner, we decided to hit the casino that was just a few blocks away and though we didn't stay long, Dave was able to come out a winner. We got a great night's sleep which was much needed after the red-eye. We were a bit nervous to hear how the boys did, but when we got home at 8:30, they were still sleeping!! Apparently they had gone down at 7:30 without a problem, though W woke up at 9:30 and got some special time with Ma before going back down. They then slept all the way through until 9:30. So crazy!

Though we were only gone about 16 hours, it was such a nice treat and a wonderful way to celebrate seven years. So grateful for Lori and Ma for taking care of the boys. Looks like they had fun too :)

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