Fourth of July Fun

We had a great Fourth of July and I took way too many photos. I figured a separate post would justify more of a photo dump :)

The boys slept in, then we got dressed and headed to the parade right in Dave's neighborhood which ended with a potluck and plenty of treats.

The weather was great -- hot, but not too hot and not humid like it had been. The boys had a blast running around and playing with Ma.

Dave and Grandpa got in a game of cornhole.

Then it was back to Ma's house for running through the sprinklers in our underwear.

We finally were able to get W down for a nap, but G never ended up sleeping... that dashed our hopes of being able to take them to the fireworks.

Lori and her family came over and we had dinner, Ma's special ice cream cones and tons of fun in the backyard.

G was actually hanging in there and we debated back and forth on doing the fireworks. Finally we decided to go for it. We gave them a bath and put them in their pjs, then headed over with everyone else. The boys did pretty well, I think if I had packed more pirates booty (the substitute for popcorn that everyone else was having), they would've made it through. They weren't too interested in fireworks, but with their headphones on, weren't scared either.

Though sleep has been off since we've been here, thankfully they both went right to sleep when we got home after the fireworks.

So much fun and felt like a traditional Fourth of July. It's always nice to be able to actually wear shorts on the 4th ;)

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