Summer Trip to Cincinnati

We were so excited to experience 'real' summer and it actually worked out better than we planned. The weather was hot, but cooler than it normally is, or more specifically, very low humidity. Dave had prepared me for the worst, but it was mostly perfect weather besides several days of rain. Luckily we found lots of fun stuff to do inside as well.

Our flights, anniversary and Fourth of July were already documented, but here are the other highlights of the trip.

The first day we were all a bit tired after the red-eye flight so a walk to the park right in the neighborhood was perfect.

A trip to Ma's Zoo! We got to feed the giraffes, ride the carousel and the train and see the baby baboon riding on its Mom's back.

Our new friends, thanks Ma!

Playing in the water and a boat ride at Sharon Woods.

We got another great day of sunshine and headed downtown to Smale Park and out to lunch (with a view of diggers!). They loved running through all the water and playing on the playground with cousin Lizzy.

 Dinner at Aunt Lori's house and lots of fun playing in their big sandbox.

 Ma's special white donuts

Fun at EnterTrainment, especially on the little train that was broken so didn't require any money to keep riding around.

Visited the Cincinnati History Museum on a raining day, with lunch at Quatman's after.

Swimming in Ma's 'pool'

Fresh-baked chocolate chippers, dipped in milk of course!

Special time with Ma and Grandpa.

Sneaking some of Grandpa's sandwich

Another rainy day so we playing at the indoor trampoline and play structure store! Then lunch at Steak n Shake.

Yay, the sun came out so we headed to the amazing Rec Center for a swim.

The digger showed up to Ma's house just in time to say goodbye.

Note from Ma:

Boy did we have fun at Ma's house!  Playing in the sprinkler, running around in the park, building "tall towers" with our cousins and swimming in Ma's pool!  So many things to do and to see in Cincinnati, Ohio on the 4th of July!  Best of all, the "digger" was in Ma's neighborhood and he came to visit Ma's house on the day you left to fly in the plane to go back home to San Francisco...where you would see the "Golden Gate Bridge"!What was  you favorite?  Going to the zoo and feeding the giraffe, or going to Smale Park downtown and playing in the water, or playing in the sand at Aunt Lori's house, or EnterTRAINment, or watching the trains and playing in the cabin at the Museum Center, or climbing and playing on the scooter at the Rec Center.  I thought they were all fun because I was playing with you, William and George!   I love listening to your little stories and watching you play with each other.  You have gotten so big since I saw you in San Francisco, you can go potty now like big boys and you can run really fast in the yard.  I was happy you liked sleeping at Ma's house and you looked so cute snuggled up in your beds with your buddies and your pillows.  You are both very independent and happy, and so smart.  Your vocabulary is amazing especially when you corrected Ma...I pointed out the "feet" on the digger and you told me those were the "stabilizers"!  You also told me the "operator" was in the seat on the digger...not the driver.  Good job George and William!  It was a very special visit with my San Francisco boys!

To George: You are so sweet and can focus on an activity for the longest time.  I especially liked our time together before your nap.  I could watch you play quietly or you would sit and play with me and tell me stories about the Duplo men or we would build the blocks really high. You are very creative and I could tell you were using your imagination to create little stories in your head. It was fun watching you enjoy your lunch or breakfast.  When you are hungry you eat with gusto!  It's so nice that you can tell me what you want to do or where you want to go...I don't have to guess anymore!  Your vocabulary has really increased and sometimes I just have to laugh at the little words that flow out of your mouth.  You have the best laugh and it is great to hear you get really tickled.  You were such a treat to be with...can't wait to see you  in September and get some of those great George hugs!  I love you George!

To William: You are such a cute little guy and you can charm everyone with that smile!  All my friends at the zoo were talking about your visit and how cute you were feeding the giraffe.  I really liked our first night together...don't tell daddy and mommy but I loved when we could snuggle on the sofa watching the "digger" show and eating "nuts".  You remind me so much of your is nice to recall such great memories and make new ones with you.  You are a talker...from first thing in the morning till last thing at night! I can hear you sharing so many stories and giggles.  You like tickles and playing games with Ma.  We had fun with the Playdoe making roads and with the FisherPrice toys building cities and farms.  But your favorite was the "Old McDonald" song on the Speak and Play!  And you are a good singer can sing right along or make up your own song.  You are a special little boy ...and I can't wait to see you in September and get some of those good William kisses!  I love you William!

Thanks for a great trip!

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