Visit to Sonoma's Train Town

Wow, our kids are so photogenic... seriously. I follow all these blogs where the twins are looking at the camera. at the same time. AND smiling. That just doesn't happen here. Anyway...

When Dave mentioned last night that maybe we should check out Train Town today, it sounded like a good idea but I felt like such a 'big' activity required more planning. Well, when I woke up today, I didn't have any better ideas so we looked up what time it opened and hit the road with little more info. We couldn't believe how close it was. We were there is less than 45 minutes.

In fact, we got there a few minutes before it opened at 10am so were some of the first people in. We jumped on the train and waited. And waited. And waited. Well, what they don't tell you is the train goes every 30 minutes, generally 25-30 minutes after they open. How nearly 100 people, probably half of which are young children, put up with this is beyond me, but somehow we managed to sit and wait. It's a fun train ride around the grounds, over bridges, overlooking 'rivers', through tunnels, passing by towns.

They even let you off to feed the farm animals and check out the old town. The boys loved it.

Someone didn't want his brother sitting up front with him

Then we checked out all the rides. The minimum height was 36 inches for most and G is taller than that, but W definitely is not. No one really looked twice though so W got to go on everything too.

We started with the little jet planes, they had to ride all by themselves!

Then we did the carousel. Been there done that.

But the ferris wheel was certainly new. They both liked at weren't scared.

While we were on the ferris wheel, we had them watch the roller coaster to decide if they wanted to try it. They both wanted to so we gave it a go. I'm not sure if I'd say they both loved it as they seemed sort of stunned while it was happening but both wanted to ride again once we were done.

He looks a little nervous
Finally, we rode one of my favorites, the scrambler, before we headed home.

We spent 2 solid hours there which was the perfect amount of time. It would've been nice to stop somewhere for lunch, but Dave and I value the 2-3 hours of peace that we get when they get a good nap at home, so we got in the car and they ate on the way home. Oh, and postmates does not work outside of the city. I spent about 20 minutes, in the backseat, getting kicked by the boys, trying to figure out how to change my location in order for it to pick up SF restaurants but it just wouldn't work until we were almost to the Golden Gate Bridge. So much for our plan of having our lunch delivered right when we got home. Oh well, the boys took great naps so it was all worth it. Such a fun day!

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