A Great Saturday

I'm always trying to come up with new stuff for us to do, both during the week but also on the weekends as a family. We woke up Saturday morning and the weather was overcast. Dave had some work he had to get done that day while they were napping, in order for he and I to be able to go out that night, so I thought a low-key morning activity that would get us home a bit earlier would be a good idea.

I can't believe we've never been to the Palace of Fine Arts. Such a beautiful spot and the perfect spot for two toddlers to run around (especially when two adults are with them!). The boys were bummed when I talked up 'feeding the ducks' when we were out in Danville and there was a sign to the effect of 'keep the wildlife wild'. Ugh. So the boys were thrilled when they actually got to feed the ducks here. We walked all around the lake and they stopped to eat their lunch. I now pack their lunchbots bento boxes every day. They've been eating earlier and earlier, like 11am, so I feel better having their whole lunch there and they can choose how much they want to eat.

After that, the plan was to walk across to Crissy Field; we brought their diggers so they could play in the sand. It turned out to be even colder than it looked so we stopped in the beach hut and got hot chocolates for everyone. We ran into two of my twin mom friends there as well. William dug for a bit, but we discovered a big jumpy obstacle course house thing in the open field. Apparently it was there for a corporate event, but they weren't really monitoring it as the event hadn't really started yet so we took advantage. I was surprised the boys were actually able to make it over the high walls.

We headed back home and luckily the boys went down easily so Dave got all his work done. I left about 2:30 to go to a facial that Ashley had gotten me for my birthday last year. The woman was very popular and booked months in advance but I had been checking for any cancellations and was thrilled to be able to get in on a Saturday afternoon. It was so nice to relax with some pampering, then I browsed the shops on Union St., another rare treat that I never make time for. Then I ubered over to the movie theater to meet Dave. A Saturday afternoon movie date! It's so rare for Dave and I to agree on a movie, but I mentioned that I wanted to see Trainwreck, Amy Schumer is hilarious! Dave was up for it too. The movie was great! We had it all planned out that we'd see the movie and then walk across to Tommy's Joynt for a quick dinner, my mom was watching the boys. When we got home at 8pm, the boys were still running around like wild men, but luckily settled down pretty easily.

It wasn't a crazy day of over-the-top adventures by any means, but it was such a fun day. Great time as a family, nice time by myself and a fun afternoon with Dave. The best of it all!

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