Celebrating Baby Girl Pienovi with a Portland Girls Weekend

Before I moved abroad, I'd go visit Jenn up in Portland maybe three or four times a year. We always had a great time exploring, trying new restaurants and talking for hours. Between moving abroad, and then back again and her having three kids and me having two, solo girls weekend trips just weren't part of the agenda. Luckily we still got to see each other several times a year, thanks to Jenn and her family making trips down to the Bay Area. We still manage to have hour-long phone conversations every so often, but after a full weekend together, I realize how much we had to catch up on and what a treat it was to do it without the threat of kids waking up from naps or other looming deadlines.

So backing up... Jenn is pregnant with her fourth child and though she's never found out what's she's having before, they decided to go for it this time. After three boys, I think everyone was shocked to hear they are having a girl!!! I don't think I've ever been so happy for anyone. Not that a boy would've been a bad thing, obviously not, but I am beyond thrilled for Jenn to have the experience of being a mom to a girl. Everyone is so excited so two showers are being thrown in her honor to help her get ready for baby girl.

I was lucky enough to go for one this weekend and even better, we were able to turn it into a full weekend which I think both Jenn and I agree was one of the best weekends ever.

I woke up with a bad cold on Saturday morning but I knew my day would be a lot more relaxing than a day at home and of course it was. I arrived in Portland around 9:30 and Jenn picked me up and we headed to get something to eat, with plenty of time to chat before our 12:30 spa appointments started. Massages, manis-pedis and almost 4 hours later, we emerged totally refreshed. We headed to her house and spent some time playing with the kids (they're the best!) before Jon, Jenn and I headed to dinner. We had an awesome steak dinner and then waited in line at the Salt and Straw ice cream -- 35 minutes total but so worth it with lots of fun flavors. I went with Northwest Berry Pie. It was a full day, a different full than normal and definitely a great full.

Sunday morning we woke up and hung out with the family and had a delicious french toast bake that Jon made. Jon got the kids off to church and Jenn, her mom and I finished getting ready for the shower, then headed over for the noon party. It was held at Waverly Country Club, so beautiful nestled just along the river. It was so much fun to celebrate Jenn. She got so many adorable gifts and we had fun looking through everything again when we got home. I also loved one of the shower games -- each person got a different year birthday card and we were to write a note to baby girl for that year. I got age 6 and can't wait for her to open it on her 6th birthday! I'll live vicariously :) After the shower, we had a little more time to hang out with the boys before I had to head to the airport for my flight. Luckily it was a little delayed, so Jenn, Jon and I even had time to sit down and have dinner together at the airport. I was tired and my cold hadn't improved but it was such a wonderful weekend that it was definitely hard to say goodbye.

I feel so lucky that we both had the support to be able to 'get away from it all'. Between having young kids and breastfeeding, timing has not lined up for either of us to do a similar trip and I'm not sure when in the future we'll be able to do it again, but I am so grateful we had it. Jenn is such an amazing friend and it was so special to be able to be there in person to celebrate Baby Joyful (baby girl's nickname). I'm secretly praying she'll be born on my birthday and with an October 5 due date, she just might be. I can't wait to meet you baby girl!!! Your mom and all 4 of those Pienovi men are going to be so good to you!

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