Current Favorites - 26-29 Months

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At first I thought I was falling behind on these updates, but looking back at the last Monthly Favorites (22-25 months), I realize a lot of these are still favorites. They definitely go through periods (weeks or a month) when they're playing with something more than normal or like a toy for a few days that they haven't played with much at all. It seems that for the past six months, a lot of the favorites are still hit, so I've decided to include all the most popular items still in use on the regular, as well as new favorites. I threw in a couple items that may be more of a favorite of mine, but are still key in our daily lives.

1-5.  The boys drive around in their cars out in the backyard just about every day. I purchased one of them for $15 from another mom on GGMG and we got a fire truck one from my brother that was Crusoe's.  If we broke it down on a cost-per-use basis, this set of diggers we be down to pennies. These are used every single day and miraculously we haven't lost them. Perfect size, good quality, though my main complaint is that there are so many openings that could be closed off -- tons of sand gets trapped... and then released randomly. Duplos are still a solid hit. We have several sets. Some weeks they're played with more than others, but it's one of the main toys we keep upstairs so still sees lots of play. Dad did a great job of picking out these fire trucks, but this photo covers all our favorite vehicles -- the garbage trucks, large Bruder diggers, etc. They love them all and all get lots of use. We have just about ever Melissa and Doug vehicle set with people and I know I've talked about these at length before - had them for almost a year and they're getting more use than ever.

6-10 The play kitchen doesn't get used every day, but often enough and is so great for imagination. We actually make our own play dough but this is a new fav with the boys. We've had the scooters for more than a year now and the boys take them to the park often with Jessica in the afternoon so they get a ton of use. They're fast on them too! Tool set is still a hit, the boys like to take them outside to fix stuff too. Trains don't get taken out every day, but probably 5 days a week.

11-15. I think they've forgotten about their suitcases recently but I've hid them in their closet. This was such a hot item since we got them in July. They still love books in general and I know I've listed off many of their favorites over the past few months, but Dr. Seuss books they really love. Shows are still a favorite activity with dad but their new favorite is Paw Patrol. I still haven't seen an episode and don't plan to. They are obsessed with the music from Music Together, you get a cd each session you take so we have several on rotation in the car. The Hershel backpack has been so great for me to keep loaded up with a few basics for when we're out without the stroller (which has a permanently-packed diaper bag on it).

16-20. I added the sleepsacks to this list at the last minute. I wouldn't say the boys love these, but they tolerate them, though now they've just started unsnapping each others... anyway, these are pricey, like $140 each, but another purchase that has been 100% worth it. We use these every single night and they hold up beautifully. Such great quality and I'm thrilled that at almost 2.5 years old, they're still wearing them. Easier to deal with than trying to keep covers on and especially as we head into cooler weather, I'm hoping they'll stay in them for another few months. The combo of the tot clock and the monkey lock has been a huge help with bedtime. Lunch bots have been so great for them to eat what they want and see everything at once without me having to dish out little portions of food. Wish I'd gotten them sooner! As for the last item, I think Dave thought I was crazy when I ordered this little table when they were just months old. But I fell in love with it when I saw it and it was on Gilt so a pretty good deal. It's one of my favorite pieces for them and has gotten daily use. It's held up well, especially for being white, and best of all, fits with our decor so perfectly. The chairs are a bit light so tip easily, but we solved that by putting a rug underneath the table which gives them something to grip on.

Interesting to see their favorites so similar even months later. We'll see where they are after Christmas and if they're still using all the same stuff.

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