Labor Day Weekend

We had zero plans heading into the weekend and I think Dave was relieved about that. It feels like he's been gone a lot with the guys trip last weekend and immediately headed into a work trip for two days so we were just looking forward to having him around.

I didn't realize it was going to be as nice of weather as it was so we spent as much time as we could outside, though I guess that's what we do even when the weather isn't as warm. Dave kicked off the weekend with a church dinner, his last event as part of the Music Director Search team. I hung out with the boys and William still had a bad cold so we had a picnic in front of the TV for dinner -- I think Dave was as surprised as the boys were about this idea! I figured W wasn't going to each much regardless and why go to the trouble to cook, wrangle them at the table and then clean up so we had a fairly enjoyable very casual dinner in front of Pooh. Dave stayed longer than I thought he would at the church party but it sounds like it was a good time.

Saturday morning we decided to head to Stowe Lake in Golden Gate Park to rent a pedal boat. Of course Dave decided on the electric one instead which made it much more pleasant ;) The boys enjoyed it and luckily I remembered bread so we could feed the ducks (and seagulls).

Thankfully the boys took a good nap and we were able to sneak out before they woke up as my mom came to watch them. Instead of catching up on stuff around the house, I told Dave we should take advantage of the nice weather so we went over to Lands End and the Sutro Baths and hiked for almost 2 hours. It was so pretty and a great way to catch up and talk about things. We still made it back in time to grill up some salmon and eat dinner with the boys.

Sunday we went to church -- it had been a few weeks since we had all gone together. The boys get so excited to go now (mostly because they get goldfish. hey, whatever gets them excited!). This time we walked into find them singing songs with the big kids. So cool to see! Daddy made it just in time for the kids collection basket to pass by them. Too bad he was out of $1s so had to dip into slightly larger bills. After choosing a treat upstairs at coffee hour, we went over to Off the Grid. Perfect day for it. We ran into some friends , ate lunch and had some ice cream but it was a short visit to get home for naps.

I wanted to run some errands downtown so I left as soon as I got W down. Unfortunately Dave had a hard time as G woke him up so it wasn't until 3 that everyone was asleep again. I got home about 4:30 and took the boys to the park so Dave could stay home and grill the ribs in peace. Ribs and lobster tail, quite a feast! The boys really do well with ribs, G must've had 4 (and these were big/meaty ones!). We've had a couple of tough bedtimes, not too bad really but the boys just don't want to settle down. They're still usually asleep by 9.

So after seeing it from our hike on Saturday, we decided we should check out Baker Beach. I can't believe we had never been here! We usually go to Crissy Field, which is good with kids as there are no waves/very small waves  (it's in the bay). We arrived just before 10am and were getting the last spot in the little parking lot. Before we knew it, it was packed. Such a great spot! Overlooking the Golden ate Bridge, nice beach and the tide had come in to fill a little pool and stream which was perfect for the boys to play in. They had a blast and it was as good as 'hot beach' in Santa Cruz. It always feels so weird to me when it's this warm, especially to be at the beach, in SF. It's the best of the best. It's such a pain to clean everyone up after the beach, but still worth it. Thankfully they took good naps again and I was able to swim during their nap. Dave took them out to the park so I could do stuff around the house and then we made burgers on the grill. It turned out to be a great weekend. I love when it's actually warm on summer holidays in the city. A great way to cap off summer, though we're just heading into the start of great weather here!

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