Weekend in Danville

Dave was away for four days last weekend on a guys trip to Yosemite so I decided to take the boys out to Danville for some warmer weather. Ironically, it turned out to be raining when we woke up Saturday morning and it was still raining when we got to the farmer's market in downtown Danville. Kinda a bummer, definitely not typical summer weather, but we had fun checking out the diggers working across the street and getting a treat at the market.

My mom suggested we check out SuperFranks - a cross between Chuckie Cheese and Peek-a-boo Factory. It was a good spot to spend the morning and the boys had a lot of fun. They loved going down the big inflatable slide and riding all the rides.

We headed to my parents' house next but that turned out to be a disaster. The boys can now climb out of their travel cribs, so we tried putting them in big beds, obviously a huge failure. After much struggle, they both slept for about an hour before I had to wake them up. We headed downtown to Osage Park where the boys got to ride their scooters on a huge loop, dig in the sand and climb on the structures.

I knew it was pushing it to take them to dinner, but we ended up at the perfect spot. A place where you order your food at the counter and it arrives minutes later... and stuff the boys would eat, pasta. We'd had chicken fingers and pizza for lunch so I was trying to avoid a burger place or similar. It worked out pretty well since I ordered the boys plain pasta and a side of sausage. Both were set, especially George.


Then we walked across the street to get them frozen yogurt, something they haven't had before. They had so much fun pulling the handle to get their yogurt and we let them choose a few toppings. They'd actually never had ice cream out of a cup before so that was fun for them too (but no neater).

They liked taking a bath in the big bathtub and even got to see the Gray Cat outside from the tub. They went to bed late, but fairly easily that night, thankfully.

My dad got back from my sister's that night so the boys played outside with him for much of the morning while I tried to sort through some of the boxes of my old stuff. Then we headed to the park to let the boys run around a bit before we went to Costco. The boys each had a hot dog and still wanted another one. Crazy. My dad and I waited to get ours until after we shopped (which was a good strategy to have the boys eating while we shopped) so they definitely got a few bites of ours as well. Those are huge hot dogs! I ordered a gelato as well. Talk about big! Thinking we could share between the three of us, we still sat in the parking lot for a good 15 minutes trying to finish because of course the boys didn't want to throw it away. We made it back home with them wide awake, but it was late by the time I unpacked the car and tried to put W down, which meant I didn't even attempt with G.

We were so happy when Dave finally got home around 4pm and had a nice time as a family for a few hours before he had to catch the red-eye to New York. What a whirlwind for him. It was definitely fun for us to spend time out on Dedee and Papa's turf though so hopefully we can do it again soon.

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