First Bus Ride!

The boys have been asking to go on the bus for several months now and since we've been going out without the stroller more and more, and they're managing to walk the whole time, I felt better trying it out. It's probably one of those things I would've done long ago if I didn't have twins, but managing two, without a stroller, seemed so far off. I love the new freedom of being able to go places without a stroller, especially when I'm on my own.

So we picked today to be our big day to ride the bus. I figured we'd walk the block and a half down to Geary to pick up the 38 to take us straight downtown where we could watch all the construction for the new subway and then get some lunch. I threw in TWO errands as well! We talked a lot in advance about how they'd need to have their listening ears on the whole time, that they would have to walk a lot and that they'd have to hold hands, even on the sidewalk. They have quite a bit of freedom normally, we let them walk/run freely on sidewalks and they're really good about stopping before getting to the street. They know they need our hand to cross. I was a bit nervous to see if they'd protest holding hands on the sidewalk downtown, but luckily a little incident yesterday worked to my advantage. After church, we headed upstairs to get a donut and everyone was crammed in the hallway area since they had a lunch set up in the main hall. Usually the boys just walk near us, but W got a little lost in the mix of people yesterday. Just for a minute, and he was fine, but it was enough of a story for me to use -- that there would be lots of people around, just like at church, so we'd need to hold hands, even on the sidewalk, so no one got lost.

It was a great morning. They were awesome listeners and loved riding on the bus. I feel like we got an authentic taste of SF today, walking and sitting by all different types of people, talking to different people and being in situations we're not usually in.

This guy took out his bottle of alcohol and joked, 'tea!'
George loved reading the signs on the bus and learning all the rules. He kept repeating the recording that was playing, 'Please hold on'. Oh, and he was in mail truck heaven -- all three of his favorite mail trucks lined up!

William did his signature I'm-pretending-I'm-shy flirt on the bus and had all the ladies swooning.

It was about a 25-minute bus ride and there were plenty of questions about why we were stopped and why weren't we going, but they got the hang of it and liked watching all the people.

Taking it all in

 We headed for Janie and Jack as I had a return and needed G to try another size on in the store. Managed that, then we had fun going up and down the escalators for a bit and then managed another return at Anthro before heading to Stockton St to watch all the construction. We got a great show but unfortunately you can only see from waist-up so my arms were dead from holding them up to watch. Finally we walked over to Blondie's for a slice of pizza and then took it two blocks up to eat in in Union Square, with a view of a crane and an excavator no less!

Although all the walking was in probably 4 square blocks of each other, it was a lot and they did great. I'm so glad it went so well as it's a boost of confidence to do more of this stuff on our own and such a nice change up from classes and the park. Such a fun day!

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