What We've Been Eating | Lunch

When the boys went to their preschool camp back in July, I almost forgot about their need for a little lunch box. There are some really good options out there, but at this point, I don't need to worry about certain features like keeping the food warm (or cold), having it be easy enough for them to open themselves, etc. I decided on the lunch bots trio and I'm so glad it turned out to be just what we needed. I debated the size -- how big do they really need at this age and how many compartments. After some research, it sounded like the trio plus these silicone cups would be the perfect match, and it was.

I know I've raved about these lunch bots plenty of time already, but they really have been great. Each morning I pack them up with a sandwich, a snack, cheese, meat and several kinds of fruit. The boys often ask for their lunch by 10:30 and I like that I can give them this and they can decide what they want to eat and when. Many days they finish all the food by the time they go down for nap at 1, but if there's anything leftover, they can have it after nap. It's great that they know what the options are and can eat what they want. W always eats all his fruit first, whereas that's what G has left sometimes. G always has his cheese first, and many days he ends up eating W's cheese too after W decides he doesn't want it.

Before the lunch bots, we just used little plastic containers and I would pour some of the contents out on their tray. This worked really well for a while when they were younger but now as they're eating more, it's nice for them to each have their own portions.

I'm always trying to come up with new ideas for the lunches, but it's easy to settle in for the same, especially when they're eating everything well. Here's a sample of what they've been eating.

Hummus and pita chips, rolled turkey

Grilled tofu

Green bean snack and spinach banana muffins

Air-popped snacks

Nuts and seeds plus a muffin

Turkey slices

With plantain chips and granola

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