Cable Cars and Ice Cream Sundaes

We've been waiting for tourist season to die down and mid-November, before the holidays, seemed like the perfect time to try the cable cars.  Dedee spent the night Sunday night so we were able to be out the door by 9:30. We walked down to catch the Geary bus down to Union Square. There was already a line for the cable cars, so we headed up a few stops and caught the second one.

The boys loved the ride over the steep hill and they even got to ring the bell when we got off.

We got off and walked around Fisherman's wharf a bit. It was definitely slow going as they stopped to check everything out. We stopped to potty at a gas station that had a connecting garage fixing cars, so that was a hit. We finally made it to In 'n Out for an early lunch. They boys split a cheeseburger and my trick is to hide the fries until they've finished their burger.

While walking a bit more, we ran into the Cal Bears marching band and mascot. The boys loved him! Finally we made it to the Ghirardelli Chocolate shop for an ice cream sundae. We only ordered one to share, in a waffle bowl, but they forgot to put it in a waffle bowl so they made us a new one AND gave us the other one... the boys weren't complaining.

The trip was topped off with a bus ride home, including a transfer. Then we hit the jackpot when walking the block back to our house -- they had trimmed the trees but hadn't cleared the branches yet and underneath were tons of pine cones. The boys grabbed as many as they could before we headed home for nap. A successful adventure with multiple forms of public transportation, their favorite!

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