First Trip on Daddy's Train

The boys are still so into busses, trains and everything else that goes. Taking them on Caltrain has been on my to-do list and we finally got to do it with my Mom on Monday. It was a rainy day, but there was no going back on my promise... I said if they went to bed without whining or crying AND stayed in bed until sun clock came up (this was day 2 after the time change so that was asking a lot), then we could go on the train. They went down nicely and though I heard William awake before sun clock, he waited until it was time and then called, 'Mom! Sun is up! I didn't cry, I can go on the train!' Of course he wanted to go right away but then we almost had to call it off. Water was dripping out of our bathroom ceiling and I figured I'd have to sort that repair out before we could leave. Luckily our contractor was able to come over while we were gone so we were still able to go.

We made the train just fine and the boys had fun reading the signs and going through so many tunnels. It was a quick ride to Burlingame where we got off and walked to the park just by the station. It was pretty wet out, but luckily not rainy, so the puddles were really their favorite part. The sun started coming out when we walked across the tracks to lunch at Stacks.

Both boys got the Minnie Mouse pancakes (two strawberry halves for her bow) and of course a side of bacon that G devoured. We still had some time before the train so we walked to a toy store and after many, 'Mommy, can you buy this for me?', I settled on two train whistles. It took them a couple tries to get the hang of it but then they really liked them.

So it had been a great morning, timing had been perfect. For some reason, I had it in my head that our train home was at 12:15. We walked over to the train station right as a train was arriving, but it was 12:10. I asked someone if this was the bullet and they said, 'no, I think it's at 12:15'. So I didn't even second guess my decision not to get on. Well, as the train pulled away and we were the only ones standing the platform, my mom noticed that the sign for the next train was lit up for 1:10. Ugh. Yup, somehow we had missed the only train back to the city that our. The 12:10 train would've gotten us back to SF around 12:45, which already would've been pushing it for W's nap. Not to mention that my meter was expiring at 1:07 (so dumb, I'll definitely do the pay-by-phone next time so I could add more money to it remotely). I momentarily debated waiting for the next train but that wouldn't get us back to our house until after 2pm, not to mention my car would be sitting there that much longer. So, we took a short cab ride to Millbrea BART. Then had to wait a bit for the train, then a 30 minute ride to Powell St., then a short cab ride up 4th St. Beyond the wasted time, it was already probably an extra $50 in expenses so I was praying I wouldn't have to add a parking ticket on top of that. Thankfully there was no ticket and the boys did so well. They loved Bart and going in the cabs and were just really good. It took W a while to go down for a nap, so long that I didn't even attempt with G, and W woke up in a terrible mood and didn't settle down for about 45 minutes. So the afternoon wasn't great, but they raved about their ride on the train, Bart and the cab. I still kick myself for making that stupid mistake but it could've been so much worse!

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