We had so much fun celebrating Halloween with the boys this year. They loved their costumes and got the hang of trick or treating immediately. We did a test run on Friday afternoon when the shops on Sacramento Street were handing out candy. We even walked to the fire station, hoping the garage would be open so we could get some photos in the truck but unfortunately it was all closed up. It served as a nice background nonetheless.

That evening we finished carving our pumpkins.


George didn't take a nap on Halloween so I was a bit worried, but they both did great. They wanted to get their costumes on right after William woke up so before we knew it, we were heading out. 4:30 is a bit early to start at the houses but we figured we could do the shops on the other side of Sacramento St so that was a great way to pass the time. We hit a few of the mansions on Clay and Washington Streets (too many stairs!) before heading back to our neighborhood, or the lower part of our neighborhood, Jordan Park. They had closed off two long, flat streets to car traffic so it ended up being the perfect spot for trick-or-treating. All the houses are single family homes (often not the case in the city) and just about everyone was handing out candy. There were lots of people out, but not too many that the boys got lost in the mix. They had fun and Dave and I did too. We were still going strong two hours later but started to worry about them going potty so headed back home.



Dinner was a bit chaotic but they got to eat a few pieces of candy before we somehow managed to bathe them and get them into bed. We let them stay up almost an hour later, hoping they would sleep in the next morning, off-setting the time change, but unfortunately that didn't really happen. Luckily it was just that morning that was early and they settled into the new time fairly easily otherwise.

They each just about filled up their orange pumpkin!

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