Christmas by the Bay

The boys are starting to 'get' Christmas a bit more this year, but not enough that they're worried about Santa finding them in Florida. So it was easy enough when we chose Saturday night to be our Christmas Eve and prepped them for Santa's visit. Saturday night was a bit rushed as we had been at a birthday party late and came straight home to head into the bath. We let them choose several cookies to leave out for Santa (and G requested carrots to leave for the reindeer but we were out...) and we read a couple of Christmas books before they thankfully went to sleep quickly.

I was so grateful to have wrapped all the presents on one of the nights when Dave was out of town last week. Both Dave and I were exhausted by that evening so it was so nice to have him just carry everything upstairs from the storage closet. I guess I was too prepared as I forgot to put out one of their big gifts, which was unwrapped, a fire house (dollhouse-style) with furniture, etc., that my mom had picked up at the thrift store. In fact, I decided to keep it hidden for now, they had plenty to play with yesterday so that will be nice to take out on a rainy day.

I was so excited for Christmas morning and I thought they would be too. William especially has a good memory and usually wakes up first thing in the morning asking about anything I told him the night before (going on the cable car, getting a new toy, etc.). So much so that we really need to be careful -- one night my mom was telling them all about a truck in her car that they could play with the next morning. Well, 6:45am, they're crying for the truck from Dedee... Anyway, W woke up first and G was still sleeping so Dave suggested W watch a show in our bed and wait for G. W of course was sold. Well, G wakes up 2 minutes later but I can't convince W to come out to see if Santa came. He tells me he'll come when the show's over. Geez!

Finally 25 minutes later, they come out to check the tree. I wasn't sure what to expect -- if they'd open one thing and play with it for a while and it would take us all day to get through the toys, or if we should start a tradition like opening stockings before breakfast and presents wait (like it was in my house). W went straight for his M&Ms, which were having a second ride after St. Nicholas day. He nibbled on those while checking a few presents out. The umbrellas were first to be opened and were a big hit (they had asked for them and helped me pick them out).

We had a nice breakfast of bacon, fruit and Dutch baby pancake and then went back to opening more presents. It was actually a perfect day for it as there was a crazy storm and it was raining so hard and really windy out. We made it out for church which was a nice change of scenery before coming home for lunch and opening a few more presents.

The guitars, the gift they asked Santa for, were also a big hit and they had lots of fun playing with Daddy. They got into various other toys throughout the afternoon and luckily mom got her Christmas present of a nap while Dad took the boys out for a scooter ride when the weather had cleared. G didn't nap and W had a short one so it was a long day...

We had a prime rib roast with potatoes, green beans and popovers for dinner -- luckily we had a 2-rib roast which gave one rib to each of the boys to gnaw on.

We'll see how we do Christmas in coming years as the boys get a little older and moving Christmas isn't as easy. For now this is working great, that we get to go away for so long over the holidays, when it's easiest for Dave to be out of the office.

2015 gifts: guitars, umbrellas, superhero capes, Unlock It game, wood blocks, Melissa and Doug shape art, books, Paw Patrol stuff, fire station doll house, Daiso pots and pans, flashlights, etc. for stockings.

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