Meeting Santa!

On Monday, we took the bus downtown for a very important meeting... with Santa! We had talked at length about how fun it was going to be and that they would tell him their names and what they wanted. Santa opened his shop at 11 and I wanted to miss any potential line, since I was by myself, wrangling the two of them while waiting in line would not be an option.

First, we walked to Macy's to see the the windows that they deck out different each year. This year, they were partnering with the SPCA and had the cutest little kittens playing in the windows. We walked by Union Square to see the big tree and then made our way down to the mall. I managed to do some quick returns at Nordstrom (and G happened to stumble right into the sharp corner of a table but miraculously there was barely a red mark on his chin).

Next stop: Santa! The boys were repeating, 'I won't be scared' as we waited in the nonexistent line -- highly recommend seeing Santa so early in the season and right when he opens ;) They climbed right up and told Santa their names and then they each said they wanted a guitar. He asked 'electric or 6-string' and they said, 'like Daddy's'. We even got some great smiles, though I was surprised none of the photos captured anything better than the above. Oh well, they both loved their visit with Santa and he gave them a good pep talk about being nice, good listeners, etc.

Next, we headed to the longtime SF favorite, Sears Fine Food for pancakes. Managing two of them can be challenging but we were doing really well, did our potty, washed our hands and waited nicely for the food. Then G fell off his booster seat... twice. It was like slow motion. He was seated across from me and I leaped up, but there was no chance to catch him. The second time, I was reminding him not to move around on his seat, when he leaned to the right and boom, there he flew once again. Lots of stares in the restaurant, but he was fine.

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