33 Months - 2 3/4 Years Old!

We're definitely on our way to three now! I'm even in the beginning stages of party planning for their big 3-year old bash. I know the next few months will fly by, then it will be summer, then they'll start preschool. I think the timing is great and they'll definitely be ready to be in school by the fall, but January has certainly been a month of planning out the next months until then.

We have a new schedule of activities into May and I'm just starting to look into some summer camps for them. These are preschool-type camps where they'd go a few days a week from 9-noon. What I've noticed is that a lot of the classes we're doing currently switch to camps in the summer, so while I'm looking forward to having free time with them for fun new adventures, I'd like to have some activities built in. Swim lessons would continue, as would MyGym, though we're dropping that as of tomorrow. But their art, outdoor classes and others switch to camps in the summer which led me to look into a few options. We'll keep some weeks totally open but I've already booked a few weeks for their outdoor class in the Presidio and am hoping to do some sessions at a preschool.

Preschool. That's the next big topic. Applications are due Feb. 1 across the city and then acceptances are sent out the first week of March. I toured maybe 7 schools, and Dave joined me on a few, and initially, we were going to apply to all but one of them which we were turned off by. Preschools are so competitive in the city and while we're lucky to have such great options right in our neighborhood, that means those are some of the most competitive... meaning they'll likely get around 300 applications for a handful of spots (after they accept siblings, sometimes there's just one or two spots left for new families). Factoring in that we need two spots, it was bound to be a stressful process. After touring, Dave and I had some favorites, though there were definitely pros and cons to each one. Calvary, the preschool at our church (but not affiliated with the church) didn't hold a tour until January so it was the last one I visited. With Dave and I being so active at the church, we knew this gave us at least a slight advantage as they do give priority to church families. But I didn't know much about the school and didn't love that we'd have to get in the car to get there (and it's a 5-day a week program so it would be driving every day). In the end, I ended up liking everything about the school, except the fact that we'd have to drive. There are a couple other schools that we were going to apply to, that while possibly walking distance, were just far enough/hilly enough, that we'd probably end up driving at least sometimes anyway. So in the end, Dave and I decided to move forward with the applications we had already submitted (two in our neighborhood) and then just apply to Calvary, foregoing the other schools that I initially liked, but decided if we'd be driving anyway, we knew Calvary would be at the top of the list... and we're hoping we get in without a problem.

It's nice to be done with the process and we'll hope that everything works out and the boys end up where they should be.

Otherwise, the month has been pretty quiet since we got home at the beginning of January. I recapped our great Florida trip here. The past couple of weeks have been random since some of our classes hadn't started up yet. Most of them have now, with one new one being added on Mondays, but here's what our current week looks like (we've been filling in with MyGym here and there but will drop that starting next week):

Monday: Drop-off outdoor class in the Presidio (starting in Feb)
Tuesday: Drop-off art class
Thursday: Swim class
Friday: Outdoor class I attend with them, locations throughout the city

It's a good mix and while I have several drop-off classes (yay!), they're only 1.5-2 hours long so I usually try to go to the gym then but don't have time for much more. That's okay, I still think it's been great for them to be in these new situations and so far they've adjusted just fine.

We've also had a ton of rain since we've been home, which is much needed, but means we haven't spent quite as much time outside as normal. I feel like they've been good about being indoors, but many days it's just wet out but not actually raining so they're still able to go stomp in puddles, etc.


  • We had to reel it in a bit when we got back from Florida. We had eaten a lot of sweets and the boys were demanding dessert every night after dinner, most nights refusing to eat any of their actual dinner. While we don't tie dessert to having eaten dinner, it was still a bad routine I didn't want to support. Luckily several weeks later we've gotten back to our old plan where they can have cottage cheese or yogurt if they don't like what we're having. Dessert isn't offered every night, but is now fruit and honey over yogurt, a piece of fruit or lately they've been really into dried figs.
  • Waffles are still number one for breakfast, especially with W.
  • Dad has been making homemade smoothies for breakfast so we just need to sneak more vegetables into those.
  • Still not doing great with vegetables but peas seem to go over okay.
  • G has really pulled back on eating fruit, he eats some, but it's been a drop of the low amount to begin with (at least compared to W to eats a ridiculous amount of fruit).


  • We were blessed with great naps in FL and thankfully those have continued. Even G goes down very easily just about every day.
  • Bedtime is still generally pretty good, but we have had nights here and there that seemed to drag out.
  • A few random wake-ups, all quick, over the past few weeks. Definitely around the time we returned home when they were still adjusting.
  • Waking up in the morning generally around the time of their sun clock, 6:50, but sometimes sleeping in until 7:15. 


  • I know I've said it before, but the past month they've really played SO well together. The benefits of having twins :) In Florida we noticed such a difference, but even since we've been home, I see their imaginations at work as they come up with more games. They've turned this odd step-up closet in their room into an elevator and can sit in their with Dedee for like 45 minutes! There's a lightswitch outside the closet (which actually isn't connected to a light) that they use as the elevator button. Otherwise pretending to be fighting fires, rescuing kitties, driving trains, etc., are all regular games they've come up with themselves. I hear them telling each other things like, 'you drive the bus' and the other saying 'okay'. Just today I moved the car out of the garage so they could ride their bikes around (it was raining) and G was pretending to be a bus and told W to wait at the bus stop so he could pick him up. It's so much fun to see them having so much fun together, and playing so independently. Sure, there are moments or bad days of fighting, but many more times where I'm able to clean up breakfast, make lunches, get their clothes ready, etc., all while they're playing nicely together.
  • Favorite books currently: Paw Patrol books on the ipad, The Ultimate Book of Vehicles (with all kinds of tabs and pulls), still Gruffalo for William and for a few days straight, they couldn't get enough of Everybody Poops that Dedee brought over.
  • None of their Christmas presents have emerged as *the* new toy of the moment, but they do use all of them. They get out the guitars, magnatiles, building blocks, and fire station doll house but more time still seems to be with trains, Duplos, scooters and then general stuff they play pretend with like stuffed animals or play food.
  • Shows are another area we really had to reel it back in on. W especially has a really hard time when we're turning off shows so I'm trying to have Dave keep it to the minimum in the mornings. It's so funny that they know they never watch shows with me, so while they do still ask here or there, I literally never give in so much of the time they don't push for it. They really do stick to their routine and whenever Dave is here, he gets up with them and they have breakfast before watching a show. Lately though, they've barely eaten breakfast before they're begging to go downstairs for a show. With me, they end up playing upstairs for almost 2 hours after we eat, I clean up, etc. I'm not saying one is better, but that they are so fixed on routine. I do wish it could be less a part of the daily routine with Dave just so that it's not so difficult to deviate from it or turn off shows and transition them to something else.

  • I've tried to ask more questions lately. What do you think? Why? etc. and W always responds with 'I don't know', often even if he does. It's split for G and sometimes he'll give an answer, other times he'll immediately say 'I don't know'. 
  • W can say 'Yellow' and not 'Lellow'!
  • It's so fun listening to them tell these detailed stories about just about everything. How logical they are is so entertaining.
  • There has been a lot more attitude this month, especially in the mornings. Lately it's been W, but G has had his days too. From the moment they get up we can't do anything right and it's a ton of attitude. 'I don't WANT that!', 'Don't talk to me!' etc. You guys are welcome to sleep longer...
  • New phrases include 'That's rude!', 'Eww gross', 'Yuck'. 

  • W had a few issues with #2, holding it for several days, but all seems to be back on track.
  • G continues to have pee accidents here and there. Never through to his pants and generally b/c he doesn't want to stop playing to go. I'm not worried about it, though wish it wouldn't happen.
  • We actually had to get new underwear! Yes, they had worn through the ones we've had since last Feb. when we potty-trained. W is still in the XS but G needed to be moved up so now they have designs exclusive to each of them.
  • Still hate going potty first thing in the morning and it's usually a battle.
  • Never wear diapers at naptime and very rarely (maybe once a month) do we have an accident.
  • W had been dry overnight most nights.
  • G moved up to 3/4T overnight diapers. 

MOM: I feel like much of my update was above. It's been a slow couple of weeks which has been nice. No meetings or evening events so I've been able to work out, make dinner and start to catch up on some projects that I put off before Christmas. I got really into the Good Wife over Christmas so have been watching lots of that while working on these projects. I also read several books in Florida which is always nice. I read All the Light We Cannot See and Mindy Kaling's book Why Not Me?. Of course I have two waiting on my ipad now that I haven't looked at since I've been home. There always seem to be other priorities at home which is too bad. Dave and I just started our dinners out again last week, visiting our old neighborhood fav, Zero Zero, which was just as good as always. We have some fun reservations coming up so it's nice to get back into it.

I didn't make any new years resolutions, but did get some energy to get organized when Dave was gone for a few days right when we got back from FL. I reorganized our storage closet which now seems to have so much more room. That involved sorting through a ton of toys, getting rid of some stuff, condensing, etc. A trip to Ikea helped to get storage ideas. I also went through all their old clothes that I've been holding onto for the upcoming SFPOM consignment sale. A lot of it has a stain, is too worn, etc., that it can just be donated, so it was nice to whittle that down to the stuff that people may actually want. I also organized all their books (7 bins full to be exact) which should make switching out books a lot easier. I also went through my clothes again and got rid of a few things. It felt so great to get organized.

Next up, I made a list of what I want to accomplish in the coming months.
Jan: Finish fill-in baby books, update daily cards.
Feb: Finish 2-year old photo books.
Mar: Plan their bday party
Apr: Prep for the party
May and June: Do their 3-year old books

A lot of these are things that have been hanging over me. I've made a lot of progress on the Jan. stuff, just still updating their daily cards. I've also done a lot of the planning for their party already which actually just took a few hours on Pinterest. I figure April will be busy since Dave and I are going away for a week for his birthday and then before we know it, it's their bday and their party, plus I'm helping with the SFPOM consignment sale the same weekend. I'd like to have as much done for the party in March as I can so I'm not overwhelmed in April. We'll see where I end up on the photo books. I am almost done with one of their 2-year books... which I haven't worked on in probably 2 months, but having the month to finish both seems very reasonable. We'll see about their 3-year old books as other projects always seem to creep up...

Looking forward to:
  • Seeing friends - we have several birthday parties over the coming weekends
To my boys...

This month was a clear turning point where everyone seemed to realize how nicely you two play together and how independent you can be. Simple tasks such as switching out laundry on Monday mornings used to be so difficult because leaving you guys would inevitably lead to some fight, if not, at least demanding my attention immediately. Now you two come up with your own games and play pretend constantly, sometimes playing for as long as an hour with little interaction from me. I'm here for you, but I think it's so great for you to be able to play on your own. Each of you takes the lead at different times, bossing the other around to 'climb there' or 'bring the hat over', with the other often obliging as part of the game. Sure, problems sometimes arise, but overall it's been a huge shift. With that independence, there's also been more attitude this month, mostly first thing in the morning but wow, I've gotten a glimpse of what you each will be as a grumpy teenager. It's so tough to start the day on the wrong foot and sometimes I do need to tell you to go back to your room and come back out when you have a better attitude. Hoping this will pass quickly.
  • You both love snuggles at bedtime and always ask for one more snuggle. You also have taken to singing me 'hush little mommy, don't you cry', filling in with odd things you're going to buy me :)
  • You loved being buried under a sand blanket at the beach
  • You're swimming SO well! Florida was great, so much jumping in, pulling yourselves out, diving down, doing the lazy river   
  • You had so much fun cooking for Ma, Grandpa, Dad and I using the sand - making meatballs, ice cream, etc   
  • You rode camels at the zoo! 
  • You wouldn't stop asking for key lime pie during Christmas church service  
  • You started playing eye spy on your own after I played with you several times
  • You both started saying, 'Let me do my own thing!' when I was trying to get you to do something, like come inside, instead of climb into the front seats of the car.
  • You loved wearing your fireman costumes to go for a walk in the rain with Papa. Thought it was so funny he didn't want an umbrella but it was pouring so you had to come right home.  
  • You loved playing in a big puddle at the park with your diggers. 
  • We're having you help more with things like bringing your plate over to the sink and you do pretty well with it.
  • You request the song 'This Old Man' but call it 'Muscle Man'
  • You both are so cute and will say things like 'this is fun!', 'can we come here again another day?' and 'thanks for bringing me here Mama!'
  • You loved the chocolate croissants at Tartine, called them chocolate pussants 
  • You love reading books on the ipad and throw a fit when I refuse to read anymore and instead want one of the many real books.
  • We still use the tower a lot, but are using a little step stool now too. It's great for you to be able to move around and you both love being able to get your milk out of the fridge.

George. You've become much more cuddly. You always want one last hug and kiss from Dad before he leaves for work and we have to go through a whole routine at bedtime with multiple snuggles, hugs, kisses and songs. You've been asking W if you can give him a hug too. You guys have your share of fights but I always love the unprompted displays of affection.

  • You had to be turned around in your car seat in Florida since it had a lower weight, luckily you were okay with your rear-facing car seat at home
  • We finally got you a little ice pack for your back since you're always hot in the car seat, it helps sometimes.
  • You're really protective of W. There was a little girl at the park who was encroaching on W as he was going up this climbing thing. You put your hand up and said, ‘Stop. it’s William’s turn, he needs some space. You need to listen to my words’. 
  • You liked to taste the ocean water at the beach.
  • You pointed out the Shell Shack and Kelly's Fish House every time we drove by.  
  • One afternoon, you woke up and wanted to pee but there weren't any bubbles so you had an absolute breakdown. I told you how it works, that when you have a lot of pee after drinking a lot, then it makes bubbles. So you said you were really thirsty and needed water so you could get bubble peepee and proceeded to drink a huge glass of water. 
  • You were shaking the gate at the park and I told you to stop. You just started laughing and then said, ‘I’m laughing at that!!!'   
  • We got you some dinosaurs to soak in the tub and you asked if they needed to be put in sparkling or regular water.
  • You now say, ‘I’m crying’ when you're upset but just being dramatic. You stop for a second to tell us and then starting again.
  • You told dad that 'Dads have penises and moms have boobs'. 
  • You're getting more obsessed with iphones and can always sneak one away to turn on the flashlight or music.

William. You've always been a talker and listening to your stories and detailed explanations are so entertaining, but now all the facial expressions and inflection are just too much. You love seeing your reflection in the window during dinner and make faces at yourself thinking it's the funniest thing ever. You've been talking a big talk about eating vegetables so you can go in the playspace with George next time (you were too short to go in the Ikea Playarea/Daycare but G could go in, and did), but it's not adding up to you actually eating anymore vegetables. It's hilarious how many times we hear this story though so maybe it will eventually work.

  • You get super sad when we say, 'Okay, I guess G isn't coming', trying to get him to go. You say, 'No! Georgie has to come!'.
  • You come up with new tricks on your scooter, like riding it like a skate board, no one teaches you this stuff but you know it's cool and you want us to watch.
  • You act like a teenager when tired. 'Don't talk to me! Don't look at me!' or the best, 'Don't talk to me!' and when I asked why, you said, 'Because you talk all day!'.
  • You are so good at doing the 'chicken wing' even for sneezes
  • You can now lift your head to get a breath and then go back under and keep swimming. You never did this in Florida, but did it at your first lesson back.
  • We've been talking more about where meat comes from so I told you that bacon comes from pigs. You said, 'Thanks Piggies!'.


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