What We've Been Eating | November & December

A bit delayed on this post and now looking back on what I wrote, pumpkin and squash seems like so long ago. I was all obsessed with pumpkin and squash recipes and then (much to Dave's relief), quickly over it. Then Dave was out of town, we were busy at night and then all of a sudden we were leaving for Florida. I feel like I didn't cook as much as I normally do, but by combining the two months, there are still plenty of fun fall recipes. In Florida, we kept dinners low-key. Lots of fish and stone crabs for Dave and I (the boys weren't fans). It's definitely been nice to get home to a fully-stocked kitchen.

Spicy Chicken Enchiladas Verde (one pot perfect book) with rot chicken

Slow-cooked Boeuf Bourguignon

Butternut Squash Carbonara

Pork chops, green beans, basic spaetzle

Spicy sausage and potato kale soup

Saffron gnocchi with butternut squash (based on this recipe)

Orzo risotto with butternut squash and pancetta

Pumpkin Peanut curry with 5-spice seared scallops

 One pot broccoli bacon mac and cheese


One Pot Penne with turkey feta meatballs from One-Pot cookbook

One pot autumn herb roasted chicken

Italian sausage and roasted red pepper lentil stew 

Chicken and Dumplings salsa verde  (from One Pot cookbook)

Prime rib Christmas dinner (SO salty though, not sure I'd use the same recipe), yorkshire pudding

Butternut squash, black bean and leftover barbacoa chili 

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